5 Types of Seafood You Don't Know You Love


Red lobster on a white ceramic plate - Image Courtesy of Pexels

The ocean offers many minutes when it comes to food. But shockingly, over 80% of Americans don't eat seafood. So here is some seafood you don't know you love until you try it. 

Crabs Aren't Just Funny to Watch

There are many different types of crab, each with its own distinct flavors. There's king crab, snow crab, and blue crab. And if you've never had crab before, you must give it a go. The sight of crab and how you eat it can be off-putting for some people. But you can get more traditional-looking dishes such as deep-fried crab claws that might be more like what you are used to. Crab is a great first step on the road to sampling all the ocean has to offer. 

Seaweed is a Great Salt Alternative

Seaweed is full of vitamins and minerals like iodine, and it's high in antioxidants that help keep your gut healthy. If you go to the beach, you'll find a lot of different kinds of seaweed. While they all need different ways to cook and prepare, it's easy to get enough snacks for a year in just one afternoon. It's deliciously mixed into stir fry, just like you would with cabbage. Or you can even dry it out for a stronger taste that you can use to enhance a dish instead of using salt.

Expensive Seafood You Don't Know You Love

A lot of seafood is more expensive than meat because of the work that goes into catching and producing it. And if you want to treat yourself now and then, here are some of the best to try:

  • Caviar is a delight that comes in many varieties, and some are affordable.

  • Maine lobster is among the finest because of its softer shell and more meat.

  • Swordfish steaks are a meaty delight and something a little different if you love beef.

Caviar is cheaper than it once was, making it available for all of us these days. While lobster is sold by the pound, you can try smaller ones. And swordfish is available at most fishmongers.

Bouillabaisse is a Classic for a Reason

Most of the time, "bouillabaisse" just means "fish soup," and it can be terrible. Even in some parts of France, bouillabaisse isn't as traditional as it used to be and can be a challenge to find. But you can find authentic bouillabaisse in coastal towns, made from four essential ingredients that include rockfish, fresh tomatoes, a dash of olive oil, and aniseed fennel. And there are spices you need, such as turmeric for color and saffron, the latter of which is rather expensive.

You Have to Try Gravlax before You Die

Gravlax is a great alternative with a familiar taste. It's just a fancy name for salmon that has been cured, but it's not cold-smoked. So ordering gravlax is like getting a strange yet familiar version of smoked salmon. But buying a salmon filet and curing it yourself with salt, sugar, and a mix of spices is a great way to sample it. If you try it once, you will never look back. And you might start making your own as a new foodie hobby since it's seriously addictive.


Expertly-prepared crab dishes, expensive delights like caviar, and the strange but equally familiar gravlax. These are seafood dishes you don't know you love until you try them.


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