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If you’re a nerdy homeowner, you’re going to love these handy hacks to make your life easier and dodge some common issues; whether it’s peeling an orange or clementine with ease or a handy trick to avoid looking foolish at the fuel pump, we have you covered; read on for more.   

Peeling Oranges 

Winter is an excellent time to eat oranges, that’s because there is far less sunlight in the winter and, therefore, less vitamin D. We need vitamin D in our bodies to maintain the health of our bones, teeth, and muscles. There’s good news; oranges are easier to peel than first thought. 

To peel an orange, the easy way set it down on a chopping board and select a sharp knife; next, cut slices from the top and bottom of the orange along with a cut down the side of the fruit. This method allows you to unroll the orange in a strip and choose the segments instead of peeling it.   

Washing Blender 

Another useful item to have in your home over the winter is a blender; people mostly make use of their blenders in the summer when there are more fruits in season, but don’t pack them away in the autumn; again, winter is a time when you need to increase nutrient and mineral intakes. 

If you have some trouble washing a blender and it ends up congealing in the kitchen sink, there is an easy solution, fill the jug with soapy water and put it back on the hub, then hit the button and blend the soapy water to wash the jug. It’s recommended by Highland Park Housekeeping

Fabric Scraps

When you buy new items of clothing, you might notice small fabric scraps on the inside seams and wonder what they are for; if you’re like most people, you might assume they are for making minor repairs, but actually, they are used for testing the fabric with different laundry detergents. 

If you want to avoid stains and blemishes on your new clothing, test the laundry detergent and washing style on the fabric scrap first before committing your clothing to the wash. That said, some clothing comes with repair patches as well, but these are usually bigger than the scraps. 

Wooden Hangers 

Wooden hangers are better to hang clothing in the wardrobe and not only for aesthetic purposes. Naturally, wooden hangers look nicer in your wardrobe and hang your clothing better, but there are actually designed intelligently to protect your clothing from moths and pests. 

The last thing you want is to take one of your favorite clothing items from the wardrobe only to find that it has a large hole in it from a moth. Wooden hangers are made from a particular type of wood that repels moths and pests; they are also shaped better to protect your clothing.  

Fuel Gauge  

Have you ever parked your vehicle at the gas station and got out only to find you are at the wrong side for the pump? If so, there is an easy solution, look at the fuel gauge on your dashboard; whatever side the dial points to empty is the side you need to fill up your vehicle at.  


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