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Dragonfly Charm Bookmark

Ribbon Charm Bookmarks are an easy DIY that makes for a great gift for any book lover in your life!

We are a family of readers. Adam, Rolf and I all like to end our day with a little reading in bed time. Harper has been learning her sight words and enjoys a bedtime story from Rolf most nights. When Rolf started taking a book to bed at the beginning of summer, I wanted to make book markers for him, so he wouldn't lose his place.

These are so easy and require no sewing! Which is awesome because I don't sew. 

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Wide Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun
Charms; I used dragonflies


Cut a section of ribbon that is twice as long as the average book.

Fold the ribbon in half and liberally add hot glue.

Fold the ribbon over on to the hot glue and press.
At the end of the ribbon, insert a necklace clasp so that it just  barely hangs out of the ribbon.

Attach the charm to the jump ring.
Secure with hot glue.

These are so easy to make and they are pretty too.
Use a variety of charms and patterns of ribbon to make a variety.

This makes a fun DIY gift idea for tweens and teens who have a limited budget, but a little time and creativity.  These DIY dragonfly charm bookmarks would also make a great classroom gift idea to encourage reading over the winter holidays.

The addition of a simple charm to the ribbon makes these bookmarks feel really elegant and they look pretty too!


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Cool Gifts for College Students

2020 has been such a random year; there have been disappointments from the way classes are set up, to the way we have to stay apart from our friends and family. Plus, making friends during a pandemic? Forget about it. This holiday season, we need to really make an effort to spread cheer! Especially for the college students in our lives who are adapting to new normals and making the best of so many situations. I have gathered up some of my favorite options for gifting to meet every budget. From cool craft kits, to luxury towel racks here are some of my favorite cool gifts for college students.

Samples have been provided for promotional considerations.

Themed Subscription Boxes from Bespoke Post are a perfect gift idea for college students. They have boxes for coffee lovers, whiskey enthusiasts, foodies and more. You will love how easy this gift is to give, and the recipient will love the variety. Join the club online for $55 a month, and find the perfect themed box for your college student 

Gift confidence and fuller hair for young ladies this year with a great thickening conditioner and treatment shampoo that is formulated for women with Zenagen. This is a high quality hair treatment for women. Prices start at about $30. Order online from Zenagen.

College students want to have the best hair care, but chances are, they can't afford too many salon days. Why not gift excellent hair care options with the Weightless Precious Oil collection from Roux. This line is only sold at Sally, and has a great shampoo, conditioner and hair masque in the collection. Get them all to gift great hair!

Keep the college coed in your life with silky locks without breaking the bank. Radha Beauty makes some of the best Argon Oil Shampoo and Condition to be found online, and best of all you can get both for under $24. The bottles are generously sized and totally budget friendly.

Shampoo and conditioner bars are my latest obsession and I think college students will love this luxury hair care option that reduces their plastic use. Hibar makes a great line of plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars that are long lasting, effective and they smell good too! Order for about $14 a bar.

College students love a good snack as much as anyone else. Send a popular subscription box for chocolate lovers to a special student to help them cope with study time. Charles Chocolates are delicious and just fancy enough to cure any indulgent cravings that may arise. Order online or find at retailers like Macy's.

Dorm rooms and shared living spaces are common for students, but as we all know those areas can get stinky in a jiffy. A few candles from Chandler Candle Company will help keep things smelling pleasant! These candles have a nice glass holder and retail for about $20 each. They offer a variety of fragrances so there is something for every nose.

Give the gift of a functional and stylish hat with Twenty 5 Degrees hats. Each purchase helps to clean up the oceans, which is a gift you can feel good about giving! Also, while visiting the site to purchase, sign up for the newsletter; they will plant a mangrove tree in your name. Get the trucker hats for $25.

Magic Mind and Body Energy Shake makes for a gift any student can appreciate. Give their mind and body and a boost to get thru the long hours of studying and early morning classes. Order it online where you get a months supply of energy shakes for $35.

A shared living space is something almost every student will experience. This freedom cabinet from Metal Art of Wisconsin is perfect for adding art and private storage space to their living space. These are gorgeous cabinets that are available in different sizes, styles and with personalization, locks and gas shocks. The photos don't do justice to the craftsmanship of these gorgeous cabinets. Order online starting around $205.

Living in a shared house doesn't mean your student should give up on luxury. A warm towel after a shower feels like a toasty hug and it feels super luxe! Add a heated towel rack to the bathroom for an instant mood boost and a touch of home, where ever your student is! These options from Amba are great and useful gifts for the holidays. Prices start at around $200 and can be ordered online or found at retailers like Lowe's or Bed Bath and Beyond.

Students will appreciate this super useful gift from OWC Digital. This handy device has five essential ports, up to 100W pass-through power, and just one cable, so students are ready to display, charge, connect, and import while on the move. Order it online for about $55.

If you have a gift idea for college students, I would love to hear about it!
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Father's Day Favorites

What are you going to get Dad for Father's Day this year? Please don't say a tie, cause I promise you he doesn't want one. He also doesn't want a hammer, and whatever you do, don't buy Dad soap on a rope. He might act like he is thrilled, but deep down he will be disappointed by any of those ideas. Instead check out some of these Dad tried and approved Father's Day Favorites.

Does Dad love to cook? Then give him a few bottles of the best olive oil that we have tried to date. Lanconiko is family made and of the utmost finest quality. My husband was crazy about the Black Truffle Infused Olive Oil as it adds so much flavor to almost any dish! Order online for about $22 a bottle.

If Dad loves a good joke, then he will consider this You're So Punny Dad joke book the holy grail of affordable father's day gifts. For under $8 you can get this from Amazon. Dad will delight you with numerous new Dad jokes in the months to come. That alone makes it a must buy book for your Dad.

Any guy who loves to be in the great outdoors can appreciate a well made hat. My husband can't say enough about this Gear Top Safari/ Fishing Hat. It is comfortable, keeps the sun off his face and looks pretty stylish too. Order it from Amazon for under $20.

Charge all of Dad's devices with ease with these awesome Defender charging products. The Dual Wireless Charger is a game changer as it can accommodate charging without the hassle of cables. Order online or find it at stores like Best Buy.

If Dad is missing out on his stint in South Florida this season, why not bring the memories and flavors of a cup of tea and a few scones to his door? My husband whimpered over these mouth watering scones! Get a sampler for about $36, delivered to your door right from Erika's Tea Room.

Who has better jokes? Dads or their kids? Why not let them challenge each other to see who gets the most laughs with this Don't Laugh Challenge Joke Book. Get a copy from Amazon for about $8 for loads of laughs this summer.

If Dad likes to play games, he will welcome this super fun strategy game The Alpha by Bicycle. Give Dad the chance to unleash his inner wolf and collect the most food to win. This involving and fun game retails for about $30. Buy it online for your loads of competitive fun with your father!

Give Dad's best friend fur-ever a treat to make the day a tail wagger. We highly recommend trying the line of goodies from Bow Wow Labs. One dog digs the bully sticks. The other melts for Bow Wow Treats. Both make Dad happy to see his dogs delighted. Order online; treats are about $8 a bag or $20 a 3 pack and you can also get the bully buddy for safer bully stick chewing.

Treat Dad to something sweet with an assortment of chocolate bars from Sugarpova. We loved the Milk Chocolate with strawberry bars and also the tasty gummies! Order online or find at retailers like Target. Bars start at $3.50 and are so worth it!

Dads have lips too, so why not offer him a funny twist on moisturizing and sun protection with a Fish Slime Lip Balm assortment? Priced at about $8, this three pack of chap stick will have a smile on Dads lips for sure.

Dad will love this fuss free solution for his hair. In:dex by Dex smells really good, it gets even the sweatiest of hair clean and moisturized. As a bonus you can use it as a body wash too! Order it online for about $35, and while you are at it, check out their other products that are free of parabens, detergents and sulfates. 

Take the guesswork out of hair care for your Dad with this premium line by Masami. My husband and son are crazy about this Mekabu styling cream. It has great hold and a really pleasant smell. Order it online for about $36. 

Give Dads social life a boost with this really fun and revealing game that is all about social interactions and scandalous truths. The next time he is hanging out with his friends and they play Ask Me Anything, they are sure to have a ton of laughs. Order it online for about $30. 

Tell Dad how you really feel while giving him a great tumbler for on the go drinks. He can keep his favorite cold or hot drink at the perfect temperature with this really durable and handsome tumbler for the best dad ever from OneBttl. Order it online for about $25.

Sometimes Dad needs a chance to chill; this When Dogs Fly coloring book is the perfect way for him to relax while getting creative. This adult coloring book combines dogs and planes for a fun time that practically flies off the page. Order it from Amazon for under $15.

This Father's Day give Dad the gift of story time with this adorable book called Sometimes We Do. My kids loved hearing Dad read this book, which models positive interactions with teaching math between fathers and children.

Give Dad a step up from his standard bag of beef jerky with this nothing short of delicious Moroccan Beef Jerky. My son was crazy for this and really hated to share with his dad. So, if you have hungry boys in the house, get an extra bag! Order it online for about $9 a bag.

Take the fuss out of Dads grooming rituals with Up Front Cosmetics. They make shampoo bars that are amazing but the conditioner bars are a must have for camping, or just quick showers that don't need any packaging that ends up in a landfill. Find these and a variety of other products online, prices for the bars are about $14.

Give Dad the gift of great hair with some of the best smelling botanical shampoos, conditioners and hair care products I have ever tried. But do yourself a favor and buy some for yourself too, cause Fruity Roots is THAT GOOD! Order it online for about $14 a bottle. 

Active guys are going to love this alternative to metal rings. Groove Life has some super comfy and stylish rings that you don't have to worry about damaging. Buy a special guy in your life one, or a few for about $35. They have so many cool styles and options that he will never argue about wearing his ring again. Order online for 1 to 2 days shipping.

Alister for men makes some of the best smelling shampoos, body washes and lotions ever. Dad will bask in the fragrance and the lady in his life will dig the pheromones infused in it! Order the deluxe set for $80 and have her calling you Daddy all day long.

If you have a favorite idea for Father's Day, I hope you will tell me about it in a comment! Which is your favorite idea on this list?

15 Teacher Gifts for Under $15

If you are looking for teacher appreciation gifts that won't break the bank, these ideas are under $15! These thoughtful ideas will help you say thanks for a great year, and best of all, you can get them without leaving the house!

This post is a collection of amazon links. If you make a purchase I earn a small advertisers fee, and you will get free shipping if you are a prime member so win/win!

Engraved Pastel Pencils
Teachers can never have enough pencils. Make the thought a personal one by adding the teachers name to these pretty pastel pencils.

Because I had a Teacher
Let a special teacher know how much of an impact they have had with this very sweet book. I am sure they will cherish it for years to come!

Teacher Keychains
This 3 keychain set is adorable, useful and a gift from the heart that won't break your budget. At under $8 for 3 this is perfect for saying thank you on a budget, with multiple teachers.

Glass Water Bottle
This durable glass water bottle is attractive and sweet with a thoughtful message. It is a great way to encourage a favorite teacher to stay hydrated while staying awesome!

Teachers Life Coloring Book
This is a fun and relaxing gift idea. This coloring book gives your favorite teacher a chance to unwind and giggle at the snarky humor of this adult coloring book.

Mason Jar Tumbler for Teachers
Give the teacher the tools to stay hydrated on the go over summer break with this mason jar tumbler. It features a thoughtful phrase to remind your favorite teacher how much they are appreciated.

Thanks for Helping Me Grow Mug
This terracotta style mug is perfect for any teacher. It is cute and functional and affordable!

Inspirational Bangles
Featuring 3 inspirational bangles, this set is a great way to say thanks to several  teachers on a budget. The bangles are pretty and will bring a smile to a special teachers face.

Popsocket for Teachers
This popsocket is perfect for any teacher with a sense of humor. It declares "chaos coordinator" and makes their phone easier to handle.

Magnetic Teacher Decal for Harry Potter Fans
If your favorite teacher loves Harry Potter this is the perfect way to share a smile at the end of the year. I love these decals over bumper stickers because they are are magnetic and can be easily removed.

Wooden Stamp Set
This stamp set is cute and so useful! Give it to a special teacher to make grading papers easier next year.

$15 Gift Card
If you aren't sure what to get, a gift card is always a safe bet. If you have multiple teachers to gift, a 3 pack of $15 gift cards for food, movies or amazon is a great way to say thanks!

Teacher's Planner
This unique and fun planner works for lesson plans, or as a journal. It is colorful, practical and affordable. I like this gift for the teacher you don't know much about, but want to thank none the less.

Air Plants
Simple little plants in a pretty little package makes for a gift to grow on. Air plants make unique gifts that are easy to care for and add a lot of life to the classroom!

Dry Erase Markers
Teachers go thru a ton of dry erase markers and they can get expensive. Giving a box for the classroom is a thoughtful way to keep the teacher prepared into the next year.

Valentine Gifts for Guys

What does your sweetheart want for Valentine's Day? If you have no idea, you are in the right place! I have found more than 15 Gifts for Guys this Valentine's Day! These gift ideas are definitely going to make him feel loved!

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Under $15

Under $25

Under $50

Which of these ideas do you think your sweetheart would like the most? My hubby will love the whisky wedge!

You can find all of our Valentine ideas here

Some of our favorites include
Valentine Lady BugsDeath Star Valentine Box

Easy and Budget Friendly Christmas Treat Ideas

Christmas is near, and if spreading holiday cheer on a budget is on your to do list, you are in the right place!

I have an incredibly cute and easy Christmas treat idea to share with you. You can either draw these or print the text, whichever is easiest for you.

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This was so easy! We grabbed a few Kind bars and came up with a fun saying, and bam, we had a treat to share with friends and community helpers!

We used Kind bars because they are delicious and they are a nice change of pace from the standard cookies or candy!

This was a great gift option for my family because we spent under $1.25 per treat and were able to spread healthy holiday cheer to the special people in our lives!

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Easy Popcorn Gift Idea

This cute idea dresses up an economical treat like microwave popcorn and makes it gift worthy!

There are so many people that make our lives extra special, from the volunteers at school to the bus driver; the delivery people to the trash company. There are so many great community helpers that we want to say thank you to around the holidays that fitting them all into our budget can be tricky.

This year we decided to dress up some everyday snacks and share them with our nice list, and we had a ton of fun creating these treats!

The first one we want to share with you came together so easily!

I cut a stack of simple tree shapes on green cardstock with my Silhouette portrait.

Next, I took a sharpie and included a handwritten message:

"Have a pop-sitively wonderful Christmas"

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I next punched a hole in the tree and threaded Christmas ribbon {about 18 inches worth} through the hole then tied the popcorn to the card.

We shared these with a handful of community helpers in our lives. We loved gifting this simple token because it cost less than 40 cents to make, and allowed us to show appreciation and spread holiday cheer on a budget.

As the holidays approach we will be sharing a few fun and affordable gift ideas with you! If you have ideas please be sure to share them in a comment, as we love to make cute and inexpensive gifts!

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Easy DIY Puzzles for Preschoolers

We love puzzles, but it seems like my kids lose a lot of the pieces in a short amount of time. When I learned about making our own puzzles a while ago, we were hooked. If a piece gets lost it is not an issue as we can make a whole new puzzle for pennies!

This is such an easy project you are going to wonder why you have never made these with your kids before!  It requires basic supplies and only a few moments of time to create. There is no prep time to speak of, and best of all your kids can make these on their own!

All you need to make puzzles are:
Clear tape
Classic Washable Markers
Craft Sticks

First, tape the craft sticks together.

Then draw a design on the opposite side.

Color in the background.

Peel the tape off of the back and scatter the sticks. And there you have an Easy Puzzle for toddlers and preschoolers. If you have older children, you might want to check out my idea for an easy DIY photo puzzle

These make a great gift idea for anyone wanting to give a sweet gift for a little one on a tight budget.