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9 Terrific Ways to Celebrate their Retirement

9 Terrific Ways to Celebrate their Retirement

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Retirement is such a big life change, it should be celebrated properly. Help the retiree in your life commemorate this

great achievement with a new tradition, a getaway or even something that pushes their comfort zone. Now that their

punching-the-time-clock days are over, guide them into a greater, even more fulfilling mindset with these nine terrific

ways to celebrate. 

Create a Career Memento Collection.
Now that the retiree has the time, why not map out a strategic road map to all of the places they’ve worked? Take along a camera and scope out every place they’ve punched a clock to make the all mighty dollar. If they lived out of state, make it a road trip with the idea of collecting thoughts, ideas, dreams and goals for the future. And of course, memories in the form of written text and photos to compile in an album that will mark their new beginning.

Focus on Health.
Now that time is theirs for the taking, the greatest currency they have is their health. Help the retiree with changes they can make in their life to put health at the top of their priority list. Entering a 5K (even if they walk), joining the spin class at the YMCA, and even looking up recipes for eating healthier can be motivation enough to change for the better. Being consistent in these changes is key, so be sure you are there for support and encouragement.

Build a Gift Basket.
Receiving a gift basket is always fun and goes a long way in expressing admiration and appreciation. Building one yourself for the retiree in your life gives you agency over what will go inside. So ask yourself, what are their favorite things? Their favorite places? Their goals for the future? Fill the basket with items like health products, motivational books, travel ideas, gourmet snacks, and egift cards that can be purchased from any one of thousands of retailers nationwide. They will delight in the thought and care that went into making it.

Plant a Tree.
Chances are good that if the retiree had planted a tree on their first day of work, today it would be standing tall and proud. Now that they’ve entered into this new phase of life, accompany them to the garden center, choose a tree that will do well in your area, and help them plant it in their yard or other location. It will require nurturing, which in turn will give them a new sense of purpose and responsibility.

Redecorate the Home Office.
Just because they won’t be ‘working’ anymore, doesn’t mean that their home office can’t go to good use. It all depends on their focus, of course! Are they planning on consulting part time? Maybe they would like room for crafting, indoor gardening or meditating. Ask them how they envision the room and then work together to refashion it into a place that best represents where they are in life now.

Do Something Unconventional.
At the end of a person’s life, what they most regret are the things they haven’t done. This bucket list might include adrenaline-rush opportunities like skydiving, ziplining or learning to ride a motorcycle. Or, it might be a bit more mellow like learning to cook French cuisine or reading the top 100 books of all time. Ask them to write down a few things they’ve always wanted to do but never have, and support them in their mission to accomplish them.

Go Permanent.
Many people never see retirement. They may see retirement age, but are unable to truly retire due to various reasons. Celebrate your loved one’s retirement by purchasing a piece of jewelry or even getting a tattoo that commemorates and affirms their mantra for success. This might be Chinese letters, their spirit animal or a phrase they uttered to themselves when times got tough.

Give Back.
Chances are good that after a long, successful career, the retiree has much wisdom that can be given back to the community. Encourage them to teach a class, start a YouTube channel, create an informational TicTok account, whatever fits their personality and gets them inspired.
Start a Tradition.

People celebrate all kinds of days – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, so why not turn retirement day into a brand new day to celebrate annually? Specifically take that day to cross something off the bucket list, go out to dinner or commemorate it quietly. Either way, it will be a yearly reminder for the retiree that life is short but also sweet.The retiree in your life deserves special treatment after a long, fruitful career. While gifts are always nice, think about how you can help them

Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet People

Don't forget about the pets this holiday season! Don't get caught without a gift for your furry little best friend this year! Get a gift that is good for your pet and keep them at their best, all season long! I hope these gift suggestions help you to have a fuss free shopping experience. I included a few gift options for pet people too! You know we all have a crazy cat or dog lady in the family!

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Probiora Pet makes a must have product for anyone that loves a pet with smelly breath. I love my pets, but let me tell you, my beagle dog has some dank breath! Probiora Pet Oral Care Supplements really help make his breath smell nicer and are easy to give without a fuss. Order online for $18 or save with a subscription.

Portland Pet makes pouches of food and treats that my dogs went wild for. Scout loved the Bacon Brew Biscuits while Enos was all about the Pumpkin biscuits.  This is a really good quality of food for dogs. Order online for happy pooches. Biscuit treats are about $10 a bag.

We can't forget about the cats this year, so why not order a box of Skoon cat litter and give the kitties some really good litter, and the box it came in as a bonus, because we all know that is what they want anyhow. A really good box. Skoon is light but absorbent and really keeps odors at bay. Get it for about $25 a delivery.

My best furry friend Scout is a rescue, and that is some kind of dog magic! I love to encourage other people to rescue, so this is the perfect shirt for holiday gifting. The rescue dog will love to see you display your paw, and you can spread the word about adopting! Get this shirt, or a really cute breed specific, non rescue shirt from Fur and Collar for about $20.

What could be better for a dog loving person at the holidays than a Designated Dog shirt? These comfy shirts feature too cute driving dogs. Each purchase helps dog organizations too! So this makes for an all around feel good gift. Order online where you can get a hat and tshirt bundle for $25.

Native Pet makes supplements that are great for dogs, like this Pumpkin Powder for healthy stool. I know it doesn't sound super holiday-ish, but when the dog feels good, you can feel good too! Order online for about $20 a can.

Native Pet also makes treats, and let me tell you, both of my dogs will drop everything for a Yak Chew. These are long lasting, even for my serious chewers. Get these for about $15 for 3 treats. Your dogs will love them!

Keep your dogs breath fresh and the teeth clean with this handy Natural Dog Treats dental care set for dogs. It has a brush, brush cleaner and some meat flavored toothpaste that my dogs liked! Order it for about $25 a set for healthy teeth and fresh breath.

Top the dogs food with some healthy and tasty bone broth. Brutus bone broth is perfect for senior dogs as it gives hip and joint support. The treats are a big hit with my boys too. Both the broth and the treats start at $8. 

Give a pet person peace of mind about pets on the furniture with the Alpha Pet Flex Couch Cover. This is soft, easy to clean and keeps furniture free of scratches and damage from nails. Get it from amazon for about $60.

Homes with cats will love this DIY Cat Toy kit from Supakit. You can make some adorable catnip infused toys that kitties of all ages will want to play around with. This is a must get kit for the holidays. Order it for about $25.

I hope these suggestions help you find a tail wagging gift for your pets this holiday season.
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Gifts for Guys with Beards

 Do you need a great gift idea for a guy who happens to rock an awesome beard? I have some suggestions that will keep his beard healthy and hip! From a starter kit that has everything he needs to maintain his beard, to a great shaving brush and razor for his beard maintenance. This list has some pretty great products on it that any guy would love to get as a gift!

This Beard Guyz Starter Kit has daily wash, conditioner, beard oil, and beard balm for regular beard care. They have a ton of great products on their site for beards, so browse around and find something perfect for the holidays. 

I love a good deep conditioner for my hair, so giving a guy with a beard some beard balm that is a leave in conditioner makes a lot of sense. This one from Forrester is fabulous. It leaves my husbands beard so soft and it smells really manly too. Order it from Auntee B Naturals for about $20. 

Reuzel makes an amazing line of beard care and other manly goods to keep a beard looking its best. From beard serum to beard wash and so much more. Check out their site and browse the line, you will find a lot of stuff you want to buy for all of your favorite beards! Prices start at about $10.

Guys who have beards still need great shaving products because they need to maintain their beard shape, length and so on. Fulton & Roark makes some convenient as can be aftershave wipes and shave cream that helps keep a bead in great shape! Prices start at $22.

For guys with beards that love Whiskey, check out the Classic Manhattan Collection. They make some really great smelling products for beards! From beard oils, to beard softeners, and shampoos and conditioners just for beards! Check out the collection online to order.

The Clear Confidence Company makes classic shaving brushes and razors to keep his beard well maintained and well shaped. Guys will appreciate that this is a nod to classic shaving equipment. Get the Men's Grooming Bundle for about $40.

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I hope this guide helps you find a great gift for a guy with a beard in your life.

Back to School Guide

This year, back to school looks different from years past for many families. Regardless of if your kids will be back in the classroom, or if the classroom is now at home, there are a few things that are bound to be useful to you, that you just don't know you need yet! I have rounded up a few of my favorite items to help get your family ready to head back to school.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it a healthy one with Pocono. Find great options that are organic, easy to make and so healthy! We loved the Cream of Buckwheat the most! Order single boxes from Amazon, or if you want to stock up they have 3 and 6 packs too.

Move over fruit snacks, Chum Fruit Bites are going to be your new favorite snack. Made with 100% fruit, and nothing artificial, these are perfect for packing in a lunch or offering as a snack break during virtual classes. Order online for about $13 a 12 pack. The Chum Fruit Bites packaging entices little kids to want a healthy treat!

Give little ones a chance to incorporate play into their lessons with TileBlox. This is a perfect addition to your homeschool classroom for STEM, or it makes a nice back to school gift for creative little builders. Get these from Magformers starting at $15. They have a great assortment of sets to choose from!

Protein Cookies are perfect for guilt free snacking. Add them to a lunch box, or let the kids grab a bag when they need a pick me up during their studies. This is one cookie you can feel good about offering as they are packed with protein! Order them, and some yummy protein puffs when they need a salty snack. Order from Shrewd Foods for about $15 a 6 pack.

Send the kids back to school in style with Lone Cone. They make some adorable backpacks that are perfectly sized for an elementary age student. You are going to love the funky prints or classic styled backpacks without so much flair. Order online for about $25. 

Give kids a hands on science lesson with this impressive and affordable kit from Thames and Kosmos. The Colorful Crystals Lab is perfect for bringing science to your homeschool, or this makes a fun way to wish kids a fun year of learning as a back to school gift. Order online for about $30.

School lunches are nothing without a tasty drink. Pack a Juicy Juice box in your kids lunch to fuel them with goodness for the rest of their day. They are also perfect for homeschool field trips. Buy from most major retailers for about $4 a pack.

Crayola is making great masks for kids and adults. We love these because they come in 5 packs and include a bag for washing. Wear a different mask everyday and keep things sanitized with these. To learn more about where and how to get these awesome mask packs visit Crayola online.

Water fountains are out, so send a big and beautiful bottle to school to keep your student hydrated. We love the 32 oz Stein Bottle by Healthy Human. They offer smaller sizes too, in so many pretty prints. Check out the selection to pick the perfect reusable water bottle for your little learners.

Fight Covid on the go with these New Essential Personal Care kits. They include gloves, alcohol pads, masks, hand soap sheets and sanitizer to keep you clean on the go. 

You are probably going to be doing more laundry than ever now that school is in session. TruEarth has eco laundry strips to help you manage that task with less waste. These are effective and easy to use, no measuring required! Order online starting at about $8.

Lone Cone makes perfectly sized lunch boxes to match those stylish backpacks mentioned above! I love that they have an interior mesh pocket for storing hand wipes, napkins and utensils. Order online from Amazon after checking out the Lone Cone website to browse the selection. Prices start at $15.

If you are homeschooling, or virtual schooling a great resource to add to your library is the Farmer's Almanac Kids edition. This little book is jam packed with facts and fun for kids. For under $9 on amazon you can grab a copy of this book to keep your kids turning the pages and learning about astronomy, birth month flowers, weather, farming and more.

I hope these suggestions help to start your school year off on the right foot! If you have a favorite back to school find for the year, I hope you tell me about it in a comment!

You can make your own pencil pouch with this tutorial.

Christmas Gift Guide For Seniors


Now that we are in the tail end of November and December looms around the corner, it is time for us to
think about Christmas once again. Christmas is a time of year for fun and cheer, and when we think
about celebrating the special day we think about treating our family to gifts

Whole buying gifts for children and younger members of the family might be easier; when reaching over
65 years old it can be difficult to choose the right gift to give. This is why today we have come up with a
handy list of gifts you can get for your older family members at Christmas. 

Neck Massager 

Often when we get older we start to develop aches and pains that we didn’t have when we were young
and spritely. As a result this can lead to issues with mobility as well as pain. If your relative suffers from
neck pain or back pain frequently, the ideal gift would be a neck massager to help ease the pain and
allow them to move around more independently. 

Afternoon Tea

Often the older members of the family will be more grateful for a gift that involves spending time with
their loved ones that a material thing. This is why an afternoon tea booked in a nice hotel or restaurant
can be the ideal day out and gift for them. You’ll be able to spend the afternoon out in a warm place
eating cakes and drinking tea. 

Spa Trip 

A spa trip could be a wonderful chance for you all to let your hair down and enjoy some much needed
TLC. You could choose to buy a few treatments for yourself and your senior family member or simply
hang out at the spa for the day and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. 

Vineyard Tour 

Who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine? If your senior relatives like a good tipple, a fun and unique gift
would be to take a tour of a vineyard and go for wine tasting. This is a great way to spend a day out in
a sunny place and learn how wine is actually taken from grape to bottle. 


If you are thinking of something simple to buy for your senior relatives this year, nothing could be easier
than pajamas. Pajamas are always a great gift at this time of the year and you’ll be able to find some
thick cozy ones at your local store that are sure to be used and loved. 

Photo Album 

The older generation always tend to be more sentimental than us and as a result it is important for us
to give them amazing memories to enjoy at Christmas. This is why the ideal gift for a senior family
member is a photo album. You can also print off some of your favorite family snaps and put them
inside to allow your senior relative to enjoy seeing their family and reminisce. They can then keep
adding to the album over time as the family grows. 

Gifts For Chicks

Let me tell you what she wants, what she really really wants, for Christmas this year. Instead of spending all day at the mall and coming home with a headache, check out what you will find under my tree this year for all the special women in my life. Mom, stop reading this now so you can be surprised!

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Bubbly Drinks Anytime

The DrinkMate Countertop makes carbonated beverages anytime. It is available in metallic red, black and white to match her kitchen and give her freshly made sparkling water, soda and more. Retailing at under $100 this is one of my favorite gifts to give this year for my soda sippin sistas. Find it at select retailers like Amazon an Bed,Bath and Beyond this holiday season.

Wine Now, Wine Later

A Savino Wine Saving Carafe is a must have for a wine enthusiast. They can pop open a bottle, enjoy a few glasses and store it for upto a week without pumps, gases or corks.The Savino Wine Saving Carafe is available in both a plastic for outdoor use and glass options. Retailing at under $50 for the glass carafe, this is a great gift for wonderful wine loving women in my life. Find it at Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond or on Amazon.

When Coffee is Life

Give her a gift that will keep her going! This Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker is perfect for any girl who loves a cup of joe. She can make a better than any cafe cold brew anywhere she goes with this awesome option from Grommet. Retailing at under $50 you can get this cold brew system from the company website.

Fry Up Something Good

The Diamotech frying pan is a great gift for any home chef, or Mom. I love that this skillet is durable, resistant to scratches and can go from stove to oven. I also love that it is under $20 and can be found at Walmart, or even CVS for a last minute gift on your way to the party. Hey it happens, and this is one of my go to last minute gifts for women!

Cents-able Style
I love Thirty One Gifts for my house, my accessories and all of giting. Selecting this Perfect Cents Wallet was easy, selecting the print was hard, because they are all so pretty. I went with Stitched Medallion to add a lot of color to her look while giving her ample storage for credit and debit cards, cash and more. This retails for about $28 and is available from Thirty One Consultants. It is a good excuse to shop from a friends small business while crossing an item off your list.

 Switching Things Up
So, you already know I like me some Thirty One. I like gifting it as much as I like getting it. I gifted a great purse from Thirty One earlier in the year (The Studio Thirty One Classic) and I love that you can switch up the flap to keep giving a great shoulder bag a new look. Under my tree this year, and every year in the future, you will find a Studio Thirty One Flap. For $18 you can give the gift of easy to change style. Find a Thirty One rep and order a few of these flaps and a bag for always evolving style.

Always About the Benjamins
Thirty One Gifts, again, always a favorite of mine! My mom, who better not be reading, I already told her to stop, at the beginning, remember, complained to me about her ratty old wallet a few weeks ago. I carry the All About the Benjamins in Charcoal Pebble and LOVE it. I knew she would too, so I got her one too. We can be all like twinsies with matching wallets for the win. Retailing at $48 this is spacious, super stylish and made to last. I have carried mine for like 2 years and it still looks awesome. Get it from a Thirty One consultant for a practical gift any woman will adore.

 Her Darkest Desires

We all know that women and chocolate go together like pb&j. The Truffle Trio from Harry and David is always on my wish list, and I bet it will be on her wish list too. Three trays in truffles in so many divine flavors like coffee, dark chocolate and almond to name a few that she is going to dive into decadence when she opens this thoughtful gift. I love truffles, and try them all. Let me tell you, these are some of the best. Nom Nom .Get them at Harry & David for under $50.

 A Succulent Holiday

Is there anything prettier than a Christmas Tree? Maybe only one thing, a display of succulents in the shape of a tree. This easy to care for collection of plants is perfect for gifting and displaying this holiday season. Available from 1800Flowers, this tasteful gift idea retails for under $90.

 Fashion for a Cause
Leggings are the uniform of my mom life. I love 'em so much I think that everyone should have a pair in their wardrobe. This year, you can give the gift of comfy with a cute outfit for a cause. Every purchase of the Tree of Life Leggings and T-shirt set benefits the March of Dimes while giving a friend or relative something super comfy to chill in. Find this fashionable outfit for a cause online at

The Gift of Peace of Mind

Have you ever needed a jump start and found yourself alone, essentially stranded? Talk about a bummer. This handy Jumpsmart device is perfect for a woman on the go as she can come to her own rescue with ease when her car won't start. Recharge the device up to 1000 times, and charge it at home OR in the car. Retailing at under $160, this is a must have item in my opinion because dead batteries happen to all of us. Find it at retailers like Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond and more.

Wrapped In a Warm Hug

The ladies I know are fierce; they work, play and love hard. Muscle aches and pains sometimes happen, so the Moji Heated Neck Wrap is a great gift. It has no cords or batteries and can wrap around her neck to soothe her aches and pains with a warm hug. Find it on the Go Moji site or at Dick's for under $80.

Monitor Her Heart

I am crazy about my fitbit Alta. I know there are newer models with more bells and whistles, but the Alta is just right for me. If a special lady in your life wants to be more active and monitor her heart rate and sleep cycles, among other things, the Fitbit Alta HR makes for a great gift idea. You can find them at Hammacher Schlemmer, which is one of my favorite places to shop because they have over 170 years experience in customer service and finding the coolest products for your life! The Fitbit Alta HR retails for about $150.

Add a Pocket or Two to Her Outfits

What is it with ladies clothes and the serious lack of pocket space? It is so hard to carry my phone in my pocket in 75% of the outfits I own. MyPhonePouch adds a pocket to any outfit for your phone and more. This is a handy product for work. You can add it to the waistband of slacks or skirts and it will securely hold your phone and cash, debit cards and more. This retails for about $35 and can be found online at

A Lady Has To Eat

If you are looking for a great gift idea for a busy woman, Instacart is the way to go. Deliveries from her favorite stores in an hour or two will free up time for her to do other things than grocery shop or hit the drug store. Retailing at about $100 a year Instacart makes a gift that will keep on giving all year long, giving more time that is!

15+ Unicorn Gifts for Teens

If you need a great gift for a teen girl who LOVES unicorns, this is the gift guide for you!
Almost all girls love unicorns, they are funtastic! Picking a unicorn gift for a teen girl is a sure way to give her a big smile as she unwraps her gift this holiday season! This list has things to wear, things to make and functional gifts that mix in a lot of fun! 

In addition, unicorn lapel pins are also a good gift for girls, they are widely used and can be kept secure on a canvas bag, a hat and a sweater. If the stock unicorn pins aren't unique enough for you, you can also opt to get a unicorn-theme custom lapel pin you want on GS-JJ. They offer a free design page with a variety of templates and symbols to choose from. Customized gifts can fully express your heart and their finished products that make you feel that the wait is worth it. Your lovely girl will love this special gift.

I am a participant in the amazon affiliate program. If you make a purchase I will earn a small commission at no cost to you.

Unicorn Makeup Brushes
Unicorn Leggings
Unicorn Tablet Stand
Unicorn Print Hoodie
Snuggly Unicorn Hooded Blanket
Unicorn Robe
Unicorn Slippers
Unicorn Bedding Set
Unicorn Journal
Unicorn Donut Socks
Unicorn Light Up Marquee Sign
Unicorn Adult Coloring Book
Unicorn Car Decal
Crossbody Unicorn Purse
Unicorn Zippered Clutch
Yarn Unicorn Kit

Which of these unicorn gifts seem like the best idea for a teen girl you know and love this Christmas? I would love to hear which one you would buy first!

Gifts Boys are Gonna LOVE This Holiday Season.

Holiday shopping is in full swing and I want to help you find great gifts this year! I have compiled this list of m favorite options and I can't wait to hear what is on your must buy list! This list of Gifts for Boys has options for every budget and so many fun ideas!

Promotional samples were provided to me in exchange for inclusion in my gift guide. The opinions are my own.

Gourmet Christmas Stocking
Boys like snacks as much as anyone else, so one of my favorite ideas for a boy gift is the Christmas Stocking from Gourmet Gift Baskets. The stocking itself is handsome and classy, but the goodies inside really steal the show. Filled with things that any boy will love to snack on like a huge Hammond's candy cane, chocolate covered pretzels, truffles, hot cocoa and peanuts, this is a tasty gift that boys would love to have to fuel their late night holiday gaming sessions. The Christmas Stocking retails at about $30 and is a good choice for just about any boy you are shopping for this holiday season.

Go Trax ION Hoverboard
This self balancing hoverboard is nothing short of awesome for kids. It is fairly lightweight for a hoverboard and can go up to 4 miles on a single battery. The fact that it self balances is perfect for beginners, and makes for a gift that encourages outdoor activity for the win. I was a little nervous about my son on a Hoverboard truth be told, but this has been a fun choice for him that was easy to learn. Retailing under $200 this is a perfect idea for tweens and teens.

Home Planetarium
My son loves astronomy. He goes to a local club about every month to view the night sky and he loves to go to the observatory with his dad when they get a chance! This 8,000 Star Home Planetarium is a perfect gift to encourage his curiosity while helping him to discover new pleasures in the night sky.
This is a desk top model that accurately displays 61 constellations found in the Northern Hemisphere. The built in bluetooth speaker pairs with iPhone and Android devices to play a stargazing soundtrack of your choice.  Retailing for under $130 at Hammacher Schlemmer this is one of my favorite gifts for anyone with a love of the stars.

Magic Tracks
Boys love toys! This year I think Magic Tracks is the way to go for fun for younger boys. These tracks are unlike any other I have ever seen. They bend, flex and glow. I love how kids can customize the race track, even when the race is in motion. These are an affordable and fun way to foster creativity, retailing at about $20 a set.

My kids love robots; it has been an ongoing fantasy to have one of their own for quite some time. I have looked at so many, but felt that they were more of a glorified remote control toy. When we hear about Stone8,I was instantly intrigued as this is a truly interactive friend, and a cute little friend he is! I love that he expresses emotions and works with or without a device. Retailing at less than $60, this little guy has enough sensors to allow him to explore with our child and the multicolored antenna allows Stone8 to let you know how he is feeling. This is a really fun option for Christmas that gives your child someone to play games and have adventures with in a variety of ways.

Modarri Car
This is fun for any kid who likes cars or building! This kit allows kids to design and build their dream car, then race it! Named to of the year two times for great reason Modarri is a hands on adventure that kids will be revving up their engines for. My kids were entranced by the idea of building their dream cars and had so much fun doing so. I would highly recommend this gift for any boy. It is engaging and tons of fun. The kits range in price from about $30 and are available at Target, Walmart and amazon to name a few.

Itty Bitty Buggy
If you have a boy on your list that loves creating and has an interest in coding, the Itty Bitty Bug kit is going to be a great gift. This allows fun and creativity to come to life with coding four different creatures. Packed with a rich, fun-filled feature set, the Itty Bitty Buggy kit includes Bluetooth, remote control, voice-control, line tracing, musical color recognition, and LEGO®-compatible pieces, providing users with endless design possibilities and playful configurations. As coding skills become more advanced, users can program and modify the behaviors of a specific creature using a variety of coding languages, including Scratch, Python, and Arduino. The itty bitty bug retails for under $60 and can be found at stores like Target that carry Hasbro products or online in the Hasbro Toy Shop.

This is just plain fun. It reminds me of the tech free toys of my childhood and I love that it takes some skill to land the gymnast! I think kids will love this for those times when there has been too much tech and they need a way to unwind with some good old fashioned play! Retailing at under $20 you can find the Fantastic Gymnastics Vault Challenge at most major retailers that carry Hasbro products.

Connect 4 Edition from The Hasbro Road Trip Collection
There seem to be a lot of road trips to visit loved ones around the holidays, so te Connect 4 Edition from the Hasbro Road Trip  Collection makes it on my list of gifts for boys. This is a fun way to keep the kids busy in the car without turning to tablets. This game is portable but packs a ton of fun and is easy on every budget. Get it at Walmart for about $8 for hours of friendly game play on the next long car ride.

T Rex From Wall Charmers
Sometimes it feels like the kids have too many toys! Adding a fun touch to a bedroom is a great idea this holiday season. We love the T Rex Faux Taxidermy from Wall Charmers. This is simply a fun addition to any bedroom of a dino loving little boy! Well, to be fair, my husband was amazed by this too! It is realistic looking and is bound to inspire any boys imagination while adding an uber unique touch to his decor. Retailing at under $70 this works for tween boys as well.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figure Assortment
When I was a kid, TMNT was super popular. My brother and I loved it and had all of the action figures! I was so excited to see a new line coming out for the new generation, and knew this was something I had to share with my son. The Action Figure Assortment includes:  Raphael "The Leader," Leonardo "The Trickster," Donatello "The Tech Wiz," Michelangelo "The Wild Card," Splinter "The Chill Master," April "Street Smart Best Friend," Origami Ninja "Confetti Commandos," Meat Sweats “The Tenderizer,” Baron Draxum "The Maker of Mutants". The figures retail for about $9 and can be found at most major retailers.

Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber
My son loves Ben 10, so this was a natural choice. I know he is going to love making his own mini fig with the interchangeable parts and launching it into the air. This set comes with 4 figures to mix and match, including Heatblast, Four Arms, Wildvine and Grey Matter. It retails for under $30 and promises to be loads of fun for any Ben 10 Fan! Find it at mass retailers like Target or Walmart.

Discovery Plasma Globe
Experience a fun light display with the touch of your fingers or sound! The Discovery Plasma Globe responds to touch, music and sound, providing hours of excitement. Perfect for any young scientist! My son has always been intrigued by these globes and adding one to his room would be so much fun for my science kid! Find it at Walmart for under $25.