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Dive into Fun with a Kid-Made Fish Tank!

 Calling all creative captains! Are you ready to set sail for an ocean of imagination? Today, we're building a cute little fish tank, and the best part is, there are no limits to what your little ones can create!

This exciting craft is perfect for a rainy day or a dose of undersea whimsy. It's easy to customize and allows kids to explore their artistic talents while learning about the fascinating world of fish.

This project is perfect for a rainy day. It uses simple supplies and is so much fun to add your own touches. Kids will love making their own little friend, and taking it everywhere!


Small jar with lid (I used the button jars from Dollar Tree)

Several buttons

A 6” section of string




Googly eyes

Paint samples


Fold a paint sample in half

Cut the paint sample in the shape of a fish so that you have 2 fish.

Place glue on the backs of the fish.

Place the string so that it is in the center of the fish when they are placed on top of each other.

Glue on the eyes.

Tape the string to the inside of the lid of the jar.

Place a few buttons inside the jar.

Place the lid on the jar and admire your adorable swimming fish.

Aren't these so cute? You can make them in a variety of colors, and if you have a container that is large enough you can add multiple fish! Just vary the length of your string so they aren't hanging at the same level.

Harper had a ton of fun with this project and I know your kids will too. We took this little guy along on quite a few adventures. He traveled quite well!

Crafting with kids isn't just about making cool stuff (though that's definitely a perk!). It's a fantas
tic opportunity to bond, get creative, and explore the world through a hands-on lens. But with busy schedules and overflowing craft supply bins, getting started can feel overwhelming.

Here are some tips for making the most of craft time.

  • Get down to their level: Sit on the floor with your child and participate in the activity. Show them your own excitement and creativity!
  • Focus on the process, not the product: The joy of crafting comes from creating together, not achieving perfection.
  • Let them take the lead: Encourage their creativity and allow them to make choices. Their unique ideas are what makes their crafts special!

Setting the Stage for Success:

  • Prepare your workspace: Cover the table with newspaper or a tablecloth for easy cleanup. Have all materials within reach to avoid frustration.
  • Embrace the mess: Crafting can get messy, and that's perfectly okay! Lay down a tarp outdoors for messy activities or use a large plastic bin for easy containment.
  • Safety first: Be mindful of your child's age and choose age-appropriate materials. Adult supervision is always recommended for younger children, especially with scissors or glue.

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Lovely Necklace Projects

Looking for a fun and creative way to accessorize your outfit? Look no further than these 15 lovely necklace projects! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned jewelry maker, there's a project here for everyone.

We've gathered a variety of necklace projects, from simple beaded necklaces to more complex wire-wrapped designs. You'll find projects using all sorts of materials, including beads, crystals, shells, and even yarn. So what are you waiting for? Start crafting today and create a necklace that's as unique as you are! Be sure to click thru the links to find the full tutorial.

 Pressed Flower Necklaces by Mod Podge Rocks

Resin Pendants by Artsy Karma

Seashell Necklaces by Barley and Birch

Embroidery Hoop Necklaces by Albion Gold

Feathered Dream Catcher Pendant by Ruffles and Rain Boots

Marbled Clay Pendants by Sum of Their Stories

Crystal Necklaces by Craftsy Hacks

Glow in the Dark Ghost Tassel Necklaces by Albion Gold

Photo Pendants by Mod Podge Rocks

Macrame Sea Glass Necklace by Crafts by Amanda

Comic Book Necklaces by Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Rock and Wire Pendants  by Reuse Grow Enjoy

Boho Dreamcatcher Necklaces by Happy Mothering

Marbled Wooden Bead Necklaces by Sustain My Craft Habit

Scandinavian Hoop Pendants by Lovely Indeed

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12+ Fall Mason Jar Crafts

Mason Jars are fantastic for storage, but did you know they are also a favorite supply for crafters? 
This collection of 12+ Fall Mason Jar Crafts has fabulous ideas. I have a feeling you are going to love these ideas for how to use mason jars in your fall crafting sessions.

From lovely luminaries to mason jars that look like Indian corn, this collection has ideas for everyone. I can't wait to hear which is your favorite. 

Fall Leaf Mason Jar Luminaries by Create Craft Love
Fall Pine Cone Mason Jars by Pillar Box Blue
Fall Mason Jars by Crafts by Amanda
Hanging Fall Mason Jars by Live Laugh Rowe
Fall Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holders by Creative Homemaking
Fall Mason Jar Centerpiece by DIY Beautify
Plaid Painted Mason Jars by Daily DIY Life
Mason Jar Centerpiece with Burlap Rosettes by Oh My Creative
Fall Themed Mason Jars by My Turn For Us
Glittery Pumpkin Mason Jars by The Best Ideas for Kids
Scarecrow Mason Jars by Easy Peasy Fun
Fall Harvest Corn Mason Jar by Thrifty Jinxy

You can find more mason jar ideas here.
Some of our favorite fall crafts include:

Pine Cone Rescue Fine Motor Activity

This easy fine motor activity is perfect for keeping little hands busy without requiring any special materials! This Pine Cone Rescue is great for quarantine, or anytime you need to challenge little learners with simple supplies.

This is a super easy to set up activity, but let me be honest, this is HARD! It will challenge the kids and their fingers!  Last week my kids were restless and they were looking to argue with each other and I whisked them outside for a walk, hoping to get the ants out of their pants. 

It didn't work; they had a fight or three in the middle of the street. As the 6 year old picked up a pine cone to throw it at her older brother, inspiration hit me. Busy work was exactly what they needed!

Affiliate links are used, if you buy, I earn a small advertising fee.

Place the small rubber bands around the pine cones.
Add more bands for older kids, and fewer for younger kids.
Encourage your kids to rescue the pine cone.
Be sure to dispose of the bands properly after removal because they can pose a hazard to small kids and pets.

Removing the bands is challenging! So, this is a great activity for kids of all ages. 

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Mermaid Tail
Leaf Foxes
Easy iPad Stands

Queen of Hearts Bookmark

These easy no sew queen of hearts bookmarks are perfect for making and sharing! Give a few as a gift, or keep a few near your bookcase.

Summer is here and I am loving the lazy mornings by the pool. As soon as the kids get up they are want to jump in and spend the day there. We often joke they are going to grow fins if they don't come out and dry off for a little while. I don't mind sitting pool side, observing the kids and reading a book.  So, in the warm months, book marks are essential to my life.

I wanted to make something a little bit fancier than a paper bookmark so I checked out my craft supplies and decided to make a few of these. They were so easy and required no sewing, but are substantial enough to not fly away on a windy day.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I will earn an advertisers fee.


Wide Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun


Cut a section of ribbon that is twice as long as the average book.

Fold the ribbon in half and liberally add hot glue.
Fold the ribbon over on to the hot glue and press.
At the end of the ribbon, insert a necklace clasp so that it just  barely hangs out of the ribbon.

Secure with hot glue.
Attach a jump ring to the clasp.
Attach the charm to the jump ring.
Secure with hot glue.

These are great for stashing around the house, where ever you like to relax and read.

These no sew bookmarks are also awesome to share. My husband is a school librarian and we love to make bookmarks to share with the kids, so I have a stockpile started for the day our kids can return to school and enjoy a visit to the school library.

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Reader favorites include:

Reclaimed Farmhouse Joy Sign

This farmhouse joy sign was made entirely from reclaimed materials to add a festive touch to your home.

I have been making a ton of things with pallets. From creepy Halloween signs, wooden black cats and even some fun pallet Christmas trees that I am going to share with you soon. I knew exactly what I wanted to make the last time I tore apart some pallets. Rustic and charming farmhouse holiday signs.

These reclaimed farmhouse joy signs are so easy to make.  They add a festive touch to your space or are perfect for gifting. Plus, they are so budget friendly you can make dozens for a dollar!

This is a really easy project. Gather some supplies, finding inspiration in trash.

Supplies for one sign

One pallet board section
One pop tab
One screw
One penny nail
One Christmas Bauble
Paint Brush

I cut one pallet board into 4 smaller boards, just big enough to proclaim my message, Joy.
I pulled tabs off of empty soda cans for my method of hanging.

Line up the soda tab so that it is even with the board. 
Place the screw in the small hole and tighten.

In the center of the other side of the board, place the penny nail. Drive it in half way.

Paint the board in the color of your choice. 

After the board is dry, place a Christmas bauble over the nail. Add a bead of glue to secure and allow to dry.

Use stencils, or with another color of paint, freehand  your letters J and Y. Allow to dry.

Now you can display your Joy sign, or share it with a friend this holiday season.

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Easy Rudolph Ornaments

These easy Rudolph ornaments are fun to make and share this holiday season. These come together with the most basic supplies and are perfect for making with the kids.

Easy Rudolph DIY Christmas Ornaments

I got everything for this project at Dollar Tree. So, you know it is going to be a cheap and easy project that is perfect for the kids!


Gold Pipe Cleaner
Clear Bauble
Red Button
Craft Eyes
Brown Paper Bag


Attach the gold pipe cleaner o the top of the ornament and form Rudolph's antlers.

Have the kids cut or tear the brown bag into bits.

Fill the ornament with bits of the brown bag

Glue the eyes and button nose on the ornament.  Allow it to dry overnight then hang on your tree or share with someone special.

Easy Rudolph Ornaments. Kid Made Ornaments. Kid Crafts, Christmas Crafts. DIY Ornaments

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12 Mermaid Craft Tutorials

If your kids are crazy about mermaids you are going to love these 12 Mermaid Craft Tutorials! From adorable bags to upcycled crayons, this list has so many ideas you will want to make!

Mermaid craft tutorials

Spring is here, so my family is day dreaming of the beach, the pool and all of the fun we will have this summer. My daughter wanted to make our mermaid tail craft again last week and we had so much fun with it! I searched some of my favorite blogs and found 12 more ideas for our crafty fun. I know you will love this collection of crafts too!

Mermaid Shell Necklace by Moms and Crafters

Ombre Mermaid Tail Crayons by The Crafty Guru

Mermaid Bath Bombs by Buggy and Buddy

Easy Mermaid Tail Craft by Stylish Cravings

Clothespin Mermaid Dolls by Create Craft Cook

Mermaid Succulent Garden by Creative Green Living

Mermaid Suncatchers by Sugar, Spice and Glitter

Paper Plate Mermaid Twirlers by Red Ted Art

Beach Towel Mermaid Tails by Somewhat Simple

Mermaid Mailbox Playset by Hello Wonderful

Mermaid Wall Art by Resin Crafts Blog

Mermaid Iron On Tote Bag by Sew What Alicia

You might also want to check out my easy mermaid tail craft for preschoolers.

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Super Soft Playdough

This super soft playdough recipe is so easy to make. It requires no cooking and is made with a unique ingredient for squishable soft results.

Super Soft play doh made with hair gel

Rolf and Harp are both crazy for play doh. They go through several cans a week on average. I tried making a scented play dough when they were smaller, but we found that it molded really fast. That was enough to make me not want to make it again for YEARS.

play doh made from hair gel

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase I earn a small advertising fee at no additional cost to you.

Last week they needed play dough and the idea of going to the store for playdough to keep my sanity, because like I said, they NEEDED it (ie the little one was whining for it. Anyone ever see that old movie the Creepshow? Recall the old man chanting for cake? Harp was kinda like that but she was making a fuss for PLAY-DOH) made me feel a little overwhelmed.

homemade play doh

Going to any store with a tired, demanding child sounds like the worst idea ever. So, I decided to just make it again and hope for better results.

I made this playdough with a bottle of cheap hair gel, because doesn't everyone have hair gel as a craft supply? The results are super soft and squishable.

play doh supplies


1/2 cup of clear hair gel; the cheap stuff from the dollar store will work just fine!
1/4 cup of water
1- 1.5 cups of flour 


Place 1/4 cup of water and 1/2 cup of clear hair gel in medium size bowl.

play doh supplies

Add 5 drops of neon food coloring to the liquid mixture.

homemade play doh

Stir until well combined.

Add 1 cup of flour to the liquid.

Begin stirring until the contents begin to clump.
At this point, you will decide if you need to add additional flour. If the mixture feels sticky, add an additional 1/4 cup of flour, and continue to stir.

diy play doh

When the flour has been incorporated, test for stickiness. 
Add additional flour if needed
When the playdough is not sticky, it is ready to play with!

super soft playdough

Store in an airtight container when not in use.

diy play doh

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