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How To Help Your Toddler Learn New Words

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Babies start learning single words by 12 to 18 months. By age two, most can construct two-word phrases. When they turn three, most children have words for almost everything they see. Research suggests a strong vocabulary in childhood leads to an easier academic transition through school and later life. The more words children understand, the easier they can comprehend the books they read and ideas their teachers share at school. This makes them participate more in class, ensuring academic progress. It’s great for your toddler to pick up new words as early as possible. Here are some helpful tips you can use. 

  1. Follow their lead

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Think of your toddler as a little director leading playtime. Please provide all the play toys they need and let them lead the show. You must pay attention to what they pick or show interest in and engage them with those objects. For example, if your toddler picks or points at a toy train, mention it and encourage them to pronounce it, too. Please do this for every object or item they show interest in. If your toddler struggles to take the lead, you can pick any toy and play with it. By doing so, you model how to play with that toy, which can attract their interest. Once you have their interest in that toy, mention what toy it is and talk about it.

  1. Use educational decor

You can help your toddler pick up or learn new words with the decor elements you use in their rooms or around the house. First, surround your child’s room with colorful images of animals labeled with their names, shapes, numbers, and feature letters. You can also decorate their play areas with plush letters to help them learn new alphabets. 

Next, label every educational item you choose with the right names in clear letters. That will help your toddler associate the letters with the decor items. But it doesn't end there. Engage your child in conversations about those labeled decor items as often as possible. Please encourage them to identify and name each item. You can help them out by clearly pronouncing each item. 

  1. Engage your child in conversations

You’ve probably seen videos online of parents deep in conversation with adorable toddlers, although the little ones only speak gibberish. You can engage your toddler in conversations without educational decors or play toys. Although it sounds a little silly to try talking with a toddler, studies show that it builds their vocabulary while improving their listening skills. So, instead of saying the usual “goo goo” and “ga ga,” use proper words when speaking to them. Of course, their replies may be unintelligible, but they will pick your words with time. 

  1. Use repetition

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It’s important to ensure you repeat your words (words you want them to pick) as often as possible. Repetition is key to them absorbing your vocabulary. According to experts, babies and toddlers must hear words and sentences several times to learn and understand them. Always emphasize the words you’re repeating and pronounce them slowly. Also, use actions and gestures when repeating those words.

Basket of Fruit Process Art

Lemon and Limes find a second life after their prime with this easy and fun process art activity! It incorporates an introduction to weaving for small hands with a lot of painting fun. This activity is great for kids of all ages from Toddlers and Preschoolers, to older kids, like Rolf who is 11 now and still had fun with this!

Ok, first, let that sink in. Rolf is 11 now. When I started this blog, he was a baby. Literally, just a baby. And here we are 10 years later. Still sharing, growing and creating. Let's have a big group hug!

Next, isn't this such a cute process art project for kids? I love that the touchy, smelly parts make it super engaging for little hands. If you have been reading for a while now, you know how I feel about sensory play and  projects! (I love them!) Well, I also love to paint with Harper too!  We had a few lemons and limes in the fruit basket that were a little shriveled up and unappetizing so instead of tossing them out, we put them to work in an art project.

A lemon and a lime, sliced in half
A paper plate
A brown bag of construction paper
Yellow and green paint

Cut the brown paper into thin strips.
Offer your child one strip and encourage the child to glue it to the paper.

As you can see we used 3 vertical strips, then began the under/over process of weaving the horizontal strips.

Keep the weaving simple, you only need 3 vertical and 3 horizontal strips of paper. If your older child is creating this, feel free to encourage a more complicated weave!

Now comes the fun!
Pour a little paint (about a quarter size drop of each color) on a paper plate.

Offer the citrus fruit to the child, allow them to squeeze the juice out and pick at the seeds if they want to. They will want to because it is fun and it smells good! Just have a towel nearby to wipe their hands! When all of the seed picking and fruit squeezing is finished, encourage your child to press the fruit into the paint, and begin filling the woven basket with fruit!

Remind your artist to use all of the fruit and colors!

Allow to dry and display.

This is fun to make in the summer, when we are making loads of lemonade, so maybe save a few lemons after squeezing for an art project? Or pull this out in the winter, when the kids need a break. It is such a sunny little process art project that they are bound to love it!

15+ Halloween Books for Toddlers

Don't miss our Halloween reading list for little ones! Rolf and Harp hand picked most of these 15+ Halloween Books for Toddlers. These are some of the ones they remember liking the most when they were "babies". 

From colorful picture books to touch and feel titles, this list has a Halloween book for every toddler! Please be advised that I am participant in the Amazon affiliate program. If you make a purchase I earn a small advertising fee, which helps keep the site up and running!

Where Is Baby's Pumpkin? (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books)
Little hands will love exploring this lift the flap book and helping baby find her very own pumpkin!

My First Halloween
With warm and friendly illustrations this book focuses on the moments that become memories for families.

Hoot Howl Halloween
It is Halloween night and the moon is bright, as your little one discovers the haunted house, they can press a button to activate one of ten spooky sounds.

Babies Love Halloween: Lift-a-Flap Board Book
This book offers a fun way to practice sentence structuring while introducing Halloween to little learners with the fun of discovering what lies under the flaps of the book!

Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch
Biscuit visits the pumpkin patch. What could he find there besides the perfect pumpkin? Toddlers will love the friendly surprises that await in this book!

Little Blue Truck's Halloween
Hop in and go for a ride with Little Blue as he picks up his friends for a costume party! Toddlers will love lifting the flaps to see who is in the costumes!

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Llama Llama Trick or Treat (Llama Llama Board Books)
Llama Llama picks out a costume, finds a great pumpkin and heads out with Mama Llama for a fun night of trick or treating!

Disney Baby My First Halloween
This board book is perfect for little ones. It has friendly Halloween images and touch and feel elements for an engaging experience.

Winnie the Pooh Pooh's Halloween Pumpkin
While walking in the hundred acre woods, Pooh finds a marvelous pumpkin. Toddlers will love what Pooh and friends do with it!

Halloween ABC
This book gives kids a chance to practice their abc's with a festive touch!

Little Cat: Finger Puppet Book 
This little book has a lot of fun hidden in the pages with a little finger puppet friend to help tell the story.

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Little Friends: Trick or Treat: A lift-the-flap book
Tag along with some little friends for trick or treat fun! Little hands will love to discover what is hiding behind the flaps.

The Cheerios Halloween Play Book
A snack and an activity that are perfect for Halloween fun await toddlers with this book!

Boo! (Leslie Patricelli Board Books)
This book covers all of the bases for fun with costumes, pumpkins, treats and a boo or two!

Pop-Up Peekaboo! Pumpkin
This fun lift the flap book is packed with pop up surprises. Toddlers will enjoy this friendly book.

What is your toddlers favorite Halloween book? Leave a comment to inspire young readers everywhere!