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Paper Plate Spider Craft

This cute craft is perfect for Halloween, it is easy to make and the results are so cute you will want to display the finished project so everyone can see how creative your little crafter is!

We are big on holidays! We get excited about them all; Easter, Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, of course Halloween is a big one too!

This year we started crafting up Halloween fun maybe a little too early, but we couldn't resist! This is one of the first ones we made and it was so easy and cute!!

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All you will need is:
A paper plate
A piece of black construction paper
8 googly eyes
A black kwik stik
school glue

Paint your paper plate black with a Kwik Stik.
Cut 8 strips of paper for legs and glue them on, 4 to a side
Add 8 eyes
Give your spider a smile and you are done!

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Glam Pumpkin Make Over

From outrageous orange to golden glam in a flash! This is how to make those plastic pumpkins super stylish!

I was browsing at the local thrift shop a few weeks ago and I noticed they had a huge pile of Halloween stuff out. Everything was 10 cents. I sorted out about 10 plastic pumpkins and happily took them home. 

I grabbed some gold spray paint and gave them a generous coat. I let them dry throughout the day, and now I have some total glamorous pumpkins to display! It may be only August, but I am ready for a super stunning and stylish Halloween display this year!

You might want to wear gloves when you spray paint... I got a little too enthusiastic about the idea and I just went for it. My hands were a lovely shade of gold too. HA!

How am I going to use these glam pumpkins in my Halloween and fall decor?
Make sure you come back in a few weeks to peek at the final results. 

I am thinking to have hubby drill a hole in the bottom of a few and use them to plant mums.
I am going to stack 3 together and create a fall totem pole of fun. I am looking for Rose Gold and bronze spray paint to add to the colorful display!
If you have any ideas for my remaining 4 pumpkins, please leave it in a comment!

Play Doh Pumpkin Faces

Play Doh Pumpkin Faces are perfect for hands on play on a fall day.

My kids want to carve a pumpkin or two every day. It becomes a whole thing. From the face, to the roasting of the seeds and then displaying. They really take things seriously at Halloween.
While I love to do pumpkins with them, I don't always have time to carve a pumpkin a day. This year I found a way to give them what they want anytime they want it with these play doh pumpkin faces!

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This is such an easy activity! All you need are 2 cans of play doh and a sheet of black paper and you are in business.

First, invite your child to cut out various shapes for the pumpkin face. Ovals, triangles, squares and creepy teeth are perfect.

Then invite your child to smash the orange play doh into the shape of a pumpkin.
Use green play doh if you desire a stem.

Now, let your child make as many faces as they want.
This is a fun way to keep them busy and happily making pumpkin faces for hours.

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Easy Ghost Window Cling

Halloween is near, and this cute little ghost will add a touch of fun to your windows without spooking your wallet! This is economical, adorable and easy to make!

We can't get enough Halloween crafts. Both of the kids and I enjoy creating frighteningly fun projects to get us even more excited about any holiday!

We were short on time one afternoon and wanted to make a cute and easy craft. This is what we came up with, a fun ghost for the window! This only took a few moments to complete and we loved it for a few reasons. The kids got to practice their scissor skills, which is an important skill for all kids, and they got to experiment with textures.

You will need {per 1 ghost}
 one square of white paper
4 small circles of black paper
2 slightly larger circles of black paper
A section of contact paper, transparent, to accommodate the size of the ghost you wish to make
3 glue dots, school glue etc

Begin by placing your contact paper sticky side up
Add 2 black dots to the contact paper for eyes
Add one larger black circle of paper for a mouth
Cut the white paper to look like a ghost
Add the ghost shape over top of the eyes
Add 2 remaining eyes and mouth to the ghost
Stick it on a window for a spooky fun addition!

And there you have a super economical, fun and easy ghost craft for kids!

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Squishy Eye Sensory Bag

Squishy, silly, sensory play with a spooky feel just in time for Halloween!

We love sensory play! Bins, bag and sensory activities are always a hit with my kids!

I made this easy but oh so fun  spooky eyes sensory bag for Harper. It is perfect for Halloween and can be used in several ways. 

This bag makes a great stress reliever for little hands. Kids feel stress too, and squishing this bag helps them to relieve some of it. But, this spooky eye sensory bag is also a fun way to practice sorting skills.

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Hair gel
Zipper seal bag
Googly Eyes

Squeeze about 1/4 cup of hair gel into a zipper seal bag.

Seal the bag.
If your child has a tendency to use rough hands or is a toddler, you might want to reinforce the sides of the bag with duct tape.

Invite your child to squish, squeeze and sort the spooky eyes sensory bag!

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Reclaimed Wood Black Cats

These reclaimed wood black cats are so cute! Best of all they are easy to make too! 

Over the summer I stopped by my local recycling center to drop of plastics and guess what they had? Stacks and stacks of pallets! For Free! I brought as many as could fit in the back of the SUV home and have been going back a few times a month to get more. I am loving the crafts I can make without having to spend any money with a pallet board!

I was inspired to make some cute black cats from my reclaimed wood because I need new decor. To make a long and sad story short, all of my holiday decor was ruined in a wet basement. I am starting from scratch this year.

So, instead of getting super stressed or pulling out a credit card to replace right away, I asked my husband to cut a few pallets down for me. I started creating some fun little things. I love that I have one of a kind unique decor now. I can't wait to make more. But, we will get into all of that in another post. For now, let's get to how I made these.

Supplies for Reclaimed Wood Black Cats

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Pallet boards in assorted sizes
A wood saw
Black Plaid Paint
White Paint
Halloween Ribbon
Fake Flies, Spiders, Bugs
e6000 adhesive
a small paint brush and a medium paint brush

Directions for Reclaimed Wood Black Cats

Cut down the pallets to desired size. I used 12",10" and 5" boards.

I used a small hand saw to cut a v into the end of each board.

Paint the boards with black paint and allow to dry.

Using the end of a  small paint brush (not the brush end) dipped in white paint, create the eyes.

Dot black into the center of the eye and push up then down to create the pupils.
Allow to dry.
Cut a length of ribbon to wrap around the board. Glue this on as the collar.
Glue a fly, bug or spider to the collar where the ribbon meets.
Allow to dry.
If you plan to display outdoors it would be a good idea to seal these with a clear coat .

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Shop the supplies for Reclaimed Wood Black Cats:
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Lego Stamped Pumpkin Art

 Harper and I love to paint with, well, anything but a paint brush! Last week she came home from school and asked me if I wanted to make something with paint, and how could I resist the invitation? This lego pumpkin idea was just the thing. It pairs cute and creepy together just right.

This is such an easy activity, and it is fun for kids of all ages! Even Rolf, who is 12 now, was curious about this and told us it was a "cool idea" before dashing back to his busy preteen activities. 

Orange Paint
Black Paint
Green Paint
Paper Plate


Pour a small amount of orange, black and green paint onto a paper plate.

Offer your child legos in assorted sizes and paper.

Encourage your child to dip a lego into the orange paint and make the shape of a pumpkin.

Now, fill that shape in with more lego stamps.

When you have filled in the shape of the pumpkin, dip a lego into the black paint and make a face.

Next, give your pumpkin a stem with the green paint.
Allow to dry and display.

These were a really fun, kid led Halloween craft. I know your kids will love making pumpkin art this way.

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Witch Window Cling

It is hard not to get in the spirit of things this Halloween with his hands on witch window cling craft!

This window cling was so much fun to make with the kids. I love that it gives them a chance to use their fine motor skills and practice scissor skills while making something so cute for your windows!


Clear Transparent Contact Paper
Green, Black, White, Purple Construction Paper
A scrap of pink or red paper

Have the kids tear and cut up the black, green and purple paper into small bits.
Make 2 small circles from a black square of paper.

Cut out small white circles for eyes and a small smile from the red or pink paper.

Begin by placing the small black circles on the contact paper, sticky side up.
Cover those with the white circles for eyes

Next form the nose, mouth and hat of the witch

Begin filling in the face with green bits of paper.

Fill in the remaining areas with purple.

Leave just a few areas uncovered so that the contact paper will stick to your window.

We thought these were really cute. They were fun to make and offered the kids a little challenge as the contact paper is sticky. 

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Paper Plate Witch

Glam Pumpkin Makeover

Paper Plate Witch Craft

This paper plate craft is perfect for toddlers and school aged children. This one requires simple supplies you likely already have and comes together in a flash!

We have been crafting up a lot of Halloween fun! The kids are really excited about spooky fun and awesome costumes, so I have been indulging their interest and excitement with easy crafts! 

To make this fun witch craft all you will need is:

A paper plate
Green Paint or Markers
2 fun googly eyes
Black Construction Paper
Orange Construction Paper

Color or Paint the Paper Plate Green

Cut a triangle from the black paper, then cut a strip slightly longer than the triangle, glue these onto the paper plate like a witch's hat.

Tear a few strips of orange paper for hair. Tearing instead of cutting will give kids a chance to use fine motor skills plus make the paper curl slightly, which is just fun! Glue the hair onto the witch. 

Next, add eyes and draw on a nose and a mouth. We gave our witch a cute smile.

There you have a cute, friendly and fun Paper Plate Witch craft! This is great for little ones because it is creative, it gives them the opportunity to use their scissor skills and work their fine motor skills too. Additionally, it offers your home a touch of personalized Halloween decor!

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