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GPS Tracker for Kids - Test & Compare 2019

When looking for a GPS tracker for children's test it is worth taking a look at the websites of Stiftung Warentest and other publishers of test reports. We have researched to give you an overview of existing personal GPS tracking device reviews. In addition, you will find a comparison of various GPS stations for children created by us.

GPS transmitters for children are special directional transmitters for determining the exact location of persons. They can be placed in the school bag, in the luggage, on the bicycle or in the car or placed. This way, children can be located quickly and safely in an emergency. It is also possible to define a movement radius. The GPS Tracker then notifies the parent when the child is outside of this area.
GPS Tracker for Kids Comparison: Weenect, Trackimo And More
We now go to our comparison of the GPS tracker for children we have based on publicly available manufacturer information and existing customer reviews created.
The products were not tested by us in practice. Decisive for our comparison were the criteria which you see directly to the right of the product image. In addition, existing customer reviews were consulted.

Parents can use GPS trackers for children to quickly find children in dangerous situations. Now the question arises, what should such a GPS transmitter for children should and what aspects should be considered when buying. GPS trackers can be very different. The size ranges from small, compact watch format to mobile phone size. Depending on the intended use, the GPS transmitter for children should also be shock and water resistant.
The devices can also feature numerous features such as communication functions, SOS function or maps. To be able to use the GPS trackers for children, they should be attached to the school bag or to the child himself. So the device can save lives in an emergency. We would now like to introduce some examples of GPS devices from well-known labels and compare them in the GPS Tracker test. Here are our favorites.
Weenect - Kids GPS Tracker
Color : Blue
Size: 6.5 x 1.8 x 4 cm
Weight: 54 grams
phone function : Yes
Features: Compact GPS unit for children
66.67 EUR 
With the Weenect Kids GPS Tracker, parents are always reassured and know where the child is. The GPS location is connected to the smartphone. The peculiarity is that there is no restriction on distance and real-time location. The device has a child-friendly alarm button and a telephone function. The GPS transmitter for kids indicates whether the child is in the defined area or outside. The product is our buy recommendation because the child can be located in three different ways, via map, compass or radar. This gives the children more freedom, is independent and yet safe and easy to find if a child gets lost or gets into an accident. 
Kobwa - Smart Watch for Kids
Brand : Kobwa GPS tracker for children test result 
Color : Blue
Size: 5.4 x 3.4 x 1.3 cm 54 * 34 * 13mm
Weight: 35 grams
phone function : Yes
Features: Functional SmartWatch with many extras
from 59,99 EUR
The device has a 0.96 inch display and allows the setting of the alarm clock, phone calls, GPS tracking, step count, SOS alarm. The Smart Watch is compatible with iPhone and Samsung. So the clock can also be used as a mobile phone to make calls. The compact device in battery operation is set to long-term operation is extremely accurate to 10 meters. Rating:  A good price for the described performance. But we are a bit skeptical because the customer reviews on Amazon are very contradictory. Some customers are very satisfied, some are not.

GPS tracker for children: GoFindMe (waterproof)
Brand: GoFindMe
Color: Black / Blue
Size:  130mm*36mm*17mm
Weight: 85g
Phone function :  offline maps, off-grid message.
Features: Innovative GPS Tracker for many situations
180.00 EUR 
The GoFindMe GPS Tracker is waterproof and featured with SOS signal sending and geo fencing. The device is compact and handy and supports GPS tracking even with no cellular service. The GPS Tracker can be used for seniors, children and pets. Review: Helpful GPS tracker for kids at home and on the go. A good alternative to our buy tip!
GPS Tracker for Children: Incutex - TK104
Brand : Incutex
Color : Black
Size: 6.4 x 4.6 x 1.7 cm
Weight: about 48 grams
Phone function : SMS only with location data available
Features: 280 hours runtime in power saving mode, accuracy about 5m, SOS key for emergencies
81,99 EUR 
The Incutex GPS Tracker can be located up to 5m. That's a very good value. Particularly noteworthy is also the long operating time of about 280 hours when in energy-saving mode queries only once a day the location. The tracker also has an SOS button for emergencies. Previous customers on Amazon are very satisfied and give on average 4 out of 5 stars. Review:  All in all, a good tracker who reliably does what he should.
GPS Tracker for Children: Generic - GPS Locator Triangle
Brand : Generic
Color : Blue, more colors available
Size: 3.25 x 3.65 x 0.72 cm
Weight: -
Phone Function : -
Features: Colorful GPS tracker in triangle design
From 3,22 EUR
This little all-rounder is our price tip. Why? Here is the price-performance ratio. The high-quality device for the super low price has important features like 4.0 Low Energy Bluetooth, parking search, voice recording etc. and is compatible with IOS and Android smartphones. The device is suitable for children, but can protect luggage from theft and loss. In addition, self-portraits are possible. Review: Versatile mini-GPS tracker for all cases.
GPS tracker for children: Eray
GPS tracker for children Purchase recommendation Eray
Brand: Eray
Color: Green
Size: 3.8 x 3.8 x 1.2 cm
Weight: -
Phone Function: Two Way Voice Communication
Features: Practical mini GPS mini tracker
Currently not available
This little GPS tracker can be practically attached to a chain and is very light. The device is connected via app for Android and iOS with a smartphone. Practical are the SOS panic button and the two-way voice function. The device stores all data for up to three months. The accuracy is 500 to 1,000 meters. Review: The small device fits in every pocket and works reliably.


11 Apple Crafts to Make with the Kids

I can't help but get excited about the end of summer, because it means that fall is near! Trips to the orchard with the family; lots of action in the kitchen, the temps are finally cool enough for baking! And of course, the crafting with the kids! How could I not get excited for fall!? 

This year I have 11 apple craft to make with the kids to share with you that I know you will have fun making with your little ones!

 Apple Crafts to Make with the Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Apple Stamp
Paper Plate Apple Craft
Caramel Apple Fall Craft
Apple Suncatchers
Take a Bite Out of Fall Craft
Apple Playdough
Button Apple Trees
Fruit Loop Fall Tree
Apple Tree Craft
Toilet Roll Apples
Stuffed Paper Apples

I love all of these ideas! I am hoping to make them all with the kids! We are planning to make these Apple Tree Window Clings again this year but we might make it a crafting marathon with these great ideas!

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Easy Dyed Rice

Dyed rice for sensory bins has never been easier! This 3 ingredient method dries super fast and provides vibrant results!

I love to make sensory bins, almost as much as the kids love to play in them! They still love the sushi sensory bin we made ages ago and it inspired me to try dying rice for more sensory fun. 

To make this dyed rice you will need:
  • Rice
  • Food Coloring
  • Hand Sanitizer

 Place the uncooked white rice in a zipper seal baggie. I used 3/4 cup per color.
Add a tablespoon of hand sanitizer.

Add 3-5 drops of food coloring (I used the cheap stuff from dollar tree FYI).

Release the air from the baggie to avoid popping it. The shake it, squish it, wiggle the rice around until it is coated completely. The pour the rice on a paper plate and let it dry for about 45 minutes.

Repeat with additional colors as desired.

Naturally, we did all of the colors of the rainbow!

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9 Cards to Make for Father's Day

Father's Day will be here soon and I have 9 fun card ideas that your kids can make for their Dad to let him know they think he is a Super Dad!

Father's Day Cards to DIY

There is no better way to tell someone that you think they are amazing than a handmade card! The detail and sentiment in something made uniquely by you simply cannot be found in a printed card!

That's why I rounded up these 9 card ideas to let Dad know how you feel! He will love these fun-tastic expressions of adoration on his special day, and I bet he will savor them long after Father's Day has passed!

Fingerprint Monkey Card
High Five Card
You're the Vest Card
Tie Card
Fingerprint Golf Ball Card
True Grit Card
Shirt and Tie Card
Dad's Tools Card
Popsicle Card

I have a few ideas that you can use to make Father's Day super special.

  1. Let him sleep in! 
  2. Offer to take over one his chores for the day so he can rest.
  3. Give him a new magazine or book to read while he is relaxing.
  4. Offer him a special treat! 
  5. Tell him that you appreciate his devotion to your family.

Which of these cards do you think your kids would like to make first? My kids think the Vest Card is pretty awesome! We plan to make one soon!

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Super Soft Playdough

This super soft playdough recipe is so easy to make. It requires no cooking and is made with a unique ingredient for squishable soft results.

Super Soft play doh made with hair gel

Rolf and Harp are both crazy for play doh. They go through several cans a week on average. I tried making a scented play dough when they were smaller, but we found that it molded really fast. That was enough to make me not want to make it again for YEARS.

play doh made from hair gel

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Last week they needed play dough and the idea of going to the store for playdough to keep my sanity, because like I said, they NEEDED it (ie the little one was whining for it. Anyone ever see that old movie the Creepshow? Recall the old man chanting for cake? Harp was kinda like that but she was making a fuss for PLAY-DOH) made me feel a little overwhelmed.

homemade play doh

Going to any store with a tired, demanding child sounds like the worst idea ever. So, I decided to just make it again and hope for better results.

I made this playdough with a bottle of cheap hair gel, because doesn't everyone have hair gel as a craft supply? The results are super soft and squishable.

play doh supplies


1/2 cup of clear hair gel; the cheap stuff from the dollar store will work just fine!
1/4 cup of water
1- 1.5 cups of flour 


Place 1/4 cup of water and 1/2 cup of clear hair gel in medium size bowl.

play doh supplies

Add 5 drops of neon food coloring to the liquid mixture.

homemade play doh

Stir until well combined.

Add 1 cup of flour to the liquid.

Begin stirring until the contents begin to clump.
At this point, you will decide if you need to add additional flour. If the mixture feels sticky, add an additional 1/4 cup of flour, and continue to stir.

diy play doh

When the flour has been incorporated, test for stickiness. 
Add additional flour if needed
When the playdough is not sticky, it is ready to play with!

super soft playdough

Store in an airtight container when not in use.

diy play doh

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Birthday Cake Sensory Bin

This easy birthday cake sensory bin is perfect for any little aspiring chef! Made with homemade playdough and complete with loads of sprinkles and fake candles, this bin keeps preschoolers happily baking up something good!

birthday cake play doh sensory bin

After many years of mothering, I have learned that it is a good idea to have an activity planned for the afternoon. I usually have something set up for Harp like a paper craft or something she can get creative with, but lately we have been LOVING sensory bins

birthday cake play doh sensory activity

Harper loves to bake, so the idea for this birthday cake sensory bin came around. I thought she would love the chance to play with sprinkles, and I was right. When she came home from preschool, she was ready to get her hands into this bin! I have a feeling your little one will want to do the same should you recreate this project.

This was easy to assemble and super economical. You likely have all of the supplies on hand!

sprinkles in hand

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birthday sensory bin

1/2 cup of shampoo (any kind will do, including something from the dollar store!)
 2 tablespoons of water
1 cup of flour
Silicone cupcake molds, small cake pans, small dishes for forming cakes. Your childs play food collection is a great place to find materials to use in this bin.
Washi Tape
A battery operated votive candle
Tissue Paper in orange, yellow or red
A baking dish or a bin with a lid

To make the birthday cake dough:
Add one cup of flour, 2 tablespoons of water and 1/2 cup of shampoo together in a medium bowl. 

Begin to stir, as the ingredients start to bind together, finishing mixing with your hands.
 If the dough feels sticky, you will add a little more flour, no more than 1/4 cup.

Test for stickiness. If the dough is still sticky, add a little more flour and continue to mix until it doesn't stick to your hands.

To make fake candles:
You will need a length of washi tape that can cover a craft stick on both sides.

Allow the tape to slightly overlap the craft stick and place small squares of tissue paper on the top of the stick. I layered orange and yellow tissue paper to resemble a flame.
Fold the tape up to cover the other side of the craft stick.

Trim the edges of the tape on the sides of the craft stick.
Trim your tissue paper to resemble a flame.

To assemble the birthday cake activity bin:
Pour a bottle of sprinkles in the bottom of the dish or storage container you plan to use.
Add the dough.
Add small dishes like play food dishes, silicone cupcake molds, small baking dishes.
Add the fake candles and a battery operated votive candle, if you have one.

Invite your child to explore the activity. They will form cakes, decorate with sprinkles and add candles to serve birthday cake!

birthday cake sensory play

7 Rainbow Crafts to Make with the Kids

Spring is here and that means we have been seeing our share of showers, and rainbows! Let's embrace the weather and savor the beautiful sights to be seen after the storm and make a few cute crafts while we are at it!

These ideas are so cute yet so simple! They are perfect for kids of a variety of ages and are worth bookmarking for those rainy spring days spent indoors with the kids!

I am going to try making the rainbow necklaces sometime this spring, and I think my kids would love to try the layered felt magnets. I can't wait to hear which of these rainbow crafts you want to make with the kids first!

Easy Streamer Rainbows
Layered Felt Rainbow Magnet
Paper Plate Rainbow Craft
Rainbow Mobile
Rainbow Necklaces
Rainbow Jars
DIY Rainbow Bracelet

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15 Spring Books for Preschoolers

Spring is near and we are letting it inspire our reading list! Harper and I have selected 15 books that we know you are going to want to check out too! These are great for a rainy spring day, a bedtime story, or anytime!

Spring Books for Preschoolers

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Let It Rain
In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb
Time for Spring
What Can You See In Spring?
It's Spring!
Animals in Spring
Olaf's Wait for Spring
I Can Grow a Flower
The Little Gardener
The Thing About Spring
Springtime Babies
Spring is Here: A Story About Seeds
Clifford's Spring Clean Up
The Tiny Seed
It's Spring: A National Geographic Book

We have already read Animals in Spring and Time for Spring, both were really cute. Harp loved all of the animals! We are anxious to start working in our flower beds and see if the tulips we planted last year come to bloom.

If you have a suggestion for preschool spring books I want to hear about it!

We have a few fun crafts that are perfect for spring.

Easy Raindrop Crafts

Oil and Water Science for Kids

This easy science experiment for kids is so much fun! It produces visually stunning results with common pantry items.

I loved this experiment because we had everything on hand. Within a few moments I had the area ready and both kids were ready to get involved. If you don't have pipettes, you could use a medicine dropper, or even a straw.

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Vegetable Oil
A Few Small Dishes

I added 3 drops of food coloring to each bowl of water. We decided to try green and blue.

I gave the kids a few pipettes. I asked them what they thought would happen if they added the color to the oil. Harp said it would be like paint. Rolf said it would turn the same color.

They began dropping the watercolor into the oil.

They discovered that the color didn't mix, it just formed little balls of color in the oil.

We added more food coloring to see if that affected it.

We added more water to the food coloring.

It still didn't change the way the oil and water color didn't mix.

This project was completely visually stunning. Both of the kids were hooked!

I was pretty impressed too. I thought this was a great experiment for the kids!

I am glad I got photos as it was basically a form of liquid art!

This is a great way to explore common household items with kids, and see how they react to each other. This is a very economical experiment too; only pennies to complete!

I loved that with this super easy project we could encourage the inner scientist that lives in every curious kid.