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Play Doh Flower Counting Activity

Make counting and learning early math tons of fun for little ones with this hands on activity that combines early math with hands on tactile play. 

Play doh is the ultimate tool for play or learning at my house. We love to squish, mold and create with it, plus there are so many ways to learn with it. Adding it into our math lessons was a natural choice.

I was looking for a way to get Harper excited about early math, but it is hard to focus in the spring. There are so many colors, sights and smells to take in after months of indoor confinement.
As I took in the sights of spring, my inspiration was blooming all around me. 

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Play Doh; green and any 2 other colors
Number Stamps

With green play doh, form 2 flower stems
With any other color of play doh form the flower body
Tear off 10 pinches of play doh and shape it to look like petals.
Select two numbers.
Stamp them on the flowers.
Offer your child buttons and the petals of play doh you formed.
Encourage your child to say the number stamped on the doh.
Now, add the coordinating number of buttons to one flower.
Add the coordinating number of petals to the other flower.
Repeat with other numbers.

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Homemade Lilac Perfume

Homemade Lilac Perfume is the perfect easy gift. It is made with the most unlikely ingredient that you may already have at home, vodka.

Lilacs are one of my favorite parts of spring. I love to pick them and fill small vases and bowls with them. The fragrance is almost intoxicating. I have been known to carry scissors on my walks in the spring so that if I run across a bush I can snip a bunch of delicate flowers. How I wish I could preserve that fragrance and enjoy it on winter days!

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The next best thing is this easy to make and super economical perfume. It uses vodka and lilac oil to make a simple and elegant fragrance that is perfect for daily wear. It doesn't smell like alcohol. The jojoba and lilac will blend with it.

I like to make two bottles at a time, one to keep and one to share with a sweet friend.

Homemade Lilac Perfume Supplies for 2 bottles.

20 drops of Lilac Fragrance Oil
1 tablespoon of jojoba oil
1 tablespoon of distilled water
2 tablespoons of vodka

2 smaller roller ball perfume bottles
A small funnel


Mix all liquid ingredients in a small glass bowl.
With a micro funnel pour the perfume into the 2 small roller ball bottles.
Shake well and wear.

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10 Too Cute Tulip Projects

Tulips are hands down my favorite spring flower. They are lovely and elegant while simple to care for and grow. I love to admire them as they come into bloom and I want to make all of the pretty flower crafts with the kids too! I found 10 too cute tulip projects that I couldn't wait to share with you. You might just want to make them all this spring!

I love the easy tulip earrings as a sweet gift for a friend and the paper tulips are perfect for making with my almost 8 year old.  We might make a handful of these for his teacher towards the end of the year!

Forever Tulips by Little Miss Celebration
Spring Tulip Wreath by Sugar Bee Crafts
How to Fold Paper Tulips by A Happy Home in Holland
DIY Tulip Earrings by 30 Minute Crafts
Tulip Wreath by Designer Trapped
Yellow Tulip Door Decor by Crafts ala Mode
3D Paper Tulips by Practically Functional
5 Minute Door Bouquet by Mad in Crafts
3D Tulips by Crafting Reality
Toilet Roll Tulips by Crafts by Amanda

I can't wait to hear which of these is your favorite tulip craft!
I have two super easy videos on facebook for tulip crafting with the kids! Check them out here:

Check out these easy 3d Paper Tulips

Toddler Tulip Craft

This easy toddler tulip craft is perfect for a rainy day! It is easy and adorable and is so much fun for little ones!

We love tulip crafts! There are so many fun ways to create something inspired by spring that can be enjoyed for a long time! There is something super sweet about sharing kid art with loved ones and this one is perfect for that!
This is perfect for preschoolers! Harper loved making these!
You will need:
One sheet of blue paper
One sheet of green paper
One sheet of paper in the color of your choice for the tulip

Cut 3 tear shapes for your tulips.
Cut or tear a thin strip of green for your stem.
Glue the three tear shapes so that the point is lined up to look like petals.
Add the stem.

10 Spring Flower Crafts for Kids

My kids love flowers. They are almost too stinking cute! They can't resist a dandelion, and whenever we take a walk, Roo will pick flowers for his little sister {aww! gush!} to her delight! I can't help but smile a little whenever his Dad brings me a daffodil or something pretty he saw and had to pick to bring me. He usually only brings one flower to me, and he always tells our son "Someday you will like a girl and that girl will likely love flowers, and so you will give them to her to see her smile..." 

I thought it would be fun to hang onto the beauty of spring just a little longer and celebrate the flowers that have brought so many smiles to my family by making some spring flower crafts with the kids! I found 10 pretty as a posey-crafts to make with my kids and I think  your kids will love them too!

Which of these spring flower crafts do you want to make with your kids first? I love the Handprint Flower Pot Craft! It is so cute and would make a sweet keepsake project!