Monday, April 24, 2017

Top 4 Tourist Spots to Visit in Belfast

Planning your vacation with your loved ones can be taxing yet exciting. From choosing your travel destination to booking your flight and accommodation to making your itinerary, it can truly be stressful. However, once you have done all these things, you won't be worrying about anything anymore and you will get to fully enjoy your trip.

One of the ideal travel destinations where you can spend your much-awaited vacation to is in Belfast. In case you have the passion for arts and culture, then this is the perfect place for you. This notable city has a lot to offer to all types of travelers out there. Definitely, you will have a great time here and be able to learn a lot since Belfast is naturally rich in history.

Apparently, Belfast is known as the birthplace of Titanic, the most prominent ill-fated ocean liner. It was transformed nowadays, drawing more individuals to visit it every year. Once you go to this stunning port city, you will witness various magnificent tourist attractions. However, always remember that prior to pushing through your trip, you need to consider getting a travel insurance first. This is to ensure your safety wherever country you might go.

Hence, here are some attractions you should not miss when in Belfast:

Belfast Castle
Initially, the Belfast castle was constructed in the 12th century. A lot of renovations have been made to save it. Today, it is a popular venue for any events because of its ravishing historic building and impressive location.

Ulster Museum
One of the must-visit attractions in Belfast is Ulster Museum. This national museum has undergone significant transformations in the previous years and turned into a top spot to visit in the city. Some of the striking exhibits you will see here are Princess Takabuti, ancient relics, a 2,500-year-old Egyptian mummy, and a wide range of art and history collection.

St. Anne's Cathedral
This Anglican Church of Ireland's main church was designed by Architect Thomas Drew in 1898. St. Anne's Cathedral has a neo-Romanesque style and three west doorways adorned with sculpture. There are various carved stonework, fine stained glass windows, marble tiles, and delicate woodwork that can be found in this congregation, too. More so, you will discover the tomb of Sir Edward Carson, the pioneer of Ulster Unionists, inside the church.

Titanic Belfast
Named as "the world's largest Titanic visitor attraction," Titanic Belfast is a standout amongst the most unique landmarks in Belfast. It is a tribute to the city's captivating sea history and an ageless story of the Titanic. Apparently, there are nine interactive displays in this building, which show how Belfast has developed from an effective shipbuilding industry to a reawakened tourist spot. You will completely look back on the life-changing history of Titanic when you are here.

All in all, Belfast offers an exciting history to every one of its guests. Never miss the opportunity to see these lovely spots mentioned above. Therefore, add these to your itinerary once you visit the majestic city of Belfast with your family or friends.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Changing Your Kids From Fussies To Foodies!

Getting your children to eat anything remotely healthy can feel like a task and a half sometimes! Anything can feel like a battle, such as getting them to do their homework, but by helping your kids to get into a healthy diet at the start, it will set them up for life! There are many ways to try and get your children to eat their greens, and some are downright devious! But if you are worried about your child not getting the essential nutrients from their food, then you need to try a few of these options…
Yes, it may feel a bit of a back door approach to getting your kids to eat their broccoli, but by offering them the dessert if they eat all their greens is sometimes the only way. It can feel like a battle of wills, especially if they flat out refuse to eat their greens and you think that giving them the dessert will keep them quiet. But this just means that you’ve lost the battle.
Make A Healthy Version Of Their Favorite
If they like pancakes, make a version of their favorite with certain things substituted. You can look at the article Best American Pancake Recipes - Quick, Easy And Delicious for some great ideas, including banana pancakes. But by introducing them to healthy foods that are on their level, it makes the process of transition from unhealthy foods to healthy foods a bit more gradual and easier for them to cope with. And while you're making them their pancakes, give them the option of what fruits they want in their batter mix. Giving them more choice over their meal will help them to make healthier choices as they grow older.
Herb It Up!
Italian meals are full of vegetables, but you never notice because it is so delicious! Mexican food has so many bits of crunchy lettuce, carrot, and healthy pulses that you wouldn’t think they were good for you. So take some inspiration and make meals that are full of vegetables but are so jammed with flavor! Take the classic Italian ragu or spaghetti bolognaise; the sauce consists of garlic, onions, celery, and carrots. But they are so finely chopped in the recipe that you don’t even notice they are there! Making a taco that is full of sour cream, home-made guacamole as well as sliced carrot and cucumber in addition to the flavorsome meat is a great way to introduce vegetables in a more exciting way than just having some vegetables on the side of the plate! And when the children get the taste for vegetables, you can start to present them on the side of the plate. But the trick, in this case, is to make them tasty! Carrots soaked in orange juice for a sweet taste, or broccoli covered in a herby and buttery sauce, and sweet potato fries instead of fries are great ways to make the gradual leap to healthy foods. The wider the variety, the more they have to choose from.