Monday, September 1, 2014

Tell Me About It Tuesday

I am so glad you returned to party this week. You have my deepest apologies about the last 2 weeks. School is back in session, and time short on my end. But, hey! We are back!

Let's Party!
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Oh You Lucky Dogs!

Canidae won our boys over with the treats they sent to inspire this post.

My boys love to eat treats! The dogs are willing to sit, shake and speak for something they deem to be yummy. The cat, he won't do any tricks, but he will attempt to open the pet food cabinet for self service when his taste buds have been tantalized.

Canidae Natural Pet Food Company sent us several bags of treats to try out. I had eager taste testers that were up for the challenge. We began with Bakery Snacks from the Life Stages line. With Lamb, Wild Rice and Sweet Potato, this generous size {14 oz} bag of treats pleased my big dog. He is a sucker for Sweet Potato.

The cat was ready to try Grain Free treats with fresh salmon. He liked these crunchy treats. He tried to help himself to more and when that failed he tried to lure my 4 year old into giving him a few more. I can't resist a begging kitty cat, so we gave him a few Grain Free with fresh chicken treats. He liked these equally and repeated his performance of self serve attempts and begging.

My smaller dog preferred Grain Free Pure Heaven treats with duck and chickpeas. I didn't worry about feeding him Canidae natural treats. The grain free options are perfect for my dog with skin sensitivities and food allergies.

My boys were happy to sample all of the treats that Canidae sent them. Purring and wagging tails assured me that the flavors met their expectations. I was pleased to feed my pets something made with quality and flavor in mind.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Candy Kid Co Subscription Box

Thanks to Candy Kid Co. for getting us all sugared up to write this review.

Do you love candy? Do you love getting packages delivered? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you might want to learn more about Candy Kid Co. The affordable way to get a box of sweets shipped to your door.

I got a yummy organic brownie bar, astronaut ice cream and a bag of gummy candies (sour, sweet, peach rings and so many more). I was pleased by the selection and getting candy is the coolest thing ever to my son. he was not opposed to helping me write this review.

As he selected a sour gummy worm I asked him "Roo, do you like this place that sends a box of candy to your house?" He said "Oh yeah!" I asked him "Roo, would you buy this box of candy thing?" He replied "Money from my bank?" He didn't hesitate, sure he'd buy a Candy Kid Co box. Heck, he has money in his bank!

Plans start at $2.95 a month, it is an affordable way to get a treat sent to your house. I think a Candy Kid Co subscription would make a great gift for my nephews and nieces at the holidays or just a nice {and cheap} way to let someone know you are thinking of them.

Learn more about Candy Kid Co. If you want to subscribe use code SWEET10 for 10% off of your total.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cute Comfort: Transitioning Summer Skirts Into Fall

Cute Comfort: Transitioning Summer Skirts Into Fall

One of the best parts of summer is all the cute summer skirts that fill your wardrobe and create a stylish and sometimes edgy femininity within an outfit. You may be tempted to pack all those summer dresses and skirts away once the weather becomes brisk, but with a few creative solutions, you can easily transition some of those summer skirts and dresses into fall. Here are a few ideas for recycling these summer staples and making them fall staples too.

Maxi Skirts are Your Best Friend
Maxi skirts are awesome, because many of them feel as comfortable as pajamas, but with a beautiful print a structured top, they can look quite chic and professional. As the weather gets colder, trade your t-shirts and tank tops for a fitted sweater or structured jacket as a top to go with your maxi skirt. Leggings worn underneath insulate the legs, and a pair of short or long boots finishes the look. As the weather gets colder, a scarf or beanie can add a cozy vibe to this chic outfit. Rue21 has some great and inexpensive options for beautiful maxi skirts.

Leggings Finish the Job
Leggings work with both short and long skirts to transition into fall. Toward the end of summer, you may still have some fun outdoor activities while the weather is warm. If you’re meeting in the late afternoon while it’s still hot but want to wear a short dress, grab a pair of cute printed leggings and take them with you. As the sun goes down and the weather gets cooler, you can put the leggings on under your skirt. With a short skirt, they’ll add a cute, refreshed vibe to your outfit. When the weather does get brisk, printed leggings with knee-high or ankle boots can carry your short skirts into fall. Top off with a long-sleeved button-up, a sweater vest, and a scarf.

Comfortable Fall Alternatives
If you do want to wear pants while retaining the same comfort and ease that skirts have, harem pants are a great option. If you’ve never worn harem pants, maybe it’s time to make a fashion statement and give them a try. Since they are loose, wear a structured or fitted top to finish off the look. A jean jacket or leather jacket adds an eclectic vibe.

Back to School With Cool Shoes

It was the day, the day for weeks I have been sick about, the day I have dreaded but wanted at the same time. The day that begins it all. My son is growing up... and there is nothing I can do about it. All morning Roo bubbled with excitement, an excitement I wanted to share, but I was also not ready to face. He woke up and laughed, his face happy, his voice husky with sleep. He smiled his biggest smile at me and said "Mommy! Mommy! School in a little bit!" 

Yeah, he is off to preschool. This begins the process of letting go for Mom. I worry about my son in a public school environment, I worry about the adaption from Mommy to a teacher. He is shy, so painfully shy when faced with more than one new person, how will he handle 18 new people all at once? 

I couldn't allow my inner battles to influence his outlook on the day, I want him to have fun, make friends and most importantly, learn lots of new things. I knew he was sensing my sadness and nerves, his behavior reflected it. How does Mom make things seem like not a big deal, like it is very happy day? 

 I struggled with this, so at the last minute I told my sweet little blond boy I didn't know what shoes he should wear on his first day.The decision was bothering me. I asked Roo to select a pair of shoes that he liked, to help me. 5 choices sat before him, he smiled, {this kid is mine undeniably based on his enthusiasm for shoes alone} and looked at all 5 pairs carefully.

In the end, he selected a really too cool pair of shoes from Tsukihoshi. {The Storm} This pair is bright, adorable and perfect for a little boy that is active. He thought the shoes were too cool and he literally squealed "Silver Shoes Mommy!" after he saw them. He didn't want to get dressed, he wanted to get these shoes on his feet right away. Convincing him he couldn't wear undies and shoes only to school, he contained his enthusiasm for cool shoes for about 3 minutes to get dressed.

Roo studies the shoe, does it meet his expectations?

The Storm by Tsukihoshi

Let me tell you what I liked about these shoes. They are designed with growing feet in mind,  they provide arch support, balanced landing and barefoot-like comfort. The insoles are antibacterial {yay!!! Kids can have some funky little feet!} and the shoe is machine washable.

I was impressed with how stylish and durable Tsukihoshi shoes are. My son can be rough on... everything! These shoes have held up well to his antics which speaks volumes to me about value and craftsmanship.

We love the shoes, they are perfect for my not so little anymore boy. He gets a lot of compliments on them when he wears them too.

Connect with Tsukihoshi to learn more or to explore their fantastic line of stylish and comfortable shoes for children.