New Year Traditions

Do you have New Year Traditions?

I really don't have any traditions other than I like to be kissed at midnight... okay, well I like to be kissed at any time, but if I don't get a big sloppy kiss from someone at midnight I will pout for a long time. Ask my husband about this... someone is still remembering New Years Eve 1999, ringing in 2000. I wasn't old enough to drink so my husband (boyfriend back then) went out to a bar without me.  I didn't get my traditional smooch and I wasn't a happy camper.

I have been remembering New Years Eve's from the past today. Before we had a child we often went out to dinner together then wrapped things up at home, a few times we slipped away to a favorite hotel to ring in the New Year in romantic splendor.

My favorite New Years Eve celebrations have been simple.

 In 2000 my dear whisked me away, completely out of the blue for a New Year Escape to the Hampton Inn. We drank wine and went swimming, lounged in our room and watched movies, and just enjoyed the change of pace.

In 2008 we went for a late dinner at Red Lobster, then returned home to share a bottle of wine from my collection of prized bottles from a lovely vineyard in New York.

In 2009 I was pregnant with Rolf. We camped out on the sofa, dined on hummus and watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. That year we both fell asleep before midnight and woke up with our legs tangled together and our necks stiff from sleeping on opposite ends of the sofa. I got my kiss, but it was technically about 2 a.m. before we realized it was the New Year.

This year, Rolfie is already in bed. He woke up very early this morning and I really had to stretch to get him to stay awake long enough to eat dinner and sip Peach Kristin Regale with me. We crawled in bed with the Mickey Mouse toys my son carries around everywhere, we kissed the Mickey Mouse gang good night and cuddled. Rolf fell asleep in my arms and I hated to let him go! I wanted to hold onto to the moment forever.

I thought about having a Margarita made with Partida Tequila but the mood to drink has vanished. The husband picked up a 6 pack and that pretty much sums up the evening. I will be lucky to stay awake until midnight probably.

But, rest assured if I fall asleep before 12, my husband knows he had better wake me up and give me a kiss to avoid a pouty face Sara in the morning.

Mommy You Are Magical

Sometimes when I look at my child and I think that giving him the chance to be a big brother would be wonderful, a gift in a sense. I feel the biological clock ticking and I want to race against the clock and have another child before I hit my 35th birthday.

Then there are times, that motherhood leaves me quaking in my shoes. Is there any way I could manage another one? My son runs me ragged day in and day out.

With that in mind, today I salute you Mothers of the world that do manage a house with multiple children in residence, that work, spend time with family, and find time to pack lunches.

Mom is a magical woman, she can get less sleep than anyone in the house, yet look lovely and fresh as a flower in the morning. Mom can multi task like no other. Mom can cook a nutritious and delicious dinner while helping with homework doing dishes and balancing the checkbook.

Mom can kiss a boo boo and make it better and chase away monsters from the closet at night. There is nothing like your mothers touch. To this day I still remember how safe I always felt with my mother and how she could make anything seem better.

Now that I am a mother, I remind myself constantly of the magic of Mama. When I feel frustrated that my son is hanging on my legs and insisting I stop whatever I am doing to sing the theme song to Dinosaur Train, I remember how my Mom interacted with me, and how awesome and amazing she was in my eyes at such a young age. I know these moments are fleeting. I must hold onto these moments as they pass. One day I will wake up, and find myself the mother of a teenager who is probably too busy for his Mama.

There have been times, when I am so content with my life with one child, that I feel it would be unfair to have another baby, when the one I have still needs my attention so much. This leads me to wonder, the Mothers with several children, is it hard on your child when you have a new baby? How do you find time to spend equal amounts of time with your children while still managing everything else you must do?

As always I am thankful that you spent time with me today. I would love to hear your input on having another baby and  how it impacted your child to have another baby, and how you manage your time effectively as a mother.

My Wonderful Walls Review and Giveaway

I have been in a rut lately. I look around my house and think blah the same old same old. It would be fantastic to breath new life into the place without a time consuming redecorating spree. With the weather turning colder, my son and I play in his room many days. It is the smallest room in our home and it is always nice and toasty in there. While his little play room is adorable and attractively decorated I have often thought it  would be nice to add a little something to his room.

When My Wonderful Walls offered to send an item to review, I nearly jumped for joy! This is exactly what we needed!

I was impressed with their selection. They offer wall decals, stencils, kids wall murals, wall stickers and canvas art. While many of the available items were really too cute for words, I hesitated to invest a lot of my time in this project. We know we will need to move within  a year or so.

After spending about an hour browsing the site and leaning towards several different options, such as the Dinosaur Days Wall Mural Stencil Kit and the Dinosaur Wall Stickers I found the perfect addition to the                                                         decor in my little boys room.

The Significant Submarine Canvas Wall Art was perfect for my sons room. While it might not match his cars theme it added a touch of unique flair and the visual appeal of this work of art is undeniably strong. I love that it is personalized with his name and he can enjoy it for years to come, no matter where our journey of life takes us.

My husband I were both impressed with the quality of the canvas wall art. It is a nice touch for a child's room. I would love to invest in several other canvas works for my son in the future.

If you are looking for a great last minute gift idea, consider giving the gift of a unique bedroom or nursery. My Wonderful Walls offers an impressive line of nursery murals.

One lucky reader is going to win a $100 gift certificate for My Wonderful Walls.
This giveaway begins on 12/23 and ends on 12/31.

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Cooking With Sara

I have a really easy recipe to share with you in this first installment of Cooking With Sara.

Today was one of those busy days where dinner didn't even enter my mind until 3 pm. I checked the kitchen to take stock of my supplies on hand and came up with this easy recipe that you will want to try.

I had a can of crescent rolls, Lipton Veggie Soup Mix, sour cream, fresh veggie medley and cheese that jumped out at me, so this is what I whipped up:
First I unrolled the crescent rolls and made them into a crust. I baked them at 350 for 14 minutes.

While they were baking I mixed the 16 ounce container of sour cream with an envelope of Lipton Veggie Mix. I placed this in the fridge to allow the flavors to blend while the crust baked and cooled.

When the crust was completely cool I took 3 baby food spoons of the sour cream mixture and spread it over the crust.

Then I chopped carrots, broccoli and cauliflower in a small food chopper thingy.

Then I spread the chopped veggies over the crust.
Then I used one handful, rough estimate of one and a half ounces of shredded cheese to sprinkle over the top. You could use more cheese or skip it all together.

And it is finished. I guess you could call it a Veggie Pizza. It was yummy, but I wish I had used more sour cream mix, as it was a touch dry in my opinion.

I hope you enjoy this really easy treat that made a great appetizer for our dinner tonight. 

Wax Vac Review

When I heard about the wax vac I really wanted to try it.  I am always looking for a quick and effective way to keep my ears clean. I was thrilled when the opportunity presented itself. I had high hopes that this would be one of those products that would be used and loved by the family.

When it arrived I was ready to be the guinea pig. I knew my ears were a little waxy. I placed the bottle of mineral oil in very warm water for 6 minutes and then I placed several drops in my right ear. I got comfy and allowed the oil to remain in my ear for 6 minutes. I then used the Wax Vac as directed. I felt like nothing was happening. I followed the directions as best I could but this thing flat out didn't work. In fact, it did the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do. It made the ear wax issue worse.

I thought maybe it was a fluke. Maybe I didn't do it right. I tried again. Using the mineral oil, which was as warm as I could stand it to be, I allowed it to stay in the ear a little longer, I tried the Wax Vac again. Again I had no results. I had to use a q tip to  get the oil out of my ear. This made the wax impact into my ear. I went thru an entire process to remove the impacted wax in my ear after 2 uses with this ineffective product. I won't give you details on removing impacted wax as I am not a medical professional, however I will suggest you look this up on the Mayo Clinic site.

This led me to try another test. I took a tiny little sliver of notebook paper, you know the little stuff that comes off after tearing a piece of paper from a notebook? The Wax Vac didn't have the suction to lift a 1/4 inch of notebook paper. The paper didn't budge, not even a tiny bit. If this thing doesn't have the suction to life a sliver of notebook paper how in the world can it effectively suction and remove ear wax?!

I hate to write a negative review. I almost didn't write this one, but I have hopes that my brutally honest feedback can help make this product better. I feel that the idea behind the wax vac is fabulous but... the unit I was supplied with simply didn't have any suction to it.I honestly feel that this is a dangerous and ineffective product. The light has been handy however. It made a great impromptu flashlight during a power outage. Simply put, while the product idea is great, the product doesn't work as it is supposed to.

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Perfect Day!

Today was maybe the best day I have ever had with my son. As I recall the day, it seems ordinary and much like most days in the life of Sweet Silly Sara. With a few exceptions.

More often than not, my day begins around 4 am, give or take a few moments. Today, was destined for greatness. My son and I stayed in bed, asleep until 7:12 this morning. I am instantly happy when I am well rested.

Rolfie and I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed. He has a cold, but he seemed to be feeling a little better. We skipped the standard milk and cereal breakfast and went with juice and eggs on a biscuit. Rolf loved the change in pace, and it is so much easier to slip the dogs eggs and biscuits, so the dogs were tickled pink. They love handouts. Rolf loves to share. Win-win.

We tackled the laundry that had piled up over the long weekend. I was in a turkey coma and had no interest in tending to the laundry, so I knew today was the day. It had to be done. Who knew folding laundry for an hour could be so fun? With Rolfie helping it was fun, we giggled, we played. It seemed like the laundry folded itself. 

We spent a great deal of our day doing artwork. In the later part of the morning, we drew with markers, we both were very colorful when Daddy came home for lunch. Then we moved into Rolf's room, which is basically a play room. We lounged in his bed reading stories, we played with puzzles while we were in there. 

Then we began Bean Art. I had a few bags of dried beans that begged to become art work. So we made a mess with glue and beans and got creative. It was really fun for both of us, and it relaxed me. I haven't felt so zen in a long time.

Finally, we snuggled on the sofa with the Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About Christmas. That is the perfect end to a perfect day. Rolfie fell asleep in my arms, but he woke up crying within minutes of me tucking him into our nice warm bed. So, I hopped in bed with him, stroked his hair and calmed him down. I have stayed at his side typing for about an hour now. I don't want to leave his side. I want to hold onto this day for as long as possible.

It has been wonderful to slow down, to enjoy the things I must do and to enjoy my son. I stay busy, cramming at least 19 hours into each day, every day. Maybe I need to prioritize and not set out intending to be Super Sara. Maybe I need to focus more on the Sweet Silly Sara within, and leave Seriously Sara behind more often. 

Teton Sports Celsius Jr Sleeping Bag Review

My husband loves the great outdoors. He is athletic and adventurous. He loves hiking, fishing, swimming and camping. I am an indoor girl. I appreciate the beauty of nature and I am not afraid to go out and get dirty from time to time, which makes things work well. I don't always want to tag along on Adam's great adventures, but I will go along when the timing is right.

When we found out we were going to be the proud parents of a little boy, my husband had a twinkle in his eye. He instantly started talking about taking him on a camping trip. When Rolf was 6 weeks old, my husband was ready to go camping... 

Well, as you will probably guess, the camping adventure didn't take place at that time. I have honestly been less than ready to send my little boy out to sleep under the stars. I know I tend to get a sore throat when I camp, and without a proper sleeping bag, I knew the same would happen to my son.

Teton Sports sent my son a Celsius Jr Sleeping Bag. This is a fantastic sleeping bag! I expected it to be much shorter than it is. It was in all honesty the ideal size for me to use. I am only 5'2" tall and I swim in the standard size sleeping bag.

My husband knows outdoor gear, and he was most impressed with the quality, function and portability of  this sleeping bag. It weighs about 2 and a half pounds, so it isn't too heavy for carrying to a campsite. The zipper is durable and easy for little hands to pull up and down. We loved the design of the sleeping bag, it has a very attractive pattern. My favorite feature is that you can unzip at the bottom for sticking your toes out if you get too toasty. This appeals to both my son and myself. Neither of us like to have our feet covered while we sleep.

This is a great sleeping bag for spring, summer and fall camping. It will keep your kid toasty and looking stylish in the process. We didn't get to test it out in the great outdoors, but we did have a semi-camp out in the living room. We popped up our play tent and tossed the sleeping bag inside for a nap. It was comfortable, warm and a super fun way to rest for my son.

You can buy this sleeping bag on Amazon, it would make a great Holiday gift for a little adventurer on your shopping list.

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"Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above in the hope that I would mention it
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally
and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance
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