Easy Paper Apple Craft

Every day, my little girls says, "Let's make a craft!" I love her enthusiasm and always encourage activities we can do together. On this particular day, we were anxious to get into some fall themed crafts, and we are always super excited to kick off fall with the harvesting of apples!

This craft was so incredibly fun! It was a bit of a challenge for my almost 4 year old, but we worked together to get it right.

You will need:
A square of heavy white paper {Ours was about 6'' x6''
A piece of green, red or yellow construction paper
School Glue
A tiny strip of brown paper for the stem

To begin we made thin strips of green paper that were 4 inches longer than the square of paper
Next we began folding those strips of green paper so we had 2 folded edges per strip
We glued these on the white paper
Working in a circle we kept gluing both sides of the strips on to the square, being careful to not disturb the other strips of paper
At the end, we added a tiny stem to the top.

We liked this apple craft because it was challenging, a good exercise in patience for both Harp and I. It was also really cute when it was finished! This was a fun craft to follow up with apple slices as a snack!

Easy Apple Tree Stained Glass Window

Cute and easy to make, this kids craft adds a pretty touch to any window, just like stained glass!

We love to craft with contact paper, it is so much fun to use in so many projects! But, one of my favorite uses for it is to make 'Stained Glass' or window decals! These are so cute!

With fall being on the way, our thoughts drift towards the apple orchard almost every weekend. We head out for the time together as a family, harvesting fruit, eating fresh donuts and playing outside. In anticipation of the fun fall weekends that are to come, we made these easy as pie Apple Tree Stained Glass projects.

You will need:
one square of transparent contact paper per decoration
assorted colors of tissue paper, we used green and yellow
one strip of brown construction paper

Lay your contact paper sticky side up
Place your brown paper on the sticky paper to form a trunk
Next cut small circles of yellow or red tissue paper for apples
Place the apple cut outs around the tree
Fill in the leaves using green tissue paper
Leave a few sticky places without paper to easily affix to the window for displaying.

Chicken Salad Recipes to Cluck For

I have been on a chicken salad kick lately. It is an easy lunch, it tastes great, and there are so many economical ways to make it! I guess it is easy to see why I am clucking for chicken salad these days!

I have found some awesome recipes that I can't wait to try, and I know you are going to love them too! I had no idea there were so many yummy ways to make this lunch time staple. I also have a few tips to help you make the best chicken salad!

  • Poached chicken breast is the best option for making chicken salad, but you can use a rotisserie or canned chicken if that makes it easier for you.
  • Allow your chicken to cool, no matter how you cook it! Wait until it is cool to add it to the other ingredients.
  • Cover your chicken salad tightly to keep it fresh while stored in the fridge.

Some of the best chicken salads I have ever made have been on a whim. Made by surveying what ingredients I have on hand and making them work for me. However, these all look superb and I will be modifying my shopping list to make these happen in my lunchtime future!

Which of these sounds best to you? I think they all sound perfectly devourable!