DIY Pumpkin Window Cling

We love to decorate for holidays and Halloween is no exception. This DIY idea makes fun window clings with simple ingredients for a one of a kind look this season!

The kids are excited about Halloween this year! As soon as they saw Halloween decor popping up in stores, they were ready to buy something! Seeing how cute they are, I couldn't deny them their wish. But, I did draw the line at 2 items. We placed a cute ghost on our door in mid-August...

Luckily, the fun of Halloween is still going strong here! The kids and I made some adorable window clings that I can't wait to share with you guys! Today we will go over how we made these cute and easy Pumpkin Window Clings!

You will need:
Transparent Contact Paper
Black, Orange and Green Construction Paper

Have the kids tear the orange paper into little strips and bits.

Then cut the pumpkins face out of the black paper. Tear whatever black remains into small bits and strips.

Peel the backing off of your contact paper and lay it sticky side up.

Place the face of the pumpkin on the sticky side of the paper.

 Next outline the shape of your pumpkin in orange.

Then fill the outline in with orange paper.

Next tear one small bit of green paper for a stem and add it to the top of the pumpkin. Begin to fill in the rest of the area with black paper.

Then you can stick this right to your window. The little areas that aren't covered with paper will adhere to the window, but not so much that it makes peeling it off a bother. You can reinforce the edges with tape if you need to or desire.

And there you have a really easy, fun and cheap way to make a window cling! My kids had a lot of fun with this idea and I think yours will too!

We loved this because it let Rolf practice his scissor skills. It was great fine motor for both of the kids and it had elements of sensory play too, with the sticky paper, the tearing of the paper and the visuals!

How Do You Know If You're Ready To Upsize?

Everyone remembers the day that they moved into their family home. They remember how every inch of wall space, every square foot of flooring and every sparkling window just seemed to gleam with promise. But that was then. Over the years (and especially when children come along), the home starts to experience what can generously be described as wear. The odd crack or chip might occur here and there, storage space appears to groan at the seams and what seemed to have the anatomy of a perfect family home suddenly feels cramped and shop soiled. In short, the house stops feeling like a home.


For some, the problem of an overcrowded home can be mitigated with some renovations. Attic Conversions and extensions can not only help to make the very best of the space you have while adding significantly to the value of your home. If, however, this just isn’t feasible, it may be prudent to consider upsizing to a bigger property to give your family the space it needs and deserves. Moving to a bigger property, however, has its caveats and risks that may not be justified in light of your family circumstances. That said, there are a many different reasons why it might be time for your family to upsize including...

A new addition to the family
Many find themselves considering upsizing if they have a baby on the way. If this is the case, however, it’s important to ask yourself honestly if you can cope with the stress, anxiety and physical activity of moving while in the family way. Of course, your family may be expanding in other ways. More and more people these days find themselves accommodating elderly parents or in-laws into their homes. A larger home may be necessary to give them the dignity and independence that they need.

You or your partner work from home

The rise of digital communications technology has facilitated the rise of the telecommuter with more and more people working remotely from home. This may seem perfect for new parents who struggle to marry their work commitments with the need to give their kids the care, love and support they need before they’re old enough to go to daycare or school.

Working from home is remarkably beneficial to busy parents but it has some caveats. In order to stay productive, telecommuters need to be able to compartmentalize their living space to separate ‘home’ from work’. Nobody wants to be changing diapers or hanging out laundry in the middle of a conference call. This may not be possible in your existing home, so upsizing to convert a dedicated room to a home office may be necessary to stay productive.

Whatever your reasons for upsizing, it’s important to go into the prospect of a move with your eyes wide open, and calculate the many costs. A bigger house will usually mean bigger financial commitments. Some may be obvious, some may be a little less so...

Measure your monthly commitments

Many people are frugal at the start of their career, but as their financial situation improves, it’s easy to become overconfident in their ability to handle the financial commitments involved when moving to a larger property.

Of course, the biggest of these considerations will be one’s mortgage. It’s important to know how much equity there remains on your existing property and how much of a deposit you can afford. A mortgage calculator is a useful tool to measure expected mortgage payments but the mortgage is just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s important to bear the costs of the move itself that may be incurred. These may include:

  • Conveyancing
  • Realtor’s fees
  • Agency fees
  • Mortgage arrangement feeds
  • Indemnity fees
  • Surveys and valuations
  • Broker’s fees

The little things all add up

Larger properties (especially those with large plots of land), will tend to be incur higher property taxes as well as costing more in utilities. Larger houses tend to use more water than their smaller counterparts size and cost a great deal more to heat or air condition according to the changes in season. Therefore, it’s a shrewd move to communicate with your realtor and try to glean an estimate of what you can expect these costs to be.

More than likely you’ll only be paying $10 extra here or $20 extra there, but these seemingly insignificant costs have a tendency to add up.


Remember that a bigger house will need more maintenance

If you’re the kind of person who gets squeamish at the thought of entire afternoons spent cleaning, gardening or carrying out household repairs then you should think twice before moving to a bigger home. If your hectic work schedule and familial commitments leave you little time to make your house beautiful and spotless you’ll be astonished at how quickly maintaining the place can spiral out of your control. If you find yourself needing to hire a cleaner on a regular basis, then this should certainly be factored into your monthly household budget.

Bear in mind that your new home could be harder to resell

Though only seasoned investors with portfolios tend to buy property with the market in mind, those who buy homes for their families should always at least consider the market when buying. Keep in mind that however well-informed your purchase may be, none of us can predict the long term whims and idiosyncrasies of the market. The last thing you want is to find yourself shovelling your wages into a money pit. Even if you plan to stay in your new home for decades or even the rest of your life, it’s important to at least consider the possibility that you might have to downsize or sell the property at some point.

Should you, heaven forbid, separate from your partner the pressure of needing to sell your former family home in a difficult market amidst a time of emotional distress, this can already exacerbate an already difficult situation. Moreover, if you or your partner should find yourself unexpectedly laid off from your job, or unable to work for health reasons, you may become reliant on your equity and need to access it quickly. This can prove challenging when you’re struggling to sell your property. While remortgaging, is an option, it will inevitably drive up your monthly payments which may not be conducive to your personal circumstances.

As long as you are well prepared and cognizant of the costs and complications, a move to a bigger new home can be an exciting step forward to your family.

Safe Home Cleaning and Top Features of a Maid Service

Safe Home Cleaning and Top Features of a Maid Service
Home cleaning safety may not usually by a major consideration when people start gathering their cleaning equipment and supplies but it should always be a top priority. You need to careful each day as you handle your household chores and keep everyone’s health and safety in mind.
Time Management
Avoid rushing because you are in a hurry or feeling tired. Thorough cleaning can be tiresome work but even if you are exhausted and get it over and one with, do not forget about safety. It is better to take a few breaks during cleaning and rest rather than taking unnecessary risks.
Moving Heavy Items
Move large furniture pieces and appliances carefully. When you need to lift something, use the proper technique by keeping your back in a straight position and using your legs to aid the lifting process. Wear shoes while you move heavy items around to avoid hurting your feet and toes. If an item is too heavy for you to life, ask for assistance.
Using a Ladder
When you are performing tasks such as washing windows that require you to climb or use a ladder, be extra cautious. Do not lean excessively on either side and maintain your balance in alignment with the ladder. Someone should be available to keep the ladder steady and stable as you work. Make sure the rungs of the ladder are dry before you step on them and wear appropriate shoes.
Wet Surfaces
Each time you clean it is important to be aware of how easily you can slip when the floor is wet. Ensure that the right precautions are in place to prevent you from falling. Other family members need to be informed that the floor is wet to ensure they are safe. Restrict children’s access to wet surfaces that they are likely to run on and slide.
Clearing Clutter
Cleaning is a great opportunity to get rid of clutter but you must make sure all the bags and boxes that you are moving around do not end up becoming a safety hazard. Place them away from walkways, stairs and steps.
Carrying Loads
During home cleaning you are likely to go up and down steps repeatedly while carrying things if there are stairs in your home. Keep one of your hands free for support on the railing. Regardless of whether or not you have stairs, always make sure your vision is not obstructed by the load that you carry.

Maid Services- Making Cleaning Easier
The commercial and residential cleaning industry continues to thrive as more people become aware of the benefits of a professional cleaning service for their premises. There are numerous cleaning services that you can choose from according to your budget and needs.
  • Be clear about your expectations and consider setting up a specialized or customized agreement that pertains to your cleaning requirements.
  • Provide feedback after the first cleaning visits. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions or make suggestions.
  • A maid service guarantees a clean and spotless house. They provide the best cleaning solutions and equipment so that clients do not have to worry about purchasing cleaning supplies.
  • Experts handle all the cleaning tasks and you can pay for the specific service you need.

6 Factors to Consider before Air Conditioning Purchase and Installation

6 Factors to Consider before Air Conditioning Purchase and Installation
Your old air conditioner has finally bitten the dust and it is time to purchase another one. What should you consider when making a selection to ensure that your home remains cool in the summer months? Staying cool is a primary consideration, but the energy costs should also be considered. Ideally, you want to have an air conditioner that cools your home and doesn’t significantly raise the cost of doing so. Here are some things to think about before making your next purchase:
Consider how big your home is – This is a critical factor because not all homes are the same. This means that not all air conditioners are ideal for you. If the unit you select is too small in comparison to the size of your home, then you can be sure that it will not effectively cool your space. However, if it is too big, then the cost of operation will be too high and you may end up dealing with unanticipated wear and tear costs. Be sure to find a company that is reputable and can help you find the perfect size of AC for your home.
Check the warranty – The cost of purchasing a new unit is huge, and that is why you should ensure proper air conditioning installation and that your unit comes with a warranty. Should something go wrong with the unit, you can get the services needed to ensure that it runs efficiently. It is important for you to read the warranty carefully so that you see whether it only covers certain parts or the entire unit.
How energy-efficient is it? Almost half of all your utility costs come from cooling and heating the home. You want to keep those costs low by finding an air conditioner that is energy efficient. To check just how energy efficient a unit is, check the SEER number. The more efficient the unit is, the higher the numbers.
Consider your budget – Although it is tempting to purchase the cheapest system in the market, it may not be a good idea. If you are looking for a unit that is highly efficient, chances are that it will cost more. The tradeoff though, is that their operational costs tend to be lower. By spending more on the purchase, you will likely be saving money in the long run.
Noise pollution –If the unit runs noisily, it could be very irritating and distracting if you are trying to study, watch TV or do something else that requires your concentration. Cheaper systems tend to be noisier, while the more expensive ones are quieter. In this case, spending more can make you more comfortable.
Installation and maintenance – Be sure to have the system installed by a professional, then carry out regular maintenance. Some of the maintenance you can do yourself, but you need a professional maintenance check at least once a year.
Ensure that the unit’s outside equipment is placed in an area that is free of foliage, dust and debris. Be sure to check it regularly and make sure that airflow is not restricted.

How Your Mattress Can Affect Your Sleep

How Your Mattress Can Affect Your Sleep
Most physicians suggest that we, average human beings, generally need to have a sleep of 8 to 10 hours. That means we spend one-third of our day as well as one-third of our life on our bed. Now, those 8 hours could be a blissful slumbering or could be a nightmare of tossing and turning and a drowsy exhausted morning. A huge part of your bedtime’s quality would depend on the mattress you are sleeping.
It’s also true that various other factors such as the temperature of the room, the amount of light and the angle it is projected on the bed and the noise level can heavily affect your sleeping. Even so, experts have found out that a good mattress could give you a seven to eight of hours of sound sleep easily.
Body support with proper alignment is paramount
According to studies, a body needs to have a proper support with perfect alignment to have a quality sleep and ache-less morning. Often sleepers who ignore this important point wake up with sores on their back. There is a good reason for that.

Many surveys suggest that a medium-firm mattress is the best of option for the majority of sleepers. Though, it is definitely a subjective issue. Certain people require their bed firmer or softer than others. But generally speaking, a too soft mattress doesn’t provide the essential proper support for the pressure points of your body. Thus, a sleeper with this type of mattress will have a tendency to wake up from sleep with back pains in the morning. Again, in case of a too firm mattress, sleeping can get pretty much uncomfortable to a nasty degree. Back pains are also common to those sleepers who own these types of mattresses. Thus, mattress comparisons are very important while shopping for your perfect medium-firm mattress. It’s best if you test the mattresses you choose for at least 20 minutes before you finalize anything.
Allergies and dust mites
You may not be aware of dust mites, a bunch of microscopic creatures that live with you. They feed on your dead skin cells which you shed naturally. You may be allergic to your old mattress and you are unaware that dust mites are the reason for your allergy. Dust mites and allergies can get between you and your sleep and disrupt the harmony of your life. Replacing your old mattress and buying a new one would be an excellent solution for this kind of problem. You also have to vacuum your mattress regularly to keep it mites free. Also, washing your pillow cover and bed sheets every week with hot water can also be very helpful.
Bedroom offices can be an unwise decision
Research has shown that those who are accustomed to working on their bed especially with their laptops (as well as their tablets and smart phones) are the one, who are more prone to have difficulties to fall asleep. The light and the dazzling glare emitted from your electronic device can be very disruptive to your brain’s sleeping mechanism. Thus, it will have a very detrimental effect on you and you sleeping time.

There will be a lot of signs that will tell you to immediately replace your mattress or at least reconsider to get a new one. Keep in mind that your sleep is crucial not just only to you but also to your family that you support. In the age we are living in, we have a lot of things to do and a very little time. But it’s essential for every one of us to get a sufficient amount of sleep to feel energetic in the next morning and to do our best. After all, each day brings a new beginning.

3 Vital Ways to Secure Your Children’s Future

3 Vital Ways to Secure Your Children’s Future

Nothing lasts forever in this world, so it is best to be prepared for what might happen next. As parents, it is your obligation to provide all the needs of your children. You need to ensure their future as well in case something unexpected happens. There is nothing wrong with this as long as it is for your children’s well-being.

Once you start a family, the welfare of your children should be a top priority. You need to be sure that they are secured at all times and they have all that they need in life. Everyone knows how tough it is to become a parent, but it is also rewarding. Nothing beats the fulfillment you feel when you see your children grow responsibly.

So, here are some ways on how you can assure your children’s future:

Invest in educational plans
Education is the best investment that you can give to your children. This will be their driving force to achieve all their dreams in life in the coming years. You have to make sure that you invest in educational plans and send them to quality schools. When you have these plans, your children’s education won’t be put at risk if things go unplanned. You can start by enrolling your kids in CBSE schools or globally known academic programs to give them quality education while they’re young.

Draft a last will and testament
Creating a last will and testament is becoming necessary these days. It is essential to draft one as early as now, in order for your kids to have a secured future. However, you have to draft one properly to avoid any disputes among your children. As parents, you have to divide your properties equally and ask for a legal expert’s assistance when creating one. Of course, the last thing you want to happen to your children is fight when you are no longer around. So, write a fair and proper will that won’t cause any problem in the future.

Assist your children in making connections
It is also important that you help your children build some connections in your community. This will make them feel belong and at the same time have other people to watch them over. You need to let them interact with other people, so that they can make friends and create relationships within your community. No one really knows when you are going to leave this world that is why you have to prepare your children by giving them a chance to have a strong support system.

Parents have plenty of duties and obligations to perform. Once you enter this crucial phase in your life, you have to get ready and do your best to become a good parent. The most important thing here is your children’s welfare no matter what happens. You might have difficulties along the way, but you have to keep in mind that everything will be worth it as long as you fulfill all your parental duties properly. Additionally, your children’s future should always be in your mind and do everything to secure it.

11 Apple Crafts to Make with the Kids

I can't help but get excited about the end of summer, because it means that fall is near! Trips to the orchard with the family; lots of action in the kitchen, the temps are finally cool enough for baking! And of course, the crafting with the kids! How could I not get excited for fall!?

This year I have 11 craft ideas for you that I know you will have fun making with your little ones!

Toilet Paper Roll Apple Stamp
Paper Plate Apple Craft
Caramel Apple Fall Craft
Apple Suncatchers
Take a Bite Out of Fall Craft
Apple Playdough
Button Apple Trees
Fruit Loop Fall Tree
Apple Tree Craft
Toilet Roll Apples
Stuffed Paper Apples

I love all of these ideas! I am hoping to make them all with the kids! We are planning to make these Apple Tree Window Clings again this year but we might make it a crafting marathon with these great ideas!

Popcorn Candle DIY

Fall is on the way and I am itching to decorate, bake and savor the cooler weather and the bounty of last of the season produce that I will scout out in the coming weeks! This year I want to keep my decorations for autumn simple and my costs at a minimum. I am gathering inspiration from nature to make my home feel warm, inviting and seasonal.

I have been experimenting with natural supplies to create stunning additions to my decor. This super simple candle holder is perfect for adding something naturally lovely to your home this fall on even the tightest budget!

All you need is a bag of popcorn kernels and a LED tealight and a clear glass candle holder.

Simply fill the candleholder with popcorn kernels then add a battery operated tea light!

I made a short facebook video to show you how lovely this is. I love the simple touch of natural beauty this easy project offers. You could also wrap a simple burlap ribbon around the candleholder also to add another sweet touch to the finished product.

Questions that Will Help You Pick the Best Life Coach

Questions that Will Help You Pick the Best Life Coach
Life coaching has always been one of the most important investments you can make in life. This is because the best coach will provide you with the framework and safe environment that you need to explore your fears and help manifest your dreams. You will be able to get over your fears and get the support you need to achieve a bigger and brighter future. Even so, you need to understand that coaching is unique to every person. To find the life coach that is perfect for you, you will need to answer the following questions.

What do you want to achieve?
The first thing you have to do before picking a life coach is to be clear on what you want to accomplish. You cannot just say that you want to achieve success. You need to pinpoint your trouble areas and know exactly what you need to be able to do at the end of the sessions. Your goal may be to achieve clarity around your set goals or to overcome a certain fear that is holding you back. It is only by being clear on your goals that you will be able to find the coach that will help you achieve exactly what you want.

What kind of life coach do you need?
Now that your goals are clear, you can go ahead and pick the right coach. The variety is huge. The coaches fall under such titles as nutritional coach, executive coach, spiritual guide, holistic coach, life coach or healer. There are coaches who focus on relationships, others on business, and others on life and so on. What you want to accomplish will help you pick the right transformational coach.

How much do you want to invest?
It costs money to work with a coach. The question you need to answer is how much you want to invest. To benefit from a coach, you need to invest emotional equity, time and money. The more committed you are, the more you will be able to accomplish. Before you start looking for a coach, you should know how much you want to spend and the amount of time that you have.

Customized or structured approach, which do you prefer?There are coaches that use detailed programs to guide you through whereas others use customized approaches. Both of these approaches work but the customized approach is more effective since it is tailored around the needs of an individual.

Do you have chemistry with the coach?
Prior to spending your hard earned cash, you need to make sure that you have a good rapport with the life coach. Do you like them? Do you feel comfortable working with them? Do you trust them? The best coach is the one you can be open with.

These questions will help you get off on the right foot in your search for a good coach. All in all, you will have to listen to your heart when making your choice. If you don’t like a coach, hiring him will most likely lead to regrets.