Strawberry Cheesecake Float

Strawberry Cheesecake has been a favorite treat for many years. I decided it would be fun to bring that decadent flavor to a refreshing drink, ice cream float style! The results? Completely mouth watering!!! Fresh fruit, luscious cheesecake, and smooth ice cream come together to create a completely gourmet ice cream float!

Ice Cream Floats are the perfect drink for summer. They can be as simple as a root beer float, or as gourmet as this Strawberry Cheesecake Float! While this one looks and tastes like a million bucks, it comes together in a few steps to create a luscious treat everyone will love.

This recipe is one you are going to want to bookmark or pin for later. The results are so decadent that you will want a second glass, guaranteed!

This is the perfect treat to make for a group of friends on a hot summer day. It is delicious, fancy and easy to make. Everyone loves a great ice cream float! This one is sure to become a favorite!

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Easy Butterfly Craft

This easy butterfly craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. It makes good use of common household items for a fun craft that really takes flight!

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Harper and I love to craft together! We try to make something every day. It is good for her development as a preschooler, and it is a great way to spend time together, expressing creativity.

This is one we came up with simple supplies that we had at home. I love crafts that don't need special supplies! This easy butterfly craft is a great example of gathering inspiration from the world around you.

To make this cute craft you will need:
A Paper Plate
Paint {We used Kwik Stix }
An empty toilet paper roll
2 squiggly eyes

Have your child cut the paper plate to become wings. Use scissors your child is comfortable with. They are never too young to develop scissor skills which are so super important when it comes time for school!

Next paint the toilet paper roll as a body. We used Kwik Stix because they are easy to handle and clean up. They are also super fast drying!

Paint the paper plate.

Glue the painted toilet paper roll in the center.

Add the eyes and paint on a small smile.

This was easy and fun to make with Harper. She liked getting to cut the wings and paint. I helped with the hearts at her request.

You might also enjoy this easy paper plate lion craft.

Family Fun at Kalahari Resorts and a New Water-Slide!

We have a unique situation in the summer, all 4 of us are home together, free from the responsibilities of work and school. Making the months of summer stretch into the kind of fun that turns into memories to cherish forever, takes some careful budgeting and planning.

Planning a visit to an Indoor Waterpark is one way to make a splash with the kids. Lucky for us, Sandusky is just a few miles north and we can hit up Kalahari Resorts for family vacations in OH. Kalahari is nothing short of amazing. There are so many things to do at Kalahari Resorts that the entire family will have an unforgettable time.

Being in the Midwest, we are too far from the ocean to make a comfortable drive to the beach. Kalahari offers the solution for my family hands down. Let me tell you why:

While Kalahari is famous for its awesome waterslides, they offer so much more! From mini golf to an adventurers club, an arcade and a spa, shopping, and dining to name a few of the options for family fun in one location.

That is so appealing to me as a mom, the last thing I want to do on any given day is head out to relax and end up running all over town! At Kalahari Resorts you get to the resort, check in and explore without the car. This results in relaxed parents and happy kids!

There is a new waterslide at the Sandusky location this year, so make sure you head over to learn all about it and all of the fun that awaits your family under one roof!

Make sure you check out the See Sara Go page to check out some of our other adventures.

Picking The Perfect Father's Day Gift

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Father’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s not just about appreciating the man who gave you the children in your life. It’s about helping your children to appreciate their father, and you can do this by helping them to choose the perfect gift for Daddy.
Whether you have little children or teenagers, you will likely be the biggest help when it comes to Father’s Day options. Choosing a present that is ‘just right’ isn’t easy, especially with all the other gift-giving events throughout the year. When you need a little help finding the right present, it’s always easier to go online and get some ideas, so check out our list of Father’s Day presents that will go down well in 2017:
  • Get crafty. DIY gifts are always appreciated from children because of the effort that goes into them. You get to help the little ones make something beautiful and they get to have fun. Dad can take the gift to work and proudly display it on his desk, even if it is a lopsided pottery pot! Crafts are a great idea for younger children, as they really feel a sense of pride for their creation, which rubs off on everyone around them.
  • For older children, looking for a gift can be difficult but they’ll know better what their dad likes and doesn’t like. A cross necklace or a personalised bracelet for the Dad who loves a little bling will always go down well, and older teenagers who have their own job will be able to afford the gift from their own pocket. These types of gifts are cherished as the effort put into them and affording them is huge, and that is recognised.
  • Watch Dad. See what he likes and what he loves. Ask him what he would like to have for his day and by watching him, you can really pick up on subtle clues about what would make him happy.
  • Gift cards are often a last resort gift for some, but this way, there is far more freedom for Dad to choose his own gift and know he didn’t pay for it. It can feel like an impersonal gift at times, but for the Dad who is difficult to buy for, it can be a relief!
  • Think about the gifts you have bought in the past that have been greatly appreciated. Was it a great suit or an experience day that brought that smile? Buying a similar gift isn’t a bad thing, in fact, if you know he’s enjoyed it before then you know he will again!
  • His hobbies should absolutely count when it comes to Father’s Day gifts, so go for gardening gifts, golf gifts and musical gifts if they’re what he loves the most. You can’t lose by choosing something he’s invested in!

Dad is a big part of your life, and the life of your children. A whole day dedicated to appreciating your Dad or the father of your children is a gift that cannot be wasted.