Technogel Anatomic Pillow Review

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As a pregnant woman, I have developed a strange relationship with sleep. I long for it, I chase it. I feel like I could sleep a few extra hours a night and I need a nap daily. In reality, when I fall asleep, I can't stay asleep. I toss, I turn, I am uncomfortable. I want to sleep on my belly. My pillow gets too hot, I don't have enough pillows, or I have too many pillows.

After several weeks of fighting to sleep well, I started shopping around for a new pillow. I realized that a pillow is an investment in myself. If I have a great pillow, a great nights sleep isn't far away. I had never given much thought to pillows before. I assumed that if it was soft it would do the trick. Then I got a lesson in Pillow Education when I learned about Technogel® Sleeping. Boy, I was all wrong about pillows!

Technogel® Pillows are different from something you might buy in a big box store on many levels. Please let me tell you a little bit about Technogel® Pillows.

Imagine sleeping on a gel filled pillow... what does it feel like? How is it different?Why is it better?

These pillows are different in many ways. A Technogel® Pillow molds to your unique form, the gel inside deforms in a 3D manner, meaning that pressure peaks are reduced and blood circulation improves. The pressure your body applies to the pillow is distributed evenly over the entire surface.

A Technogel® Pillow feels different than a foam or memory foam pillow, naturally as the material is not the same, but a Technogel® Pillow is really different in the sense that it keeps you cooler. The heat of your body is dispersed which results in a surface temperature of 3.5 degrees cooler than other pillows. Take my word on this, that is a huge difference. I used to wake up and flip or switch pillows several times a night when I was sleeping on a foam filled pillow.  In the several weeks I have been sleeping with a Technogel® Pillow I have not needed to wake up and flip or switch my pillow- not one time! Comfortable temperatures are crucial to sleep. The unique thermal properties of a Technogel® Pillow are amazing for a sleeping body, the ventilation provided by the open air channels of a Technogel® Pillow make sleeping better than ever.

I have heard that it is important to change your pillows every 18 months, due to the breakdown of material, and the manifestation of bacteria within a foam pillow. In reality, 18 months can seem like a long time to maintain a relationship with a pillow that loses shape or becomes flat. A Technogel® Pillow is free from the volatile agents that lead to disaggregation. This brand of pillows will not change with use. It doesn't get hard, it doesn't become flat, it doesn't get super soft. It remains true to form with nightly use.

I was curious. I bought a pillow at WalMart to begin using the same day that my Technogel® Anatomical Pillow arrived. I used the WalMart pillow for lounging on the sofa in the evening and my Technogel® remains in my bed. Within 3 weeks the WalMart pillow has lost its shape completely. It is as flat as a pancake. It has no support to it, no softness, just some stuffing that has no elasticity. I used this pillow no more than 2 hours a night for 3 weeks. My Technogel® Pillow is used for 5 hours a night at a minimum. How has it held up? It is exactly the same as it was the day I began to use it.

Now that you know a little bit about Technogel® Pillows, lets talk about what it has been like sleeping with this pillow.

I did my research. I read other reviews, I wanted to know what other people thought of their Technogel® pillow. I read some people saying it was hard to adjust to, but I have to state for the record, the first night I slept with this pillow, I slept better than I had in years. I felt like I was sleeping the sleep of angels. I loved that my pillow was cool, it was firm, yet soft. It was unlike any other pillow I had ever used. There was no period of adjustment for me.

I have slept better since I started using a Technogel® Anatomical Pillow. I don't wake up every hour anymore. I feel comfortable when I am laying down. I don't need 5 pillows anymore. Just my Technogel®.

My son co sleeps with me. He is 3, and he is smart! He insists that we share the pillow, he loves it too. Every morning I wake up face to face with my son, as he scoots over during the night and claims his spot on the Technogel® Anatomical Pillow. My dog also tries to steal this pillow from us at night, it is that comfortable that the spoiled dog feels that other pillows just don't live up to his need for comfort.

I had to sleep with a regular old bed pillow for a few nights last week. I was miserable. I woke up 3 mornings in a row with unbearable neck and back pain from using a standard pillow. I whimpered and whined as I longed for my Technogel® Anatomic Pillow. I am completely sold on this brand. The science of a good night sleep has influenced the design of the Technogel® line of products to such an extent that I would not hesitate to call the people behind this line of products the Sleep Masters.

While a Technogel® Pillow is going to cost you more than something you can grab at Target or WalMart, it is an investment in you, in your health, in your comfort level. You are worth the investment! You will feel better, sleep better and feel different when you wake up after using a Technogel® Pillow. To find a retailer near you visit the dealer locator. You owe it to yourself to learn more and consider upgrading your pillow for the ultimate sleep experience.

Sleep Redefined. What a perfect motto for this company!
To learn more please connect with Technogel.

Saturday #164

I am now one week overdue on this post, and I have #165 to write about as well. Life has seemed to be hectic and a little dramatic for me lately. My husband is off work until late August and he takes up a lot of my time, I have been working seven days a week, and I had my identity stolen so the week kind of got away from me.

On Saturday #164 my family headed out for a community event. We got a late start and within 30 minutes of arriving it started to rain, so we went home. After waiting the rain out we ran a few errands together and returned home to begin preparing for a visit from my Mother In Law.

Really the day was uneventful, we didn't do a lot of anything, and the day passed quickly, but I spent the day with my family.

The rest of the week was spent together as well.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy your family over the weekend and you made memories together.

Lorex Offers Peace of Mind and a Sweet Peek

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above in the hope that I would mention it
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally
and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance
with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the
Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

My husband and I kicked ourselves for maybe the first 2 years of Rolfie's life for not spending the extra money on a video baby monitor. When we went shopping for the nursery right before Rolf was born, we bought a decent monitor, but we quickly realized how much peace of mind we would have gained from being able to see our son while he was sleeping. Since the day that child came home from the hospital, until present day (he is 3 now), I have been a nervous nelly about my son. If he hasn't stirred, I go into check on him. At random moments I get the urge to go check on him... why didn't we buy the darned video monitor?!

With Harper on the way, we agreed that a video monitor was a necessity. I have to be able to see my child to rest easier. As Rolfie sleeps with us, we knew my constant getting up to check on Harper in the nursery would disturb everyone. 

When I got the chance to try out a Sweet Peek video baby monitor by Lorex, I was thrilled and relieved! I knew Rolf would sleep better with fewer interruptions from me, I will rest easier knowing all I need to do is grab the monitor and look in on my daughter and my husband will sleep better without me waking Rolfie who will in turn wake my husband.

Let me tell you about the Lorex Sweet Peek. This is a really cool baby monitor. 

First, the video camera part is lightweight and easy to use. Simply set it up where you want it, plug it in and you can see your children!

The receiver part is equally great. With the click of a button you can speak to your child if you need to. If the baby stirs, you can press the button and reassure your little one without needing to dash into the room. You can play lullabies for your baby by simply pressing a button. You can see what the temperature in the room is, and you can set the receiver to alert you if the room is too hot or too cold. Amazing right!

The video capabilities are quite good. I love that the Sweet Peek has night vision, a digital zoom and a long battery life (up to 8 hours).

This monitor has been really great. We have tested it with Rolfie and I like that I can relax in the evening with peace of mind that I can hear and see my child while he is sleeping. I love that I can speak to him and soothe him if he awakens and needs comforting, and that if he is restless I can play a lullaby for him to help him relax. I like that I don't need to buy batteries every week for the monitor as it comes with 2 adapters.

This is going to help me rest easier with Harper when she arrives this fall. The peace of mind the Sweet Peek offers is well worth the investment in this video baby monitor.

An added bonus of this unit is that I can see what my son is into when he goes into the bedroom, I no longer have to worry or chase him out of that room in the daytime, as I can press a button and say "Rolfie!" and watch him freeze. Thanks Sweet Peek! 

Connect with Lorex to learn more or to order.

Nuk Bottles, Pacifiers and Breast Pumps

Samples were received to facilitate this post.

I have serious baby mania now that I have seen my daughter Harper in 3d. A mad rush to start getting everything we will need for her has started. I am happy to write this review on several NUK brand products that we will be using for our lovely little girl.

I used NUK brand products with my son, Rolf. I wouldn't dream of using another brand of pacifier as we had such happy results with NUK. This time around I hope to use a lot of NUK brand bottles as well.

The first products I want to talk about are the NUK Advanced Orthodontic Bottles. These have the latest breakthrough in Orthodontic Nipples to promote healthy oral development. They have a soft zone tip, an anti colic air system, and a glass like shatterproof bottle. The necks of the bottles are wide, and they can hold upto 10 ounces of pumped breastmilk or formula. They are also visually appealing and support a combination of bottle and breast feeding.

Nuk Orthodontic Bottles are also a bottle we plan to use for Miss Harper. I like that the design promotes an easy latch with the extra wide base and that the hole placement helps with digestion. These also help reduce colic with the NUK air system, and they can hold 10 ounces as well.

We have already got a few packs of NUK pacifiers including NUK Natural Shape Orthodontic Pacifiers and NUK Advanced Orthodontic Pacifiers.  I love the design of them, including the little handle, which makes them super easy to attach a pacifier leash to, reducing the need to fetch and clean 'binky' as often as other brands without the little handle. My son always preferred the NUK brand of pacifier to every other we had tried with him, they must be easier to suck based upon the design.

Finally, I have a NUK Expressive Manual Breast Pump, as I plan to bottle feed mostly, while pumping milk in the first few months. Please don't judge me for my choice, I just know how busy life with kids can be and I want to do the best I can for Harper while still being an involved member of my family.  Breastfeeding may reduce the risk of breast cancer, so that is an important factor in my choice to express my milk and offer it into a bottle.

I like that the handle is ergonomic and this until is very easy to  clean and it is BPA free. The kit includes a container and a nipple in addition to the pump, which is great to have everything you need all in one box.

NUK offers many great products made for Mom and Baby. I would encourage you to check out the NUK line the next time you are shopping for your little one or a baby shower.

Connect with NUK to learn more:

Saturday #163

Saturday #163 was laid back for my family. We decided to take Rolfie on a picnic lunch at the reservoir. It was a nice way to enjoy lunch together and get in a little outdoor time. We strolled through a short stretch of woods and came upon a colony of abandoned cats, where someone leaves food and has constructed a shelter for them, of sorts. It was heartbreaking really to see so many cats left to survive in the woods.  One in particular has been tugging at my heartstrings ever since I saw her. She was a fluffy black and white girl, who was sweet and friendly. She playfully rolled around and let us pet her, she purred and rubbed all over our legs and my son was intrigued, he couldn't resist her and she liked him alot too. I have been pleading with my husband to go back and get her, she needs a family and a home. He is resisting, but I don't know for how long, as he has mentioned her several times since.

After lunch and our walk we came upon a community yard sale, I wasn't really in the mood to shop, but my son batted his eyelashes and talked us into buying him a school bus and a wizard.

We came home to play outdoors, I cooked a lovely meal and we dined on the deck. It was a slow paced day, but it was as close to perfect as a day could be.

I was very tired as I am still trying to get over being sick, so my husband entertained himself while I napped on the sofa after putting the little one to bed. I must have needed the rest as I slept the evening away.

Saturdays seem to come so quickly. I love that we have spent them together as a family over the past few months, trying to do something together. I hope that you had the chance to spend time with your family over the weekend.

A Love Story

I met my husband in 1998. I fell head over heels for him instantly, but I felt shy around him. I was also very worried about him rejecting me. He was a friend of my brother, and I thought that I might become the butt of a few jokes if I admitted just how much I liked him.

A few months after I met Adam, a mutual friend of ours got married. I had to work and could not attend the wedding. I worked my shift and went out with another friend that night. The next day, another friend that Adam and I shared called me and said "Adam asked me like 4 times what time you got off work last night." I blushed. I very casually said "Oh, yeah?" He said "Oh, yeah, he was fairly drunk at the reception and begged me to drive him to meet you after your shift, but I was too drunk to drive too."

The next time I saw Adam, he showed no signs of being interested in me, so I figured the friend was lying to me. Time passed, and I had started to give up hope that this really cute guy would ever ask me out. 

One evening a friend was pressuring me to go out on a date with a friend of a friend who had asked me out. In a moment of frustration I blurted out "But, I would have to kiss him goodnight... and he is not Adam, so I couldn't do it." Jaws dropped, eyes got round, and my friends were all blown away. "Adam? Really?!" One friend exclaimed. I solemnly nodded my head. After the cat was out of the bag, there was no keeping it a secret among friends. Everyone, including Adam, knew how I felt within a matter of hours.

Over the next few months we began to see each other casually. In all honesty, we were sneaking around to see each other, we didn't want it to become some huge deal and I am the type to keep my love life private. But during those few months, we fell in love with each other and eventually we were inseparable.

It took us many years, in fact, we lived together for 10 years, before we got engaged. I don't know why we waited so long, as we were very committed to one another, but we did. Adam proposed to me on Valentine's Day, 2009. I eagerly said yes and we were happier than we had ever been. We got married 4 months later.

We had no desire to have a big wedding, we quietly said our vows in private, at the courthouse, with strangers as our witnesses. We couldn't have been happier with the way it all worked out. I look back on that day, and I can't help but smile. It was perfect. 

We found out we were going to be parents about 10 weeks later. Our son Rolf was born just about one month before our first wedding anniversary.

In the past few years Adam and I have seen our share of highs and lows. We have had great times together, we have experienced life in many ways, we have faced dark days. We have been in positions of really thinking our marriage was over. Only to wake up the next week to find it is only beginning.

My husband is not a hopeless romantic. He doesn't sweep me off my feet with romantic gestures, love poems or even flowers. But he does take my breath away frequently...usually from laughing so hard. We do have a good time together, when we find the time, we very much enjoy one another. I know he can be a grouch, and he knows that sometimes I transform from Sweet Silly Sara to Seriously Not So Sweet Sara... but we take it in stride. I think we enjoy knowing that no one is perfect... including each other.

I wouldn't change him, or our life together, for anything. Sure I gripe about him from time to time, and he gripes about me, but when the day is done, we come home to each other and feel thankful that we get to do it all over again the next day. In my opinion, having the chance to experience life on a day by day basis, to learn from mistakes and try to do better the next day is one of the greatest gifts that God gives us.

Our Love Story isn't made for TV perfect, it isn't really even traditional, but neither are we... but we are perfect for each other, in our own crazy way.

I don't know what the next 4 years will hold for us, but I can't imagine facing anything with anyone else at my side. 

Happy Anniversary Adam, by best friend, the father of my children, the funniest guy I have ever known. 


Saturday #162

On Saturday #162 I was not feeling well. I got up with Rolfie but ended up going back to bed, where I shocked my family by sleeping until a few minutes after 1 in the afternoon. I don't think I have slept that late since I was much younger... like maybe 22 and frequenting bars on weekend evenings.

When I got up, I was disoriented, I was exhausted and I sat down and cried. Finally my husband convinced me to get up, get dressed and get out and about with them. We drove around for an hour, stopping at yard sales, but I didn't even get out of the car at most of the ones we stopped at.

We dropped off our recycling, and made a trip to Lowe Volk Park, where we visited the Nature Center briefly, I had to look at their turtles again, then we walked one of the trails. The exercise and fresh air made me feel a little bit better.

We stopped by a little Dairy Bar on our way home so I could get an orange slushy with ice cream mixed in, then came home to cook dinner, do a quick clean up and before I knew it, it was time for Rolfie to have a bath and go to bed.

I spent the rest of the evening lounging on the sofa watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, which I recently discovered and find to be hilarious.

I called it an early night, crawling into bed to read for a few minutes.

This morning I woke up early, got ready and headed out with my family to go to breakfast at Bob Evan's where we met my cousins, Ross, Susie and Riley along with Susie's Dad. It was so nice to have family in the next town over and be able to visit with Susie, who truth be told is  my favorite cousin by marriage.

Rolfie of course was Rolfie, and hid under the table the entire time, refusing to eat. Gotta love that boy!

We came home so I could get a little work accomplished, and now I am enjoying the sunlight on my face while the boys are playing in the yard.

It was a very slow paced weekend, but it was about as nice as could be.

Saturday #161

Saturday #161... Where does the time go?

Rolfie and I slept in a little later than normal, and we felt refreshed! We both needed the rest as we have been sick for nearly a week with a cold. I always feel bad when I sleep in, as my schedule gets out of whack. Instead of rushing around to make up for 2 hours of downtime, this week I embraced it. I played with Rolfie and watched cartoons for a while. Then instead of the mad dash to get the house clean, I worked for awhile, cause Mama gotta work to get paid. My husband got up about an hour later and we decided to get out in the world and attend a reenactment at Lowe Volk about Colonel Crawford.

The reenactment was decent for it being a local event. It was short, but we enjoyed getting out in the woods, and my son was interested in the guys dressed up like soldiers and Indians. He also found some girls to flirt with, so he was a happy camper. He was also wise to hold my hands over his ears, as the gunshots were quite loud.

We walked around the displays for a bit and looked at what everyone had to offer, then we headed in the nature center, where he was happy to play in the kids section while I checked out their collection of turtles. My husband groaned when he saw me holding a box turtle. He thought it might inspire waves of sadness in me, as I am still missing my Fernando deeply.

As I held one boy turtle for a few minutes and looked at his red eyes, and admired the markings on his shell, I felt... nothing. No wave of longing or sadness. I put him back in his tank and walked away. My husband said "Did it bother you? Did you think of Nando?"

I shrugged my shoulders and said "Oh, he was a nice looking turtle, don't get me wrong, but no. I felt nothing." My turtle was so different, he would have come right out of his shell, and stretched his neck out to interact with me, but this turtle didn't do that. He was also not as handsome as my Nando. It made me realize that while I do love turtles in all shapes and sizes, not every turtle I encounter is going to break my heart.

We went on home for a bit, and decided to run into the city to pick up a few things we needed for the week, as I do not plan on going back into Mansfield until Friday.

We came home to eat dinner and play with the dogs for a while. Rolf went to bed early, but all in all we could tell he was feeling a lot better. He ate real food, coughed very little and found the energy to cause trouble. A sure sign he is getting better!

After we tucked the little one in, we settled down on the couch to watch a movie, which I wasn't feeling, so I got out a book and read on the couch next to my husband while he kindly rubbed my feet and legs. He finished the movie and was feeling cuddly, and I didn't object. I am always up for being massaged and cuddled. Being pregnant has its perks, especially with your husband, when he wants nothing more than to make you feel nice and comfy.

Saturday #161 was busy, but laid back. I enjoyed spending the time with my family, and I enjoyed the quite time with my husband very much. We are looking forward to this week a lot. Not only do I have an ultrasound this week, but it is his last week at work for the summer and we will have a lot more time to spend together as a family.

We have no real plans for the summer, other than a visit with my parents in June, a trip back home for a 4th of July event, and maybe some backyard camping. The prospect of months of downtime sounds so nice.

I hope you found time to enjoy the people you love this weekend too!