10 Ways to Serve Pizza on New Years Eve

My family loves pizza! My kids would eat it at every meal if given the option, I mean really! Who doesn't like it!? On New Years Eve we usually stay home and eat something fantastic, play a few board games and listen to music with the kids. After they call it a night, Mr. Sweet Silly Sara and I may have a few drinks.

This year, we are going to make pizza with the kids because Roo really loves to help cook! I found 10 Ways to Serve Pizza on New Years Eve that are bound to be a hit with my family not only on the big night, but all year long! I hope you find a few you love too!

Taco Pizza
Crock Pot Pizza
Easy Mexican Pizza
Flaky Biscuit Pizza
Savory Blueberry Pizza
Honey Terrayaki Chicken Pizza
Pizza Dippers
Easy Pizza Casserole
Pizza Pasta Bake
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Which of these pizza recipes sounds best in your opinion? We love the Savory Blueberry Pizza and the Pizza Dippers are sure to be a hit with my kids! If you have a favorite pizza recipe, tell me about it in a comment!

My Life Flashed Before My Eyes, Via the Wardrobe I Could Never Let Go Of

Today was weird and more depressing than I care to admit. I have finally found the will to let go of an attic full of stuff. Clothes I will never wear again, 2 years worth of baby clothes and toys, weird things I forgot about, like an extra microwave. Jewelry I made as a hobby very briefly, books that weren't worthy of bookshelf space.

As we cleared out the attic today and I watched my life flash before my eyes via the wardrobe I could never let go of, it was sad. I don't know why but the clothes I held on to really got me down in the dumps. My mind keeps going back to a few articles of clothing I will never wear again. My black Ralph Lauren long sleeve that looked so cute with a pink Ralph Lauren cardigan. My cream colored NY&Co Cardigan. My Columbia hiking pants. Old t shirts from when I was a waitress.


My heart feels lighter now, this stuff is all going away. I always feel liberated when I part with the material things that hold me down. When I was carefree and younger I wouldn't own anything that I felt would own me in the end. I wanted to know I was free to leave at any time, to go anywhere, without the burden of possessions. Now, I have a house full of stuff holding me down.

Funny how that works out over time.

Getting my life and space in order is an ongoing goal of mine. I have been parting with old clothes, discarding old magazines, creating solutions to keep things orderly. The attic purge was a very big step!

An update on this 3 +year old post.

I have found that by finally saying "Goodbye..." to a pair of Coach pumps that I will never wear again thanks to a broken foot a while back is actually a really good thing. Letting go of this stuff gave me a chance to start over fresh, to adopt a new style. I am wearing new styles, trying new colors and I think I look better dressed than ever. Having old favorites stashed in the attic is like hanging on to the ghost of your fashion past.

Surviving The Diapering Stage


Parenthood is not an easy task to undertake! There are so many late nights, early mornings, temper tantrums, unexpected messes and out of the blue happenings that even the most patient person may show signs of cracking under the pressure on any given day!

The Diapering Stage contains many challenges that can make parents want to cry after a long day/week/month. In all honesty, I think I cried every day for 6 months when Roo was in diapers. Now that Harper is in the diapering stage, I have discovered a few tips and tricks that have helped me to stay sane. I can't wait to share them with you!

  1. A good night's sleep is essential to the entire family! When we are exhausted and the kids are cranky, a full day of changing diapers can seem extremely daunting. If you are not at the sleeping through the night stage, make sure to take time to rest! 
  2. Eat a well-balanced diet. This is true for the entire family too! Trust me on this one... children cannot survive on Crackers alone! Nutritious foods for parents will fuel them for a full day of changing diapers! A well-balanced diet for children helps to keep the diapers surprises at a minimum. But, sorry parents, there will always be a few surprises in there!
  3. Invest in quality diapers for baby. Again, a lesson I learned along the way. We have tried every diaper on the market literally. The best advice I can give anyone is, buy the good diapers! We use Huggies Little Snugglers. These keep leaks in, keep baby fresh and dry and are gentle on sensitive baby skin. 
  4. When your little mover discovers how to remove a soiled diaper as soon as it is dirty {Argh! Yes this happens at the worst times, such as when a delivery is made to the house...} it might be time to pull out my super mom trick- put the diaper on BACKWARDS! This will stump your little sweetie for a few weeks and save you from some serious mess making!
Let me tell you a little more about Huggies Little Snugglers:

Comfy outer cover and quilted, flexible inner pad

Characters make changing time fun for your little one

Sizes: Newborn, 1, 2 and 3


Proven leak protection

Get gentle care with the proven leakage protection of the HUGGIES® Leak Lock® System.
Added comfort for newborns

Newborn size has an umbilical cord cut-out, perfectly shaped to gently protect your little one's belly button as it heals .

Wetness Indicator

Wetness indicator helps you know quickly as wet diaper indicator will changing colors when wet.
Comfort for baby

Diaper has softness inside and out, with a breathable, comfy outer cover and quilted, flexible inner pad. Specially shaped to gently fit little legs — even when they haven’t uncurled yet.
Adorable Designs

New soft graphics with Winnie the Pooh and friends. These delightful characters make changing time fun for your little one. The charismatic cartoons help your little one stay comfortable and excited about diapering and potty training.

Only Huggies® diapers have a stretchy SnugFit Waistband to help our diapers stay in place like no other diaper. The unique contoured shape provides a comfortable fit and stays in place as babies move and play.
Now even more absorbent with new and improved LEAK LOCK®—the protection and security you both need between changes.

DryTouch® liner
Part of the new Moving Baby System*, the new DryTouch® liner absorbs on contact, so your baby stays dry throughout all of their little adventures.

We always grab out Huggies Little Snugglers at Sam's Club.  The best benefits of being a Sam’s Club member include free shipping on Diapers/Wipes, Club Pick up and Subscription! 

What advice would you give a parent in the diapering stage for survival? We can't wait to hear from you.

Getting it Done with the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14

Thanks to my friends at Acer for inspiring today's post with a sample!

As a stay at home mom by day and a work from home business owner by night, I rely on a great computer to help me stay in touch with friends, family and clients. I use my laptop as a communication tool, a source of entertainment and to my laptop provides the platform for my livelihood. 

Recently, I hooked up with the people at Acer to try out the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14. I had not used the Windows operating system in many years, so I was more than intrigued to see the computer in action. Let me tell you a little more about  The Aspire One Cloudbook 14. It features a 14-inch HD display, Intel Celeron processor and 32GB of internal storage.  It also provides up to 14 hours of battery life and weighs just 3.5 pounds and runs Windows 10.
The computer display was the first thing that caught my eye. I love generous size of the screen. It is perfect for streaming Netflix. It is incredible for me to use when I am working on a design or editing images. The clarity of the screen is fantastic. Really fantastic!

The best feature? The one I cannot get enough of? Cortana! Yes, the  The Aspire One Cloudbook 14 allows you to talk to Cortana with the click of the mouse! This is awesome, amazing, fun and completely stole my heart.

If you are not familiar with Cortana, she is like the other notorious assistant but so much better! Cortana on my Cloudbook makes the experience of using the device incredible. She will answer questions, open files, look things up online for you and so much more.

While the Cloudbook features all of these great things like an HD display, Cortana and Windows 10, there is one thing it does not feature... and that is a hefty price tag! Retailing for $199 at Walmart, this is a great option for school, work or fun! It makes a great first computer for your middle school students. It is also a great option for someone like me, that relies on a great computer for many parts of life.

I found the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook to be user-friendly. It is my go to computer for traveling and for using with my Silhouette portrait as well as for working and watching streaming videos. If you are looking for a great computer at an affordable price, I recommend this one. I have been very happy with my Acer One Cloudbook with Cortana and I think you will be too! I am getting things done with my Acer Aspire One Cloudbook! Connect with Acer to learn more.

Christmas Tree Inspired Snacks

We have been having tons of fun with all things Christmas Trees! We are decorating ours daily... you know how it is when you have little ones! We are drawing trees, decorating paper ones with stickers and reading books about Christmas trees too! {Biggest Christmas Tree Ever!}

With all of the buzz in my house about Christmas Trees, I thought I should find a few snack ideas for the kids to keep the fun of the beautiful Christmas tree going for them! I found 4 ideas for sweet treats that would make them very happy. Let's be honest. We are friends here. These are sweet so I am down as well!

Christmas Tree Brownies decorated with Buttercream Frosting
Healthy Christmas Tree Snack
Christmas Tree Cupcakes
Christmas Tree Brownies

I think my son Roo would most like the Christmas Tree Cupcakes. He loves icing! Harper and I would love the brownies, they both sound and look great! 

Do you have a favorite Christmas tree inspired snack? I would love to hear about it!

Wondering how to keep your health in check always?

Sometimes, it’s not all about how fit you are. Sometimes all that will matter is whether you are healthy or not. For as long as you are healthy, you will always be fit. It will be in your capacity to ensure that you are fit. Your health is what you should care about at all times. It is what you should always work towards to ensure that you are in good condition.
When it comes to your health, it is important that you pay keen attention to your body. In as much as some of the signs and symptoms may not be clear enough, it is important to always be in the know. You need to learn how to read the signs and know how to respond to different reactions by your body. You need to take good care of yourself.
You cannot ignore or rather overlook your health condition yet still hope to keep your health in check. One comes with the other. In case you have been wondering just how to keep your health in check, here are some of the ways through which you can ensure your health is always in check:
Practice hygiene
Sometimes all it takes for one to develop an illness is a dirty environment. Sometimes you just need to clean up your room and ensure what you eat is clean enough. This may sound so basic but it will do you good; keep your hands clean. Maintaining good hygiene is crucial for both medical and social reasons. I mean, who would want to sit with someone who is all stinky?
Aside from health, maintaining good hygiene will also have an impact on how people will view you; the picture that you will be putting across for people to see.
Regular checkups with the doctors
Most people consider this a waste of money. For you, count it as a wise step; it gets you a step closer to perfect health. It is only with the doctor that you will get to know what you are ailing from. Sometimes, you may be suffering from a certain disease that you may not know about.
You must have heard of different cases whereby someone passes on then later on it is discovered that the person was suffering from a certain illness. You can avoid such situations by going for regular checkups at the doctor’s place. You need not be ailing from anything; it is just good to be sure. Awareness and cure should be the driving force for you to go for regular checkups.
Make yourself happy
Sometimes it’s not all about what people think; it’s not all about pleasing other people. Sometimes you just need to focus on yourself and do what makes you happy. Some illnesses crop out of one’s owns will. It could be that you are stressing yourself or worrying too much, which should not be the case.
You need to ensure that you lead a happy life as well and save yourself the hospital troubles.
Hillary Miles is a 31-year-old gentleman who is a health and fitness fanatic. She says that awareness and cure is one of the ways through which you can ensure good health. Hillary is also an artist so during her free time, you will find her painting.

Military Spouses; Secure Your Financial Future Today

During the recent election cycle, there’s been a lot of talk about veterans, their families, and how they’re treated by the government and the Veteran’s Administration once they get home from combat and try to get on with their civilian lives. It’s good that the plight of military veterans has finally made the news because military families are suffering. There might be many health and retirement benefits that come with being in the army, navy, airforce, or marines, but there are also a lot of problems, especially for female spouses left at home. According to a study by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, more than 90 percent of wives said that they were either underemployed at home, or they were overqualified for the jobs that they were doing. What’s more, once veterans get home, thanks to a life in the military, they earn 38 percent less than their civilian counterparts in regular jobs.

According to Michael J Meese, the chief operating officer of American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association, a charitable organization that offers financial and insurance services to military personnel, many civilians find it difficult to understand some of the difficulties facing the families of veterans. Many people think that because military families get a steady government paycheck every month that they are financially secure. But in reality, with so much time in the field, many military families don’t get the chance to think about how to best spend their money. Most veterans are away from traditional sources of financial advice, like other family members, for extended periods of time, Meese says, and this means that they don’t always have the help of families to decide what is worth buying and what isn’t.

Then there’s the problem of having to move all the time. It is difficult for spouses of military personnel to develop their own amazing careers because life attached to the military is so demanding. Spouses regularly have to move close to military bases where there aren’t always opportunities for gainful employment. According to data from the Institute for Veterans study, even spouses with PhDs found it hard to find work, with employment in that category running at a whopping 16 percent.

It’s worth pointing out that once one spouse is deployed in operations, it’s up to the other to manage all the finances by themselves, including making all the necessary payments on time. Often, this responsibility falls to the wife, who has to suddenly work out how to manage a massive boost in their monthly income. The responsibility of running the home, including looking after the kids, falls on the spouse who is left at home.

In the past, this stress, as well as the fact that one spouse is always on active duty, has led to a spate of military bankruptcies. But thanks to modern financial support and better information, this sort of thing is a lot less common.

Be Financially Smart

Part of being financially smart is creating a budget building credit when installment loans online present themselves, and saving for the future. It’s a good idea to be skeptical when you see offers that are too good to be true, like offers things like mortgages, car repayments deals, and credit cards. And it’s worthwhile keeping tabs on exactly how your stress levels are affecting your spending habits. You don’t want to become dependent on retail therapy.

Build Up A Rainy Day Fund

Young military families tend to suffer most when they find themselves living on the edge, always relying on the next paycheck to meet their financial obligations. One way to make life a little less stressful and to achieve financial security is to build up a rainy day fund, a fund that you can use when some major expense you didn’t expect pops up. Random expenses, like buying a new refrigerator, traveling across the country or responding to a family emergency come up a lot more than you would expect. Military families only need to save around 1/12th of their monthly incomes for three years, according to the Huffington Post, to build up enough savings to fill a 6-month emergency fund.

Make Salary Increases Work For Long Term Goals

With a spouse as a serving member of the military, you’re entitled to benefit from annual cost-of-living increases as well as increased pay for long service and promotions. But this extra money shouldn’t go towards funding a lavish lifestyle  - at least, not yet. Instead, it should be put into achieving your long term goals. It’s worth discussing with your partner, therefore, exactly what those long-term goals are. It could be things like buying your own home, paying for college tuition or leaving the military and starting a career in some other field. If you put at least half of all the raises that you get into long-term savings, then you’ll reach your financial goals rapidly.

Protect Your Family For Less With Military Associations

Newspapers and magazines devote a lot of page space to stories about how dangerous it is to work in the construction or the manufacturing sector. But they regularly neglect to talk about how dangerous it is to work in the military too. Because work in the military is so dangerous, it’s a good idea to get life cover from organizations like the Servicemembers Group Life Insurance. Currently, this pays out $400,000, and the Death Gratuity pays an additional $100,000.

For some families, however, this might not be enough. So it’s worth checking with tools, like life insurance calculators, to see whether you are in need of additional coverage. Some non-profit organizations do provide extra cover for families that are concerned.

Make Use Of “Special Pay”

The military knows that its troops take enormous risks, every day that they are on active operations. So it’s only right that the army compensates soldiers for the time when the put their lives on the line to protect their country. Combat zone pay, as well as certain tax exemptions, can help build up the extra funds needed to establish your financial security and boost your long-term savings. Extra pay can also help with moving expenses, especially when you want the family to be near to where you’re working if you’re overseas. Also, look for opportunities to sell unwanted stuff for extra cash and live with relatives rent-free while your other half is out on active duty,

Look For Savings Around The House

Once a spouse is on active duty, it’s the job of the other to make sure that costs at home are kept to a minimum. One good idea is to get a phone contract that you can pause while they are away and resume when they return. Another idea is to sell the second car, while they’re not using it. You can also do things like move into a smaller house, as well as find an apartment with lower rent while there aren’t so many people at home.

Find Support

Life for military spouses can be tough emotionally, never knowing what might happen to the person you love in a combat zone. The good news is that there is not plenty of free support on offer through the internet. Things like Spouse Link, Veterans United, and this website are great resources for those who need support.

It’s also possible to get financial support through the US Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes program, where you can make use of their career advice, as well as child care resources.

Find A Transition Career

Thanks to the internet and the incredible development of communication technologies over recent years, getting a career that allows you to travel all over the globe has never been easier. Military spouses are finding opportunities in things like virtual assistant services, copywriting, web development and a host of other transferable skills.

Recently, Michelle Obama launched her Joining Forces initiative, designed to help boost military spouse employment. The goal of the project is to make it easier for wives to find jobs in a range of high paying industries so that they can boost their personal incomes while staying mobile while their husbands are out in the field. At the moment, the initiative is focusing on areas such as health, education, medicine, and information technology. It’s also looking into skills that are ideal for jobs where spouses can telecommute to work, doing their jobs over the internet in their own time. There are now a bunch of job boards available that list flexible jobs, including sites like FlexJobs.

Take Advantage Of Resources

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that there are a bunch of financial resources available to military personnel. Every military service in the country has its own “Relief Society” - an organization that provides financial assistance to those who are in need. If you are on a military base, you should also be able to find a counselor trained in dealing with problems that military families often face, like staying out of debt. Then there’s also the Department of Defense Military OneSource, which is a resource that helps military families plan their tax affairs.

The Nice List: The Complete Series of The Wonder Years

I received a review copy of this product to facilitate this post.

Do you have ever have a TV and Chill Night at your house? I am totally not embarrassed to admit, this is what my husband and I do once the kids are in bed more often than not. We take turns on what we watch. One night a week, we catch up with the show we both watch, one night a week we watch a movie, one night we watch his choice. One night a week, my favorite night of the week; is all about my favorite series from childhood, The Wonder Years.

It is funny, but as a kid, I had the biggest crush on Kevin Arnold {Fred Savage}. Now that I am a mom, I have more of a crush on his dad, the grumpy Jack Arnold. My husband and I laugh about this often, because I lovingly joke that Mr. Arnold is as grumpy as my hubby and it must be familiarity!

Now, you know my secret. I am a Wonder Years Addict, who has crushed on both son and father. Imagine my delight when I got the complete series of my longtime fave on dvd! Yeah, rock on! This means I have my hour of her choice tv planned out for like 6 months!

This is one of the coolest complete series out there. The packaging alone makes it something you want to buy! It comes in a little replica locker like the one Kevin Arnold used. The dvds come in 2 fantastic binder style cases, just like Kevin used in the show! The fun doesn't stop there. The locker includes awesome magnets and the famed Yearbook!

When I opened the locker I literally squealed with delight! This is the PERFECT gift for anyone that loves old tv shows! It offers 6 seasons worth of one of the best television shows ever made in my humble opinion. Watching takes me back to when life was a lot simpler, friendships were solid, and television shows had a point to them!

If you need a great gift for a Wonder Years fan on your Nice List, you cannot go wrong with this complete series! To learn more or purchase connect with

Give the Gift of Less Stress

There are a few people on my shopping list that could use a little less stress and a chance to relax and have some fun too! While a holiday in the sun might take care of those needs, my budget wouldn't allow for me to give the gift of a cruise or tropical getaway. Luckily, there is still a great gift that I can give to the people on my Nice List that need a break!

In fact, there are 11 options for this gift that are sure to delight the recipients of my gifts! Let me tell you a little more about adult coloring books and the 11 that are topping my gifts to give list in 2015.

Tangled Treasures Coloring Book by Jane Monk - The soothing flow of tangling plus the meditative action of coloring makes this book a treat.

100 Things to Draw with a Triangle by Sarah Walsh - Think of all the possibilities! Stars, snowflakes, trees, gifts and more! Doodle your way to holiday spirit with Sara Walsh (Just Add Color: Circus, Day of the Dead, Carnival).

Doodling for Tree Huggers and Nature Lovers by Gemma Correll - Doodling is for everyone, and we mean everyone! Know a nature lover? This sassy draw-in journal is great for those who get creative in the great wide open.

Change Your Life One Doodle at a Time by Salli S. Swindell - Change is excitement. Change is surprise. Change is progress. Change is the thrill that comes from something new. Making small changes through this doodle journal can help you become happier and more confident. 

Color Me Stress-Free Color Me Calm by Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter - These books examine the benefits of putting pencil (or crayon, marker, and ink) to paper and offers adults an opportunity to channel their anxiety into satisfying, creative accomplishment. 

Portable Color Me Calm / Portable Color Me Happy by Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter - The international bestselling series now in a smaller, portable package. Bring it with you on a plane when travelling for the holidays. Makes a perfect small gift for any night and fits right inside a stocking!

20 Ways to Draw a Star by Studio SSS - This motivational practice book provides a new take on the world of sketching, doodling, and designing. Take a step-back and think about all the different ways to draw something. Open your mind to the possibilities and differences in everyday objects. Get out your favorite drawing tool, and remember, there are not just 20 Ways to Draw a Star!

Doodling for Bookworms by Gemma Correll - Of course you know someone who loves to unwind by the fire, relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book. Jumpstart the creativity of your favorite book nerd and give them this great activity book filled with Shakespeare, George Orwell, and Jane Austen.

Tangled Gardens Coloring Book by Jane Monk - If the s
now and cold stress you out, cozy up to Jane Monk's Tangled Gardens. Use your brightest pigments to create a warm and inviting garden while you wait for spring to return.

These books are great. Not only are they tons of fun to color in for grown ups, but they give kids a break too. No more sharing coloring books with parents! {Yes! I make Rolf and Harp share their coloring books and crayons!} I love to relax and let imagination run free. 

I am gifting adult coloring books to my mother, my sister and my husband this year. I know my husband is going to love the Doodling for Bookworms book. My mother will love the Tangled Gardens Adult Coloring Book and my sister needs a 100 Things to Draw with a Triangle book!

Who on your Nice List will you gift an adult coloring book to?

Happy National French Toast Day

Thanks to my pals at Post for sharing this recipe!

Happy National French Toast Day!
To celebrate this day in flavorful style, I have a great recipe that is filled with nutritious ingredients like Post Great Grains cereal that you won't want to miss!

3 eggs
1 cup fat-free milk
1-1/2 tsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/4 tsp. salt
8 slices challah bread, 1/2 inch thick
2 oz. bittersweet baking chocolate, finely chopped
1 large banana, sliced
2 cups sliced strawberries

1.    Preheat oven to 350°F.
2.    Beat eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla and salt in large shallow dish with wire whisk until well blended; set aside. Place cereal in resealable plastic bag; seal bag. Crush cereal with rolling pin. Dip both sides of the bread slices in egg mixture; place on clean work surface. Sprinkle evenly with chocolate; top with bananas. Dip both sides of remaining 4 bread slices in remaining egg mixture; place over bananas to make four sandwiches. Press together gently. Coat both sides of sandwiches with cereal crumbs; press crumbs firmly into sandwiches to secure.
3.    Place on baking sheet.
4.    Bake 20 to 25 min. or until lightly browned. Cut diagonally in half. Serve with the strawberries.

Tips and Suggestions
Substitute: Prepare as directed, using semi-sweet baking chocolate.

Furnishing the New House

I remember the first time I moved, away from my parents, into my own place. My 2 roommates and I were so excited to finally be adult-ing and out on our own. I remember how easy it was to move... I think it took all of 45 minutes to pack everything and maybe 45 more to unpack it. I mean... I had nothing really!

Now I am so over this adult-ing thing. My family moved 6 months ago into a bigger house. We are still getting settled into the house. Every week something is moved here from there. Everyday notes are made on what we could do, what would look great in this section and each day something else is realized.... a bigger house requires more furniture.

Asides from my gorgeous white leather sofa.... my new place really lacks for furniture. There aren't any recliners, very few end tables and only one lonely lamp....

Speaking of recliners. This one is on my holiday wish list {hint, hint Santa....} 

The Stressless Reno from European Leather Gallery

This would look awesome with my sofa... so wonderful that I actually dreamed about buying this last night. 
There are a few other items I would love to add to the new place, but for me, a recliner that is stylish and modern is number 1 on my list. 

Have you ever moved to a bigger home only to find it looks completely empty due to a lack of furniture? How did you add to your furnishings? Little by little? Did you buy a new set for the living room or maybe a new dining room table? Or did you go second hand? I would love to hear how you filled your new and bigger place!

Creamy Avocado Pear Banana Smoothie with #PSYUM

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

My daughter is kind of a hit or miss girl when it comes to eating her veggies. At the age of 2 Harper has been discovering what she likes and she doesn't like. Right now, she doesn't like her veggies all that much.

We got to try 4 flavors from Pure Spoon, a great new baby food product, and this inspired me to get creative and get my girlie to eat her veggies, without even knowing she was doing so!

Pure Spoon sent me:

Spinach, Pear, & Banana

Sweet Potato & Apples

Creamy Avocado & Pears

Carrots & Zucchini

Pure Spoon offers 9 flavors in reclosable 4-ounce containers. I love that these are freezable and the containers are durable enough to withstand freezing. Pure Spoon is of the first-to-market, cool temperature, high-pressure pasteurized, organic baby food and purees. In a matter of days you will be able to order this yummy pureed food online for your baby, or for dinner time short cuts.

Like I said Miss Thang is particular about what she wants to eat these days. But there is something she can't resist! A smoothie!

Harper really loved this Creamy Avocado Pear Banana Smoothie. It is easy to make and packed full of goodness that little ones need to grow strong!

1-  4 ounce container of Pure Spoon Creamy Avocado Pear Pureed food
1 medium Banana
1 teaspoon of honey
2 ice cubes
2 tablespoons of greek yogurt
2 tablespoons of milk

Blend all ingredients until the ice is smooth. Pour into a glass (or a sippy cup) and enjoy!

While we are nearly completely off of baby food, I think I will continue to purchase this product because it makes it easy to add a healthy ingredient or two into smoothies and I don't have to worry about fresh produce going to waste.

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Filing Bankruptcy — Some Essentials You Should Know to Handle It Well

Filing a bankruptcy case is not difficult, but it is a thoughtful decision to take. The legal aspects of bankruptcy are complex, and to handle it well, you have to consult an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to take it up on your behalf.

For those who are thinking of filing for bankruptcy, here we will discuss a few directives to accomplish it in the right manner. However, the steps and procedures may vary from case to case when it comes to bankruptcy, and only an experience attorney can guide you through it in real-time. A person who is into this financial situation may need to undergo a lot of stress due to the debt problems. Here we will give some advice to make it quick, easy, and stress free.

Stop using credits

If you are filing for bankruptcy, the first thing you should stop is usage of credit. To make it legally valid, you should not incur any extra credit immediately before filing bankruptcy. If you file such credits to buy luxury goods or services within a few month of filing the bankruptcy, it will not stand dischargeable.

Getting bankruptcy consultation

You can schedule a free bankruptcy consultation with any of the good law groups providing it. In this, an experienced bankruptcy attorney can be assigned to help you. You can discuss your exact financial situation with your attorney, and get advice about filing bankruptcy as well as non-bankruptcy options to resolve the debt problems.

The objective of this consultation is to make you aware of all the pros and cons of bankruptcy filing and the alternate options available to take an informed decision. So be prepared to:

Ask all your doubts related to bankruptcy filing
Check out the long-term implications of bankruptcy
Understand the do's and dont’s of the procedure
Know the feasibility of all other options available to you

Getting needed information

Once you decide to go ahead with bankruptcy, you need to gather all the information on how to file bankruptcy. Your attorney may ask you to fill a bunch of forms, and you may get confused. So, prepare a checklist and guidelines to accomplish each step effectively and without errors

Getting the credit counseling

Bankruptcy Code mandated the requirement for debtors to take the credit counseling course before filing bankruptcy suit. The course can be taken in person, online, or over phone. This is hardly a one hour session. Once you reach up to this level, you can further go ahead and file the case with the assistance of the attorney.

After filing a bankruptcy case, you need to take the next steps very carefully. Some of the major things to note are as below.

Never ignore any lawsuits, which may help you get your creditors a default judgment, which may act against you.
Do share everything with your bankruptcy attorney.
You may want to pay your friends and family first, but in case of lawsuit, doing so may put them in trouble to face the lawsuit.

Another important thing you should know is that if you try to sell off or hide property during bankruptcy, you may probably lose it. If you want to sell anything in order to raise money to pay bills while your bankruptcy lawsuit is running, discuss it with the attorney before doing such things.

Author bio: Lynn McNeil is a specialist bankruptcy attorney working for one of the leading law firms in the USA. To help the debtors and creditors know the do's and dont’s of bankruptcy, she published many articles and blogs on various financial and legal websites.