Color Me Monthly Review

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I love trying new colors of nail polish. When Color Me Monthly sent me a package I could hardly wait to see what shade was inside. I was not at all disappointed to find a girly, pretty pink nail polish inside. I was even happier when I discovered it matches one of my new maternity dresses perfectly!

Color Me Monthly is a perfect gift idea for a lovely lady in your life, or it is a great way to treat yourself to a fresh shade of polish each month without breaking the bank. Subscriptions are just $7.

I was very impressed with the nail polish. It is long lasting. I applied a coat and was thrilled when it was still on my nails after 3 days. I wash my hands about 18,000 times each day. That makes it hard for me to keep nail polish looking great. The factors of everyday life also lead to flaking off nail polish. Color Me Monthly polish is made to wear! I didn't need to touch up for an entire 3 days time. If I use any other brand I either touch up daily or have pathetic looking finger nails.

I love the color Forbidden Crush. It is very pink, like a hot pink. I didn't have a shade even close to this in my collection.

It applied smoothly and evenly. I liked that I didn't need to apply several coats to achieve a color that I loved. This is time saving to say the least. One coat worked well for when I am in a rush, but 2 coats made my nails pop with vibrant color.

I would recommend this monthly subscription to women everywhere. Each month features a different color. The element of surprise appeals to me, as does the convenience.

To learn more or to order connect with Color Me Monthly.

Saturday #150

I am running behind on my 940 Saturdays post. So let me update you on Saturday #150.

It was cold a week ago, much like it is today. I felt like we needed to get out of the house and into the world, so I headed south to Columbus, Ohio with the little guy. I felt a sense of urgency to make the day the best I could. We are expecting another baby in the coming months and I want to really make the time I have with Roo count. With the life changes we have coming, it feels very important to me to make the most of our time as a family of 3.

Somehow we ended up at Polaris, which is a fantastic shopping destination for just about anyone.

As soon as we entered the mall, the Disney store beckoned. My son squealed "Mickey! Mickey Mou- Mou!" How do you argue with that? Roo has an insane love of Mickey and the gang.

He talked me into buying some swag for him, then with a smile he said "Hungry!" Off to lunch we went at Sbarro, which was a mistake. I had craved healthy things like apples, berries, water and milk... but after faced with some amazing pizza, well, now all I want is pizza, water and berries. When I say I want pizza, I mean I want it every day, for every meal. My mind tells me no, but the tummy wants what it wants. It wants pizza all the time now.

After a few hours playing at the kiddy area and walking around it was time to head home, we were feeling anxious to bust out the new figurine guys we picked up at Disney, and Roo was so happy to finally have Pete to play with. Pete is a close favorite to Mickey.

So, that was our day. Saturday #150. It wasn't action packed, but it was fun. We got out into the world, we got a little shopping in and I created the Pizza Pregnancy monster. All in all it was a great day.

Saturday #151

We spent most of the day in the car, we thought about hitting up the Amish Country, as I really wanted to flea market it, but it doesn't open til Thursday for the season. So, we instead visited Rubbermaid in Wooster Ohio, then we went to some historical site (Ohio's only revolutionary war fort). Roo and I enjoyed a walk around the grounds while my husband checked out the site.

Not really exciting I guess, but that was all made up for on Sunday. We took Roo to see his first play. Our High School drama department put on Suessical the Musical at our little theater in town. Roo LOVED it! He clapped, he danced, he ate a ton of popcorn. He flirted with some teenage girls that were more than happy to coo over him for 90 minutes.

I was especially exhausted that day, more so than what has become normal in this pregnancy, but seeing the sheer delight on my little boys face really made the event worth it. I did manage to sleep most of the afternoon, evening and night which was great. I woke up Monday feeling fine and dandy.

Rolf has been a little angel lately. Sweet, loving, well behaved. He kisses my belly daily and is helping out around the house. He is my official laundry guy. He puts it in the dryer then loads the washer for me too. He will gladly throw anything you ask him to away. He is the guy to go to for handing out dog treats. I hope this is a sign that the terrible 2's are on their way out the door.

He has also made great improvements with speaking. A month ago I was worried about him. He just wouldn't talk. I started using a sing song voice when I speak to him as opposed to my normal voice. He will repeat almost anything I say if I say it in a sweet voice. My husband is very impressed. We can make almost every animal song, he is using multiple words together such as "Happy Baby" "Be Good Boy!" "I love you".

I guess it is phase that toddlers can go through. He was speaking great, then all the sudden everything became a grunt. Now we are back on track. We are so impressed and proud of him. To hear him talk to me again has lifted a weight from my shoulders. I felt like I was failing him somehow. Now I know, he doesn't like Serious Mama, he likes Sweet Silly Mama. He will talk to her at great lengths.

All in all the weekend was great. How did you spend your weekend? Did you have family fun?

Bringing Dreams to Life With Gerber Life #BringDreamsToLife

Do you worry about how you will pay for college for your kids? I know I do. As a student I am accumulating debt and it scares me to think about how expensive it will be when my son starts college. We have a baby on the way, adding to that worry. One kid in college is enough to make you sweat, but having two educations to worry about keeps me awake at night.How would you like the chance to win a $10,000 College Plan for your child from Gerber Life?

The Gerber Life Bring Dreams To Life Contest allows parents to share their child's dreams of their future via a show and tell video.

Make sure you check out the Gerber Life Facebook Page to learn more about how to submit your video for your chance to win! More information can also be found at the Gerber Life Website

Entering the contest is simple! Follow these steps:

•  Step 1 - Take a video of your child (who must be 8 years or younger) telling what he or she dreams of being when they grow up.
•  Step 2 - Log onto the Gerber Life Facebook page between February 25 and April 1, 2013 and submit your video to the Bring Dreams to Life contest.
•  Step 3 - Share your child’s video with friends and family on Facebook to get votes for a chance to win a $10,000 Gerber Life College Plan. Videos with 100 or more votes will qualify for the final round.

Gerber Life has generously offered to give one Sweet Silly Sara reader a $25 Visa Gift Card and a pen! This giveaway begins on 3/21 and ends on 4/1.


I was compensated for this sponsored post made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. All prizing for MSM giveaways is handled by a third party unless otherwise noted. For this reason prize fulfillment can take up to 90 days after the winners information is received. Only one prize per household, per giveaway please.

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Oh Baby!

 I have been plagued with exhaustion. I wake up in the morning, only to need a little nap before my husband leaves for work. The reality of the busy day ahead of me has been forcing me to go back to sleep for as long as possible. I fantasize about napping. What in the world is going on with me?

For a few weeks I wondered... am I getting old? Do I have mono? Is there something wrong with me? Am I overdoing it?

Then the news came. No I don't have mono. I am not sick. I am pregnant!  The Sweet Silly Sara family is growing!

                                   I love this pic of my Roo-Boo. His little face looks so plump!

In the coming weeks you will have a chance to learn about the coolest products for Mom's to be and babies in the Sweet Silly Sara Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide. You will have plenty of chances to win these products for yourself, or to give as a gift to someone you care for that is expecting or has a new bundle of joy.

Saturday #149

On Saturday #149 my son and I began to wake up process around 6:30. The sun was peeking in the windows and I felt something on my cheek. I opened my eyes to see my son, touching my face and smiling. A blissful sight. I asked Rolf if he was smiling at me. He replied "Happy Mama." I can't help but smile too. Happy Mama indeed!

It was a sun drenched day in my corner of the world. The air had a chill, but the temp was  in the low 50's. We took a long walk along the B&O Bike Trail (Bellville section). We walked for quite a while. My son was exhausted at the end and needed me to carry him. I didn't mind. I think we walked too fast for his comfort level.

We saw a Dinner that was in a train- perfect for my son and his adoration of trains. Lunch it was, in a train. After that we made a trip to the Wetland Preserve near Ashland for a walk on the boardwalk. We were pleased to observe a baby beaver in the water.

I really wanted to make this day special for Rolf. We have big changes coming our way soon, and I am learning to slow down and cherish the time we have, just the 3 of us. All in all, it was a special day indeed. We all had fun, we exercised together as a family and took in the sights of the area.

I hope you had the chance to enjoy your family over the weekend. If you had a great time, please leave a comment and tell me about your adventures.

Bark Box Review

My dogs are a part of the family; I like to indulge them with special treats and toys at every opportunity. The boys are pampered pooches; they are true little princes, and they enjoy knowing that status to the fullest.
My dogs nearly wiggled themselves silly when the February Bark Box arrived at our door. They could smell the goodness that awaited them inside the box and they were very eager to get busy sampling their treats.

The February Bark Box was really impressive. My dogs were thrilled to find a package of Get Naked Treats from the makers of  N Bone for their chewing pleasure. I was thrilled that it helped their breath and kept them busy for a few moments.

 My big boy really loved the Penguin toy from Sprocket Pet Goods. It is durable and fun for biting, or a quick game of fetch. My son is nearly 3 and he has had his eye on this toy for a few weeks now… so I guess the recycled Penguin appeals to kids of the 2 and 4 legged variety.

The Pet Qwerks toy was preferred by my beagle, he likes to chew on things and this helped to stimulate his teeth and gums while satisfying his need to gnaw. Again, my son thought this would be fun for him too… I don’t know if that means Bark Box has seriously the best stuff ever inside or if my kid is easily amused.

I couldn't resist showing this pic with an eager beagle nose getting involved.

We got a $10 coupon for which is a generous discount for pet food delivered to your door.
The boys really liked the Wet Noses treats. I was pleased to find these are free or wheat, corn and soy as my beagle has sensitivity to corn. I felt good giving him a treat he enjoyed and that wouldn't cause him to itch or break out in a rash. They couldn't decide if they preferred Agave and Pear or Cheddar.

Bark Box is a fun way to show your pet your love. Who doesn't like getting a package of toys and treats in the mail? Your dog will be no exception. Bark Box is True Tail Wagging Happiness: Delivered to Your Door.  Want to try a box for your dog? If you use the coupon code SSS10OFF You will enjoy a $10 savings. Trust me; your dogs will thank you. My dogs gave this subscription box 2 wags of the tail in approval.

I would love to hear what your dogs favorite treat is. Please leave a comment to tell me!

"Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above in the hope that I would mention it
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally
and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance
with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the
Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Happy Birthday Baby!

I remember the day he was born, like it was yesterday. I saw him hours after he came into the world, but I had no idea how important he would become in my life.

I never had an inkling that I would end up bottle feeding this little guy, losing sleep with and over him or loving him as much as I do. I had no idea  how important his place in my heart would become, or the depths of our friendship. 

Over the years he taught me about loyalty, friendship and love. He joined my family at a time when I needed him the most.He is a true blessing in my life. No matter what I do, where I go or what I say, how much of a mess I am, he remains 100% devoted to me.

My best friend ever, the puppy of my dreams. Every quality I would want in a dog, he offers. He is gentle, strong, sweet and funny. He is goofy yet wise, he likes to play, he likes to cuddle, he likes to be near me. He listens well with only basic training, he adores my son. He offers enough of a bark (his size factors in too) to be a security system, no one sneaks in on this guy, nor would want to, but I never really worry with him around. He is so gentle and sweet that I always say I would be better off to leave my son with Fru instead of a sitter. I would worry less.

Happy Birthday to my dog, my pal, my dearest friend. I can't believe he is 7 now. I hope I am blessed with *at least* another 7 years of his love and companionship. 

Saturday #148

This morning I remembered my goal of meaningful Saturdays within minutes of waking up. I was cranky when I woke up, but quickly I put on a happy face and made the best of the morning.

I clean a lot, like most other Moms. I didn't mess with it too much today. I didn't worry about email either. I played with my son. I was on the floor playing trucks, at the table playing Sesame Street, in his room reading books. He wanted me near. I was more than happy to oblige his wishes.

He was content at one point in the day to share a chair with me at the table. He played cars while I read my book aloud to him. It was nice for both of us. He had the closeness to Mama that he needed, Mama got to sit down and read a book without pictures.

We stayed indoors, in pajamas all day long. We had pizza for dinner, which is my little boys dream come true. We took the day at a lazy pace and enjoyed our time together. It was very refreshing and it offered us an entire day to just enjoy each other. I was almost sad to see him go to bed.

Another Saturday in our lives. Saturday #148. While we didn't set out for a day on the town, we really had a great day. I would say this has been one of the best days I have had in a while. I think my son felt the same way, as he told me "Happy Baby!" quite a few times today.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy time with your family this weekend. I would love to hear about your exciting plans.