Itsy Bitsy Spider Craft

Tonight we took a walk to storytime at the library. My son really enjoys this ritual. He loves the walk {that is my boy! I love to walk too!} while Harp likes the ride in her stroller. The fresh air and exercise helps my kids to behave during storytime too and fall asleep a bit easier that night too. Win. Win.

Tonight they made a really cute craft that I had to get involved in and photograph to share with you.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider House

You will need one full sheet of colored paper 
one 4x6 inch square of paper in another color
one triangle in another color (to make a roof)
2 2x2 inch squares of paper that are the same color.
One 2x2 inch square of paper in another color
One 1x3 inch strip of black paper
One Straw
One spider ring
2 strips of tape
Glue Stick

First Glue your 4x6 inch square of paper onto the full sheet.

Then glue on the triangle for the roof, and the 2 squares of paper that are the same color for windows.

Next add your door and your chimney.

Tape your straw to the side of the house on the bottom.
Slide the spider ring onto the straw from the untaped top.
Tape the top of the straw.

You can sing the itsy bitsy spider song with your kids, and have them move the spider up the spout! How cute right?

The one in process as pictured above was made by my 2-year-old daughter and I. The one below was made by my 5 year old. We all had fun with this craft! It was creeptacular crafting that can be created by a variety of ages.

Very Berry Oat Muffins

My friends at Juicy Juice shared a recipe with me that I think is perfect for Fall! I couldn't resist sharing it with my Muffin loving fans!
Why stop at just one type of berry in your muffin? This wholesome morning staple gets a double dose of berry flavor and natural sweetness from frozen mixed berries and Berry Juicy Juice® 100% juice.

1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup rolled oats (not quick oats)
1/3 cup sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups frozen mixed berries, unthawed, any large strawberries halved or quartered
1 cup Berry Juicy Juice® 100% juice
1/4 cup vegetable oil
2 large eggs
Preheat oven to 500°F. Grease a standard-size muffin tin.
Whisk together flour, oats, sugar, salt, baking powder and baking soda in a large mixing bowl. Add frozen berries, and toss with dry ingredients until well-coated (this helps prevent the berries sinking to the bottom of the tin as they bake).
Beat together Berry Juicy Juice® 100% juice, oil and eggs in a small mixing bowl until frothy.
Pour wet ingredients into dry, and use a whisk to mix just until combined, being careful not to smash the berries. Some lumps in the batter are okay.
Fill cups of muffin tin 3/4 full, and place in oven. Immediately reduce oven temperature to 400°F. Bake 15 to 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into center of muffin comes out clean (berry juice is fine, but there should be no raw batter clinging to the toothpick).
Cool in pan for 10 minutes, then transfer to cooling racks to finish cooling.
Makes 12 muffins

Fancy Fresh Fruit Dessert

This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something I get a peanut! 

Dessert. It is what dreams are made of. Both the sweet ones and the sweat-inducing ones. You know the dream that you eat dessert until you turn into a giant eclair? Well, maybe I am the only one that has that dream {proof of my foodie status, and testament to my love of dessert.}

I decided to whip up something awesome, sweet and a nearly perfect treat using fresh fruit as my main ingredient. I had purchased a 10-pound box of beautiful Dole bananas for a steal at $2.45. I couldn't stand to see them go to waste!

This is the Ultimate Healthy Dessert. It offers just a touch of cream and a drizzle of chocolate, but not enough to blow a diet or induce guilt in your heart after noshing on something so fantastic.

Time: 5 minutes
Serves 2 to 4 depending.

Ingredients needed: 
1 navel orange
1 kiwi
1-2 Strawberries
2 -4 maraschino cherries
2- 4 banana
Chocolate that has been melted to drizzle {or cheat like I did and use Hersheys Syrup!}
cocoa powder or cinnamon
whipped cream (2- 4 dollops)

First step:
Decide how hungry you are! Are you going to eat 2 bananas?

Next, slice your oranges into 1-1/2 inch thick slices, leaving the peel on.
Slice your kiwi into one inch thick slices then gently cut the peel off.
Slice strawberries in half.
Peel bananas; you can slice in half if you wish

Place the bananas on the plates. Arrange your oranges and kiwi on the back side of the bananas.
Ghirardelli Chocolate over the fruit in a pleasing design.

 Add a dollop of whipped cream to each banana. 
Top with a cherry on the whipped cream, add a strawberry slice into the mix too!
The final step depends on your preferences. You can lightly sprinkle cocoa powder around the plate of the dessert or you can use cinnamon!

This really is the ultimate desert. It is based on fresh fruit, it offers just enough chocolate and cream to sweeten the deal, and as you can see it is gorgeous when completed.

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Star Wars Fans- All Budgets

This post does contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase I get a peanut in exchange.

For your Star Wars fans, I have rounded up some of the best gift ideas to bring the force into the holiday season!

Under $10

2 Pack Silicone Mold Ice Cube Tray Ball For Star Wars Lovers or Party Theme

Gum Toothbrush Star Wars Flash Light,color may vary

Rubies Star Wars Darth Vader Cape and Mask Set

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Star Wars Yoda Figure

Crayola Limited Edition Crayon, Star Wars Darth Vader Toy (64 Count)

Fascinations 251 Star Wars Millennium Falcon Metal Earth 3D Metal Model Kit

Under $20

Vandor 99561 Star Wars Darth Vader 18 oz Oval Ceramic Mug, Black

Star Wars Mens Casual Crew Socks 2 Pair Pack Darth Vader Storm Trooper Black/Red

Star Wars Darth Vader Apron

Thermos 12 Ounce Funtainer Bottle, R2D2

CoverGirl Star Wars Limited Edition Colorlicious Lipstick, Red No. 30, 0.12 Ounce

Playskool Mr. Potato Head Star Wars: Darth Tater Toy

Rubies Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

Under $50

Monopoly Game Star Wars

Jedi Dressing Gowns - Star Wars Bath Robes

Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Troop Builder 6-Pack [Amazon Exclusive]

1 X Exclusive Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set - Limited Edition

Star Wars Science - Death Star Planetarium

Lucas Film Star Wars Sheet Set, Full

Engraved Wooden Music Box Star Wars Theme

Over $100

A Food Allergy Friendly Halloween

Did you know that it is estimated that 1 in 13 children has a food allergy? This Halloween season there are ways you can provide safe treats for all kids and let the families know that you are an allergy friendly stop along the route on Halloween night! I have some allergy-friendly candy and non-food ideas to share with you to keep kids safe from allergic reactions this year.

First, paint a pumpkin teal to place on your porch or in your front yard. This will signal that you are allergy friendly. You can google the Teal Pumpkin Project to find printable materials you can use to alert families you have non-food items available as well, should you chose to go that route.

There are a number of allergy friendly candies on the market, from special brands to your average drugstore finds. This list is only a guide, please be sure to check the ingredients on any products you do purchase with the intention of being allergy friendly.

Gummy candies and fruit snacks
Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Products like Dots
Pixie Stix
Ring Pops, Dum Dums and most lollipops
Jolly Ranchers

There are many affordable ways to offer trick or treaters a non food treat. Some things you can hand out include bookmarks, pencils, stickers, plastic Halloween rings or bracelets. The options are vast at party supply stores or even dollar stores for little trinkets that kids with food allergies will appreciate.

If you are offering both allergy free and regular candy, please be sure to keep them in separate containers to avoid potential contamination. This year there are many ways you can help keep Halloween safe and fun for all kids. Don’t forget to paint a pumpkin teal and stock up on  candies that everyone can enjoy as well as a few non food items for severe cases of food allergy.

A Revolutionary Way to Help Stop Bladder Leaks!

Oh guys. Here we are again.... and I am sharing some more real life stuff with you. Today I want to share with you A Revolutionary Way to Help Stop Bladder Leaks!

Ladies, it happens to the best of us. We are out with friends, we are having a good time, and then it happens. We laugh, cough, sneeze or move in a way that gives us a little Oops....

After I had my second child, I had a major change in my body that led to me being guarded in my personality... Stress Urinary Incontinence. Yes, I was peeing myself more than I ever thought I could. I lived in fear that I might laugh and make a tinkle.

Thank goodness there are alternatives to always wearing a bulky pad, never cracking a smile again or having surgery, such as the Poise Impressa Sizing Kit.

Designed for the temporary management of Stress Urinary Incontinence, Poise Impressa Bladder Supports do not absorb leaks — they help prevent them.

Stopping leaks starts with the Impressa Sizing Kit. Impressa comes in three different sizes, and the Sizing Kit helps you find your most effective and comfortable internal fit. Each kit includes six bladder supports (two of each size), along with a $4 coupon toward a 10-count Single-Size Pack of Impressa.

After you've found your perfect fit with the Impressa Sizing Kit, it's time to purchase a Single-Size Pack. Each includes 10 bladder supports in your size — and you can use Impressa for up to 8 hours every day to help stop leaks before they happen.

Guys, start with the $2.00 off coupon for the Poise* Impressa* Sizing Kit to help find the most effective and comfortable internal fit. After you have found their perfect fit, you can then download a $2.00 off coupon for 1 Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports 10 Count Base Pack.

The Poise Impressa Bladder Supports are the solution to bladder leakage. I can now let my smile shine and my laughter out without letting a leak become an embarrassament.

How We Afford the Holidays Without Credit Card Debit

When I talk to my friends and family about the holidays, the subject of budgeting and credit card debit comes up. No one can ever believe me when I tell them we accumulate 0 credit card debit for holidays and I never spend more than $50 on gifts.

I have had people say things like "That is a flat out lie Sara. The gift you gave us last year cost at least $30!"
They always want to know how I can decorate, gift and give without spending more than $50 out of my own pocket. Today I am going to share the low down with you too.

First, being a family that lives on a budget, events such as back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthdays are always on my mind! Creative ways to accumulate funds or gifts is a year round project.

I do a variety of things online to add to my kitty.

If I see a great item on clearance I will buy it, but only if I have the extra cash on hand. I don't buy on my debit card or credit card.

At the end of each season I buy the goods I need next year on clearance. I use my stash of gift cards to do this. I buy wrapping paper when it is down to 50 cents a roll or less. Same with bows, gift tags, bags and etc. Seasonal trinkets are also great to get when they get marked down to 80-90% off. I get stocking stuffers for 20 cents and stash them for the next year. Or I might buy Easter coloring books for 10 cents and stash them too.

Inbox Dollars I spend about 25 minutes a week reading emails, playing games, watching videos and more. I have cashed out several times. It is pretty easy money and you get a $5 sign up just for joining!

I shop Zuilly. I shop here because it is easy to earn credits and they have such super deals. I get really low priced deals here through out the year and add to my "Gift Box".

I use the WalMart Savings Catcher App. I scan each receipt I get from WalMart and accumulate savings on products. I wait to 'cash out' until there is something I need to buy for a holiday.

I have the Shutterfly app, so I watch out for special offers, free prints and more. Photo gifts are always a hit. If you are not using Shutterfly sign up here for FREE Prints!!

I of course watch amazon for deals. I save money on everything! I do tasks on m turk to earn money too. I don't have much time for this, but I would estimate I spend about 30 minutes a week turking and making some spare change on easy tasks.

As a blogger, if I participate in a campaign that pays via a gift card, I save it.

That is how I can afford to celebrate all of the major holidays without dipping into our budget for any extra expenses. I limit us to about $50 for last minute things like batteries.

 How does your family afford the holidays?

Gourmet Homemade Oreo Marshmallows

It was one of those days, the cupboards were growing bleak, the need to grocery shop was strong, but the interest wasn't there. I knew I could put it off another day. {Face it, shopping with two young children is not fun!}

After whipping up an easy peasy dinner, I knew that dessert was in order too. I had 3 ingredients on hand and this little bit of yum is what I came up with!

To make Oreo Marshmallows you will need:
White Chocolate

First melt your white chocolate in the microwave, stirring every 25 seconds or so until it is smooth.
Crush Oreos, place in a bowl.
Dip your marshmallow into the melted chocolate, immediately dip it into crushed Oreos. 
Set aside for about 25 minutes until the chocolate has set.

My family loved these! They were soft, sweet and had bits of crunch thanks to the chunks or Oreo cookies. This was an incredibly easy treat to make with a gourmet flavor perfect for kids of all ages!

Do you love gourmet marshmallows? Have you ever made something like this at home?

Millstone Creek Park : Topping the List of Best Ohio Playgrounds

We really love to go to the park and play! My family has a once a week standing date for the park. When my son gets out of school we go to the park and play! Mr. Sweet Silly Sara meets us there when he is off of work. It is probably my kids favorite day of the week. Not only do we love to enjoy the parks in our town, but we also love to get out and look for the best parks and playgrounds that Ohio has to offer.

In August we had to make a trip to Lancaster, Ohio. That is a long drive with young kids. On our way back we made a detour to Westerville, Ohio to Millstone Creek Park. Our kids were so glad to get out, stretch their legs and play with other kids!

This is the most awesome park we have experienced with the kids. As we arrived, we enjoyed a short walk over a boardwalk. My kids were delighted to hear a bullfrog and see it hop into the water. As we arrived at the playground my kids were ready to run!

Harp loves Millstone Creek Park!

 My son really loved the park. He was a blur then entire time we were there. Constant motion! I promise he was there, but no great photos of Roo were taken.

Harp was ready to climb!

 One of the things I loved about this park was there were so many things for kids of all ages and all abilities to do. This is one of the playgrounds that are accessible and fun for kids with special needs such as wheelchairs. Knowing that this area was designed with all kids in mind really sets it apart from others!

The park had a nice sculpture to view and a great slide; that kind of went down a hill into an area of tall grass. This was fun for my adventure seeker son!

My sweet little Harper adored this park. There were so many things for her to do, explore and discover. To see her having so much fun was contagious. My mood immediately lifted upon the first sound of her giggles.

This park was spacious, super clean and really quite lovely. The sound of happy children playing was thick in the air and there was no way to avoid the contagious feeling of a great summer day.

The entire family loved the option of taking the boardwalk or hopping over some stones in a creek to reach the playground. My husband and I had a blast playing this electronic game together. It was a fun way to get moving ourselves while showing our kids you are never to old to play!

Millstone Creek Park was fantastic. It very well may be the best park in Ohio. It is certainly on the top of our list of Best Ohio Playgrounds!