How Air Filters Can Improve Your Families Health

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Most houses and apartments today have an HVAC unit. These air conditioning units help with air flow and air filtration in your home. Air filters seem not to get the credit they deserve when it comes to improving the health of your family. Many pollutants and contaminants can get into our homes and possibly cause health issues like a respiratory illness. Having a quality air filter can remove mold spores, smog, bacteria, and many more impurities in our air.

Grades of Air Filters

Depending on the grade of the air filter. It can drastically change the quality of air flowing through the home. Here is an example of the different grades of filters rated on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value scale (MERV):
Rating Level Effiency Notes
1-4 Budget Minimum Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Impact Inexpensive
5-8 Good General Filtration Common & Effective
9-12 Better Filters Most Small Particulates For Pets & Allergies
13-16 Best Traps Small Particulates Max Filtration, Expensive
That is just a brief overview of what each rating bracket has to offer. Each 'level' of MERV has its unique qualities. See a more detailed chart of air filter MERV ratings.

Keep A Well Maintained HVAC System

The EPA stated earlier this year that a poorly maintained furnace could cause indoor air quality to be up to 5x worse than outside air. Not only is keeping a furnace better for the health of you and your home, but it also helps with making your home energy efficient. Here are some ways you can keep your systems in check:
  • Change your filters once every month. (based on the average air filter)
  • If your HVAC unit is outside, make sure to remove any debris that may block or cause issues with air flow.
  • Check to see if your ductwork is regularly leaking.
  • Make sure your thermostat always has good batteries and that the temperature is set to your liking.
  • Clean the condenser at least once a year. (This will help with maintaining air flow is unhindered)
  • Clear any build up that is in the drain pan (Mold can grow in the pan and dirt can accumulate)
These tips can help with preventing issues with your unit. Unfortunately, there are times where it is necessary to call out a professional to take a look at it.

discount filters health furnace filter

When you go to purchase a new air filter, make sure to shop around for the best quality and the best deal. There are of course your standard air filters in the big box stores but, you can always go for a more affordable option and made in the USA. Check out, They provide excellent customer service and create some air filters (MERV 13) that can last up to 3 months. Their air filters are also eco-friendly, which is just a bonus that they contribute to the environment and your family.

How to Make Your Creative Pursuits Become Dreams Come True

We all have a creative outlet. In some of us, however, there is the potential for so much more. Making it in the creative world is difficult, and you’d be competing against some very talented individuals, but thankfully with the rise of the Internet you can carve out a small piece of infamy all on your own. You don’t need to go through official channels to have fans, or even to make money, instead, you just need to follow this guide:

Showcase Your Work
The first step in any creative’s life is to take their passion projects and to finally put them out there. It’s one thing to create, it’s another thing to share. Creating anything is a very personal venture, so you need to start by letting others see, and, of course, critique your work. It’s nerve wracking, but it’s a necessary step if you want to learn and grow.

Keep at It
One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to grow an online community of your own is to not post consistently. It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, a painter, or even a musician. A lot of musicians online can’t, of course, put out new original work every week – that’s why they make covers. There is a huge demand for remixes and covers of songs, and they provide you with key practice. Keep updating, keep working, and you’ll both help nurture a community and improve your skills.

Communicate with Others
When you start out small, make friends. Go on others’ profiles and comment on their work, give them advice, and even ask them for advice in return. You don’t want to be an aloof artist when you are trying to build up your own brand from scratch. You want to have people who care about you who help you – even if you’ve never met them in person.

Fake It Until You Make It
You don’t need a professional to make beautiful artworks for your creative pieces. You can, instead, use free online tools to create gorgeous album covers or other cover pieces like your channel art cover and more. People respond to striking visuals, and the more professional you look, the more respect you’ll receive.

Start Selling
Once you have a large enough following, start selling your work. Some creatives can sell their products directly through online marketplaces like Etsy, or through self-publishing platforms. Whatever you do, find a way to start selling your work. The bigger you get, the more you can sell associated merchandise and more. You want your passion to make you money so that just maybe, you can turn it into a lifelong pursuit.

You can make yourself a star. You can have a massive following and you too can join the ranks of the Internet’s successes. Who knows, your internet fame might even lead you to agents in the industry you are looking for, and then you’ll be on the world stage.

Saving Money on Dry Cleaning One Load at a Time

I am a Dryel ambassador. This post was sponsored.

With 2 growing kids in the house, I do a lot of shopping. It feels like every week someone has outgrown clothes or shoes, or a monster has visited and had a lovely lunch of my 7 year old's socks. With so much shopping happening, you would think that I have an awesome wardrobe with constant new additions popping up.

The reality is that, when I pick up a new outfit for myself, I know that it is official mom wear and that I need to take steps to keep it looking great. New outfits for mom are few and far between when the kids are growing like weeds!

I have a secret weapon in my laundry room that keeps my clothes looking brand new.

This is something that is easy to use, my clothes come out of the dryer ready to dazzle in 15 minutes! Better than secret weapon power and easy to use, it is also a fraction of the cost of a trip to the dry

I trust my clothes to Dryel.

Dryel is perfect for everyday mom wear like jeans and leggings, or for my favorite party dress, or a cozy sweater! No matter what I am wearing, I am wearing it like I just bought it! I love that with Dryel my fabrics aren't stressed, stretched or sapped of their good looks!

I love that for under $10, I can grab a box of Dryel and keep my clothes looking their best. There is no need to dash to the cleaner, or keep a stub to retrieve my items. Dryel saves me so much time, money and wear and tear on my wardrobe.

Motherhood is tough you guys. It is filled with so many moments. From happy firsts with the kids, to the challenges of parenting children in the modern day. Keeping my clothes in their best condition helps me to at least look like I have it all control.

With so many challenges to face, it is nice to know there is one thing you can count on to be easy, economical and a true mothers helper when it comes to laundry care.

5 Things That You Should Consider before You Hire a Painter

5 Things That You Should Consider before You Hire a Painter

If you want to freshen up your home with a new coat of paint or want to do a complete makeover, then you need to find a painter. Hiring someone else to handle this project will save you money and time and will leave you with a professionally finished job. Before you start looking for painters, here are some factors that you must consider.
Make decisions
You should take your time to look at your home so that you can decide the rooms that you wish to decorate. Your painting project will depend on the amount of cash that you have at hand and the quality finish that you want. It will be more cost-effective if you paint the entire house at once instead of painting a single room after several months. Determine what you want first before you call up your painters.
Choose a paint color
You need to choose the best paint for your house before you start calling the painters. Make sure that you put into consideration the space of your rooms. Light colors will open up your space while dark colors make your room appear smaller. You should shop around and check out different paint colors to find one that will suit different rooms and blend with your color scheme.
Outside or inside
Determine whether you are painting the inside or outside part of your home or both. Inside the house, there are reachable ceilings, uniform lighting and solid floors which make the painting project much easier for the professionals. The exterior of the home may have uneven ground that makes it difficult to set up ladders and even reach the roof overhangs. Furthermore, dew can result in paint-adhesion issues and rain can ruin your paint, especially when still wet. You should think about all these before you get Greeley painters to start working.
Woodwork or mostly walls
You should determine whether you will be painting concrete walls, woodwork, or both. This will depend on how your home was built. A roller will make it easy to paint an unobstructed wall. Furthermore, rooms that have elaborate window casings or cornice molding and wide baseboards will require more effort and time when painting. A lot of trim will need more brush work and the painting job can be difficult, especially if the room has shelves or cabinets.
Paint preparation is the major foundation of the entire painting project. When the preparation of the walls is done correctly, then your paint will perform to its set potential. However, when it is not done correctly, then the paint will end up peeling, cracking and chipping easily. Therefore, you need to do any necessary repairs on your walls before you start your project. Dirty walls should also be cleaned, particularly near the sink and stove, and soap scum and greasy deposits removed because they can interfere with the adhesion of the paint.

Interior and exterior painting is one type of home improvement project that will quickly refresh the look of your home with relatively low cost and time. A fresh coat of paint will increase the value of your home and will keep it looking beautiful for many years. To get quality services, ensure that you hire the best Greeley painters in the industry.

Great Jobs for People Who Want to Travel

You may want to travel around and pick up work for a few months as you go. Developing yourself as you travel by using your free time to expand your horizons is also not a bad idea either. It’s not necessary to be restricted only to a bartender job when moving from place to place because if you’ve already got experience in certain professionals then there’s a ready market for that.
Here are a few jobs you can do when you want flexibility about where you’re located and how much travel you can do each year.
Temp Nurse
There is always a demand for nurses to fill in for people who are sick, away on maternity leave or covering shortfall in the staffing requirements of a hospital. Whether you’re already an RN or you’ve educated yourself beyond this stage, there are plenty of organizations that welcome nurses with open arms who have a few months available (or even 1-2 months) to fill in. It gives you the opportunity to move to a new city, experience the different culture and varied cuisine to back home, enjoy the unusual accents all around you, and still do what you do best. There are also opportunities to work internationally as a nurse and we’d suggest seeking out an agency that offer international nurse placements.
Whether you wish to be a full-time teacher, a substitute teacher or simply teach around your specialty with colleges that will find this expertise useful, finding a way to use what you know to teach young children and teenagers is rewarding in and of itself. You feel like you’re actually making a difference in their lives rather than doing a job where you’re seemingly shuffling papers around.
If you wish to further advance your career as an educator, you may find studying for an online master of education in adult and continuing education course useful because it opens the doors to deal with adult literacy, look at the broader picture with education in the local and state level, and delves deeper into the role of education. The online mead degree is taken online so it’s studied in stages as time allows without the need to take time off work or fight through traffic to get to the college campus.

Whether you speak several spoken languages or are an expert at sign language, your translation skills are going to be in high demand around the country. There are many situations where a translator is needed especially given how widely multi-cultural the United States has become over the past few years. Being able to translate in-demand languages to help others communicate in critical or important situations is a vital service that many employers are in dire need of.
There are a good number of type of roles for people who enjoy dealing with different situations and don’t mind traveling around the country or even farther afield. For anyone who enjoys the adventure of seeing new sights and meeting new people, creating a working life that matches this aspect of your personality is likely to lead to greater happiness too.

Geode Furniture Accents- Luxurious and Stylish Tables

Geode Furniture Accents- Luxurious and Stylish Tables
The external appearance of geodes may be deceptively subdued but they contain dazzling and amazing crystals that can be used to produce outstanding furniture designs. The crystals are worthwhile components in the process of creating unique tile, countertops and various types of surfaces.
Geode Furniture
Geode has evolved into a beautiful resource for manufacturing furniture. It features eye-catching patterns and interesting colors. These furniture surfaces and pieces are uniquely handcrafted and typically become the focal points in any space while making a bold statement.
Artisan furniture items are regarded as masterpieces that add character and depth to rooms. They are also valued for their glamorous and sophisticated appearance. Geode furniture can be used as an accent piece to highly neutral or minimalist decor concepts.
Geode Table Collections
A geode table can serve as a memorable statement piece in combination with simple and elegant sofa arrangements. Table collections include numerous beautiful designs with unique coloring that effortlessly reflects the natural and distinct tones of stones that create the organically-shaped surfaces.
People have different options to choose from in terms of the materials for their interior decor that range from wood to glass. Furniture designers have been integrating geodes and various organic materials into furniture pieces to create visually appealing additions to homes and business premises.
Diversity and Distinction
Geode rocks are utilized to make geode furniture. Different shapes of geodes facilitate diversity and the opportunity to create truly distinct pieces for every home or office.
Geodes are not similar in appearance and this means that every table you invest in will be different, unique and original.
Geode shapes may be abstract, rounded, convex, circular and oval, depending on the formation.  
There is an extensive range crystal geode tables that have been developed over time to cater for diverse decor tastes, needs and preferences. These highly sought after geode furniture pieces are tables due to their abstract shapes that make them ideal for an artistic and asymmetrical look.
Home Accessories
The types of home accessories you select for your space determine factors such as ambience and mood. Geo tables with glass tops create the feeling of swimming through the ocean and encountering reefs. The gem is a masterfully displayed in the form of a table, usually at a central position that is bound to grab the attention of anyone who walks into the room
Geodes are complemented by metals such as iron and bronze and work well with glass. They blend effortlessly with different types of materials, which enable you to experiment with various decor ideas. You can customize your furniture according to your theme.

Different Geodes and Features
Take a look at the range of geodes available and identify the ones that would be suitable for your table. The interesting world of geodes is an adventurous tour that gives you insight into the varieties of geodes, their properties and features.
There is a geode table design for every style, lifestyle and personality. Geode is a worthwhile accessory for any home or office with dominant colors that accentuate the rest of the decor. From coffee to center tables, there is virtually no limit to the design options for geodes.

5 fun ways to bond with your family

In this day and age, where everyone has acquainted themselves with their busy lives, we often tend to miss out on little things that gives us happiness, such as bonding with the family
Spending some quality time with your family every day, makes you feel blessed and happy.
Here are 5 fun ways to recreate the bond and enjoy with your family
Have one meal together
There is a very famous saying, “A family that prays together, eats together. Stays together”
Make sure you have at least one meal of the day with your family. Talk and discuss about things at the table. It sure is a great way to bond with one another
Organize small family get-togethers
Try organizing a small party every now and then and invite your close relatives. The music, food and positive atmosphere will create good bonding among each other
Play games
This is one of the most fun and best ways to spend some fun time with your family. The children can enjoy playing their favorite games while the elders too can enjoy playing exciting online games bond over a fun game.

Take a trip together
Traveling is one of the best ways to enjoy with your family. Take weekend trips and enjoy the ultimate experience of traveling together
Help each other in daily chores
Rather than burdening one member with the daily chores, everyone in the family should try diving work and enjoy running errands for each other.

So, make a conscious effort and spend some quality time with your family every day, it will surely make you feel blessed and happy.

The 6 Steps to Building a Successful Brand

The 6 Steps to Building a Successful Brand
Many entrepreneurs mistake branding for just a logo. Yet, there is more to a successful brand than an eye-catching visual. The company culture, team and internal attitudes can all determine your company’s DNA. Check out the six steps to building a successful brand.
Hire Branding Professionals
There is no reason why you cannot turn to the experts when launching a new business. After all, your branding can make or break your company’s success. To stand out from the crowd, it’s advisable to contact a full-service agency, who can provide tailored marketing services to suit your needs. A pro can guide you every step of the way throughout the branding process, and will have the knowledge and experience to market your business more effectively.
For instance, many e-cig and vape businesses have utilized the help of to successfully grow their brands in the complex industry, rather than attempting to fruitlessly compete with more established companies.
Develop an Effective Tagline
Take some time out of your busy schedule for a brainstorming session with an agency or team members to discuss your tagline. Consider the emotional reaction you want a brand to have on customers. Also, what do you want your demographic to remember about your products or services? Take inspiration from some of the
best taglines to develop your own unique tagline, which could set your business apart from its rivals.
Define Your Company Culture
Before you start recruiting employees, you should aim to
define your company culture. You should then hire members of staff who will be the right fit. For instance, if you want to create a happy, friendly brand, only hire individuals with the same attitude to effectively represent your business.
Consistency is Key
Consistency is key to developing a strong brand. All sales and marketing strategies must therefore be perfectly aligned, which will ensure every member of staff develops a consistent language, design, and style. It’s therefore essential to set branding guidelines and ground rules when using multiple copywriters and designers, who must capture the essence of your business.  
Humanize Your Business
People don’t want to buy from a corporate machine. They want to do business with a caring, creative leader, talented employees, and a forward-thinking company. Create a much-loved brand by humanizing your business, while proving you honestly care about your customers. Adopt a people-oriented attitude in your branding, which will encourage your target audience to trust in your business over your industry rivals.
Be Patient
Building up a successful brand takes a great deal of time and hard work. You cannot expect to enjoy success overnight. For this reason, you must never attempt to rush any sales or marketing campaigns. Have a little patience when developing marketing materials, PR campaigns or on- or offline advertisements. You can guarantee your efforts will pay off eventually.
Do you have any helpful tips on how to build a successful brand? Please post a comment below.

Looking for a Job Where You Solve Real Life Crimes and Save Lives - Forensic Nursing Could be the Answer

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled in the workplace? Are you looking for a way to really put your talents to good use and start feeling as though you’re making a difference in the world? Few careers are as rewarding for people as working in the healthcare industry. You will literally be saving lives and having an impact on patients on a daily basis.
Forensic nursing is one of those areas in healthcare that seems to be making its way into the spotlight as of late. People are learning just how much forensic nurses do, and the fact they are responsible for saving lives and solving crimes.
What is a Forensic Nurse?
While everyone is familiar with a nurse and what they do, a forensic nurse isn’t necessarily well understood. The job title sounds like something right out of a mystery novel. Forensic nurses work in a very unique environment, as they work where healthcare and law meet. This could mean in a police department, prison, or hospital.
Forensic nurses work with law enforcement in order to determine whether or not a crime has been committed. It is their job to collect, keep track of, and preserve any and all evidence of a crime so that it can potentially be used in legal action. Forensic nurses are part of the response team when trauma and violence has occurred.
Under the umbrella of forensic nursing there are various fields you can specialize in. These include a nurse death investigator, a sexual assault nurse examiner, and a forensic psychiatric nurse.
How Can I Become a Forensic Nurse?
The path to becoming a forensic nurse is one that takes a lot of commitment, motivation, and drive. For those who can't commit to attending class in person for the next few years, an online DNP or FNP program is usually an excellent option. With the online doctor of nursing, all your studying and work will be done online, which means it is a flexible schedule that works around your own life.
Now in order to become a forensic nurse you must first become a nurse. From there you can take a Master of Science in Nursing program, which will allow you to pick the specialty field of forensic nursing.

What About Salary and Job Growth in the Future?
While it’s wonderful to be able to pick a career based on your interests and what is most rewarding, there is the question of salary and job growth. Even though the United States Department of Labor doesn't have stats published regarding forensic nurses specifically, they do show that in 2016 the median pay for registered nurses was $68,450. Not only that, but there is a 16% job growth rate between now and 2024, which is much higher than other fields.
A Path That is Rewarding
As you look to find that perfect career path it may just be that forensic nursing fits the bill. With job growth higher than in many other industries, and the fact you’ll be impacting people in a massive way, it could be a very strong contender.