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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

3 Ways to Live Like a Fashion Blogger

3 Ways to Live Like a Fashion Blogger
Sites like YouTube and Instagram have made it easier than ever for beauty and fashion gurus to offer their best beauty tips and tricks, as well as some insight into the most popular current fashion trends out there.
Ever dreamed about what it would be like to trade places with your favorite makeup or jewelry blogger? Well, now you can. Here are three ways to step up your fashion game and start living like the pros.
1. Step Up Your Technology Game
First and foremost, if you plan to step up your fashion game, you’ll need to have the latest and hottest technology. After all, how will you capture those gorgeous shots of your beautiful new jewelry pieces or post your outfit of the day?
Beyond taking crystal-clear photos of your fashion-minded must-haves, smartphones like the Galaxy S8 plus also feature dual-pixel technology and a front-facing camera, allowing you to take some great, candid selfies. In addition to stepping your selfie game up, Samsung’s newest smartphone will also allow you to improve your beauty product buying game.
In fact, the Galaxy S8 contains a voice-powered virtual assistant called Bixby, allowing users to input simple voice commands and, much like Amazon Alexa, provide answers or buy something right then and there. That means if you see a hot, new piece of jewelry or must-have makeup product online, you can buy it instantly.
2. Be a Real-Life Fashionista
Fashion bloggers all over the world must keep current with the latest and hottest fashion trends to stay relevant and offer value to their followers. So if you want to live like a beauty guru, you’ll need to stay informed. Not sure how to go about it? Start by watching celebrity TV shows and awards ceremonies, and checking out industry magazine websites like Vogue and Cosmo to keep you up to date with what’s hot — and what’s not — in the fashion world.
Once you’ve found what inspires you, see if fits your brand identity. Don’t be afraid to try out new trends or add your own personal touch when creating new looks. In fact, try mixing it up with a cool piece of jewelry or learn how to provide a modern spin to old or outdated clothing. Remember, the sky is the limit in the fashion world, and successful real-life fashion bloggers always offer their own unique twist on things.
3. Dress The Part
If you want to be seen as a beauty pro, you've got to start dressing like one. But don’t worry — if you’re budget-conscious, there are still a number of ways to look like a fashion blogger without spending a fortune. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to be sponsored by a huge clothing company, either.
However, you can use the unique coupon codes that fashion bloggers tend to promote. When it comes to finding high-end discount jewelry, clothing and shoes, make sure to check out your favorite celebrities' Instagram pages to score some hot deals. There are also tons of budget-friendly fashion bloggers out there who are all about getting the most bang for their buck.
Ultimately, you may not have a million or even a thousand followers yet, but these tips are bound to help improve the way you think about and buy jewelry, makeup and clothing. Indeed, with the right tools, you’ll be well on your way to living like a legit jewelry or makeup blogger in no time.

Eyes On The Prize: Getting That Dream Career

Everybody’s looking for that dream career but very few people seem to get it. Is that because there just isn’t room for everybody to have the perfect job? Or is it because people just don’t know how to get the perfect job? The latter seems more likely. We like to play the safe game and stick to what we already know. But changing course in your life to find that perfect career doesn’t have to be quite as scary if you have a structured plan for doing so. Here’s some help with creating that plan.

Figure out your future path.
The reason so many people to struggle to follow their dream career is that they’ve no idea what their dream career might be. They know which jobs they don’t want to do (and that might be from experience working in a certain industry or simply from reading a job description) but they don’t know which job they’d actually enjoy. Is there such a thing as a job you’d enjoy? Yes. You just need to find something which appeals to your interests and your skillset. It’s about finding the right combination of something that’s personally-gratifying and intellectually-stimulating. Ask yourself what you’d do if you had the right education or spare time on a Saturday. That’s a good start to helping you figure out your future career path. Remove all mental obstacles that tell you certain careers are off-bounds.

Think about your existing skills and your potential to learn new skills. It’s never too late to improve your education. You might want to look into a masters of engineering management online course if you’re of an engineering mindset but you’ve always wanted to further your business knowledge. You might want to look into a teaching course if you’ve always been passionate about a certain subject and the possibility of passing on that knowledge to others. The point is that there are many different courses available in the modern age for people of all backgrounds and all skill levels. Whether you’re new to the working world or you’ve been in a different career for 20 years, you shouldn’t ever feel excluded from a certain path. At the end of the day, all that matters is you have the determination necessary to get the qualifications and experience for that specific career. Age doesn’t factor into the equation. It just has to be something in which you’re interested, above all else.

Get experience.
Ah, experience. There’s the buzzword that everybody hates. Perhaps you’ve known your dream career for a long time. That isn’t the problem. The problem might be that you can’t find an entry point into the industry because you don’t have the “experience” necessary for a certain job role. Qualifications aren’t always enough. They’re important, of course, but most employers want qualifications and experience in this day and age because there are too many potential candidates for job vacancies. But how can you get experience without an employer giving you a chance? It’s a never-ending cycle. That’s why you might want to look into voluntary work to boost your CV. You could do an unpaid internship in your field of interest to build up your experience and prove to future employers that you have spent some time in the industry. It’s all about finding that entry point.
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Join in the Goodness of Giving - November 18-25!

Loacker, the premium wafer and confectioner, is celebrating this Season of Giving by supporting No Kid Hungry!

The Loacker #WeekOfGiving offers you a chance to win Loacker treats while raising funds for No Kid Hungry, a global cause to end world hunger.

The holiday season is a time of giving and I hope you’ll join me and Loacker in fighting to end child hunger with No Kid Hungry. Together, we can help children get the food they need.

The Week of Giving Fundraiser and Giveaway is November 18-25, 2017

How to Participate for Your Chance to Win!

Post a video or picture of yourself conducting a charitable act or making a donation to No Kid Hungry on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram any day from November 18 to 25. Charitable acts may include volunteering at a local food drive, school or place of worship.

In your post, use the hashtags #LoackerLove and #WeekOfGiving to enter for a chance to win.

The first 100 verified charitable participants (using the hashtags) will receive a Loacker Insider box filled with Loacker treats.

All verified participants will be entered into a random drawing where 10 winners will receive a Special Loacker SWAG BAG full of Loacker swag and tasty treats in time for the Holidays.

Get started by making your donation to No Kid Hungry now at: nokidhungry.org/loacker

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends 11/25/17 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Open to legal residents of the continental United States of America, DC, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Prizes will only ship to the aforementioned locations. No P.O. Box addresses accepted. You must be 18 + or age of majority at time of entry to win.  Limit one winner per household. This contest and drawing are wholly run and operated by Loacker USA Inc. Loacker USA Inc. is a partner of Share Our Strength, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Any donations made will go towards Share Our strengths and their “No Kid Hungry” initiative. Visit www.loackerlove.com for more info.

This sponsored post is brought to you by Loacker USA Inc. and coordinated by

Toys Every Newborn Baby Needs

Toys Every Newborn Baby Needs

There are thousands of different baby toys on the market right now, and the advertisers will have you convinced that your precious bundle needs every single one. In reality, however, a small toy box filled with the essentials will give you everything you need to keep your baby happy and entertained for their first year. But what toys are worth the financial investment, and which should you leave sat on the toy shop shelf?

Here’s our list of the five essential toys for baby’s first year that every newborn should have in their toy box:

A Soft Ball
There are hundreds of different balls to choose from, but whether you opt for a soft plastic ball or a cloth version, be sure to choose a ball with a bell or other form of music inside, so that your baby will learn to turn their head when they hear it coming towards them or when they shake it. By the end of their first year, your baby should be able to play a simple game of catch by rolling their ball along the floor towards you.

A Cuddly Toy
Soft toys are a classic and timeless toy that every infant should have in their armoury –GUND offer a fantastic selection of loveable characters that every parent should check out in time for Christmas. Not only are they great for sensory development, they’re also a great emotional development tool, encouraging baby to form an attachment to something other than their parents and giving them something to practice their burgeoning social skills on. And let’s not forget that soft toys will look super-cute in baby’s nursery too!

Plastic Links
Plastic links are one of the most versatile baby toys and also one of the most inexpensive, you can buy them almost everywhere for no more than a pound or two! This toy is great for teething, can be used to attach other today to your pushchair (or each other) and your children may also enjoy stacking the links, attaching them together, or sorting them by size and colour. With so many different uses, this toy is sure to get plenty of use!

Small Bath Toys
Most babies love bath time: splashing in the warm water and catching bubbles is sure to raise a smile. Adding a rubber duck or other small bath toy to their tub will make your baby’s bath time even more exciting. A set of rubber bath toys is great for imaginative play, encouraging your child to create their own simple stories around the characters. Reaching for and gripping something small and flexible will also improve their hand eye coordination.

Board Books
Finally, it’s never too early to start reading with your child. If you invest in a few chunky board books then you can also add these to the toy box for your baby to try and read to themselves: learning to turn the pages and look at the pictures is the first step towards becoming a fully-fledged reader, and the earlier you can instil a passion for literature (no matter how basic) the better!

Meta title:
Wonderful Gift Ideas for Newborns | Soft Toys

Meta description:
A small toy box filled with the essentials will give you everything you need to keep your newborn baby happy and entertained for their first year. Find out more!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Easy Cookie Dough Truffles

There is nothing like a truffle to delight my taste buds! A few weeks ago the kids and I were craving something sweet and we decided to try our hand at making some really easy truffles!

These were so simple to make and so fun to share with my 2 little sweeties! I can't wait to share this idea with you so that you can whip up some decadent truffles to share this holiday season!

To make these easy truffles you will need:
 melting chocolate
Cake Mix in your favorite flavor
A stick of butter, melted

Mix your cake mix and melted butter until it is well combined.
Melt your chocolate and pour a touch into the bottom of a silicon mold.
Scoop the cake mixture into the molds then top with more chocolate.
Allow to cool and harden. Then share.

As you can see, we mixed things up a bit! We added chocolate chips to a vanilla cake, we also mixed up a red velvet truffle base and a chocolate fudge one too!

I couldn't give you an opinion on which one was the best, because they were all incredible and dreamy!!

Top 4 significant benefits of Pre-workout supplements for women

The market, especially the online market, has made a plethora of pre-workout supplements available for women. Several women invest in multi-vitamins with the intention of boosting their stamina for longer and stricter workout sessions without frequent fatigues. However, most complain that these multivitamins do not seem to have any effect on their purpose. Thus, pre-workout supplements come to the rescue. After a stressful day, you might just feel lethargic to go the gym even when you know that you need to. Both work and home take a toll on a woman's energy. However, you got to do, what you got to do! You can check out best pre workout for women online shop. They are made with healthy ingredients that don't harm if taken as per dosage. Here are some significant benefits of pre-workout supplements:
Energy booster:
Women athletes or even otherwise at times for varied reasons require rigorous workout schedules. However, most tend to tire very easily. Pre-workout supplements, when taken in the right dosage, will enhance your energy levels and take you to the heights of your workout session. It guarantees to keep tiredness and fatigue away during the workout sessions. It is not just the right diet that can preserve the required energy to take you through the entire session. Women who are new in the game need these supplements even more. The more the energy, the more will be the exercise, and thus, the results will be enhanced.
More exercise means paced weight loss:
The time that your body takes to burn out all that excess fat will obviously depend on the amount and intensity of regular workout that you are into. Amidst all the office and household stress for women, it is natural to suffer from lack of energy. Pre-workout supplements can help boost your energy which in turn will assist you to engage better in intense workouts. When the exercise is complimented with a healthy diet, the weight loss results are even better.
Quicker metabolic rate:
The rate of metabolism is integral and plays a pivotal role in case of weight loss. Thus, it is crucial to pace up your metabolism if you want to shed that unwanted flab easily. Pre-workout supplements that women intake help a great deal in pacing up the metabolism rate whereby they tend to burn more calories faster. Studies have revealed that this is one of the primary reasons why women consume these supplements. Metabolism rate differs in every woman. Thus, for the ones with slower metabolism rate, these supplements can work wonders by accelerating the metabolism with a consequential pace weight loss.
Minus side effects:
Many will scare you by saying that these supplements have hazardous side effects but, do not listen to them because of the very fact that these aren't steroids. Moreover, they comprise healthy ingredients in most cases. However, of course, as the saying goes, too much of anything can be harmful, it is the same with pre-workout supplements as well. So, all the ladies out there, do take these supplements but as per prescribed dosage to prevent the hit of side effects.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Over the weekend I scored a great deal on mums. They were not in the best shape, but they were $1 for a big bunch! The farmer also had some lopsided pumpkins priced to move, and an idea that I have loved but never got around to trying popped into my head.

Out of my bargain shopping, a mumkin was born.

This was such an easy project! All you need are:
A pumpkin
Some mums
A drill with a 7/16th bit

Simply drill holes into your pumpkin, be generous with your holes!

Snip the mums to be about 2" long, insert them into the holes you drilled.

And there you have a mumkin!

This is a perfect activity for preschoolers. I made one live on the Quirky Mama page with Harper and we had a ton of fun with it! I loved that making a mumkin gave her a chance to work with natural materials and to use her fine motor skills in the process.

The mumkin is a very chic and classy option for Halloween decor without going the route of spooky and scary! I can't wait to make more with the kids!

Easy Cornucopia Snack for Kids

Thanksgiving is near and there is no better way to build excitement for the kids than with a yummy and easy snack like this kid made Cornucopia snack!

This is such an easy snack to make with little kids. My preschooler and first grader had a ton of fun making, sharing and eating this!

It is as simple as dumping your ingredients in a large bowl and giving it a stir! You can completely customize the ingredients to match your preferences or what you have on hand!

Unless otherwise specified, use one small box or package of each ingredient
Cheeze Its
Honey Nut Cheerios
Fruit Flavored Mini Marshmallows
Dry Roasted Peanuts
Peanut Butter M&Ms
Milk Chocolate M&Ms
Peanut M&Ms
Chocolate Chips
Sugar Waffle Cones

After mixing well scoop the mix into sugar cones and serve!

This stores for 3-5 days in an airtight container or ziploc baggies. We like to substitute Rice or Corn Chex for Cheerios and Reeses Pieces for M&Ms sometimes. No matter what you mix into this Easy Cornucopia Snack, it will be a delicious hit with anyone you share it with!

Baby Tech: Biometric Trackers for Babies

Babies these days are wearing a lot more than just baby bandana bibs, onesies and cuddly wee socks. Wearing fitness trackers is very popular among adults but more and more parents are using wearable biometric trackers like the ones in fitness trackers to track the health of their babies. There are many different types of biometric trackers for babies that can keep track of everything from their eating patterns to their heart rates and breathing rates.

These wearable biometric trackers are linked to smart phone and tablet apps that tell parents important information about the health of their child. And the data is stored so that it can be tracked over time to create a record of the baby’s health. Some of the most popular types of wearable biometric trackers for babies are:

Biometric Onesie
The biometric onesie is just like any other onesie that parents use daily except that it has built in technology to track the baby’s breathing rate, heart rate, and other vital information. Parents can check the app at any time to make sure their baby is ok, which is fantastic for parents who need to work or leave the child with a caregiver. And at night parents can just check the app to make sure that their baby is sleeping peacefully instead of having to get up and go check on the child which might wake the baby up.

Pacifier Thermometer
It can be really difficult to get an accurate temperature for a baby but if you suspect that your baby has a fever getting an accurate temperature is very important. The pacifier thermometer with built in biometrics is much easier to get babies to accept than a traditional child’s thermometer.

Thermometer Patch
If your baby doesn’t like the pacifier thermometer and spits it out you can use a thermometer patch to check your baby’s temperature. The patch is light and adheres to the baby’s skin in a way that’s similar to the way a bandage adheres to the skin. It’s also a great way to get an accurate temperature reading because it’s in direct contact with the skin.

Smart Socks
You need to put socks on your baby anyway so why not use smart socks? Smart socks will track the baby’s heart rate, breathing, temperature, and sleep patterns so that as long as the baby is wearing the socks you’ll be able to keep an eye on their vital stats. But these might become ineffective once your baby discovers how to pull the socks off of their feet.

Smart Bottle Cover
This is a smart item that every parent should have. It fits easily over a bottle and it monitors bottle temperature as well as how much food your baby eats. So you don’t have to wonder anymore if the temperature of the bottle is too hot or too cold for the baby. Slip the smart cover over the bottle and it will tell you when the bottle is just right. And getting an accurate measure of exactly how much your child is eating at each feeding is also very important. Smart biotech products like these are taking parenting to the next level and giving parents the peace of mind that comes with being able to check on their baby from anywhere.