Saturday #147

I nearly forgot my resolve to have a great family day, then I forgot to write about the day.

We had a rough morning on Saturday #147. My son had been cooped up too much that week as we had all been battling a terrible cold. He was just looking for trouble by Saturday.

We are also in limbo, possibly needing to move. We made an appointment to look at house, and we had an appointment to show our home. Showing your house while your family is sick is even worse than just showing it. Cleaning was treacherous. All I wanted to do was plop on the sofa with a quilt to whimper about the unfairness of being sick...

But, I didn't. I dolled up the kid and myself. We looked presentable, we smiled and we liked the house, genuinely. I guess it is a flaw of mine, but I like living in a variety of places. I don't stay put for long. All it takes is looking at a different house, or taking a trip and I am ready to pack it up and relocate. By Saturday night I was pricing dishwashers and curtains.

After looking at the house we took Rolf out for a treat, he earned a baby sized milkshake for his adorable behavior at the potential house. We had been nail biting nervous about that. 2 year old boys are unpredictable in new situations. Trust me on this. I know firsthand. My son wowed us with his charm that day.

We really didn't do much on Saturday #147. But, we were together, as a family all day. That is what counts.

In case you are curious, the house was not the one for us. Despite my enthusiasm on the house initially, I realized it just wasn't the right place for my family.

How did you spend your Saturday?

Saturday #146

Saturday was cold and snowy, but that did not discourage us from heading out into the world for some family fun.

We opted to avoid Mansfield for the day and headed to a mall in Marion instead. My son knew what to do, he was ready to take his boots off and play! We enjoyed the indoor play area for an hour. My little one first wanted to slide, then he wanted to flirt with girls. Then he found a little boy with great hair. He followed the boy around petting his hair for a good 10 minutes. My husband and I could barely breathe we were laughing so hard. When my son got frustrated with the chase he settled for petting the little brother of the boy for a while. The parents of these children were equally amused.

When we were tired of play we took a walk through the mall and did a little shopping.

Then my son felt like he needed a milk shake. Who can refuse a little blond angel after a hard session of play?

While it might not have been the most exciting Saturday in the history of weekends, it was a fun one.
Seeing my son learn new things like how to climb the little fort in the play area, seeing him smile happily as he played, hearing him talk to the other children and laugh with delight made the day seem much sunnier than it really was.

Thanks for sharing Saturday #146 with me. How did you spend your Saturday? Did you fit in time for family fun?

Lobel's Heart Shaped Steak Review

If the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, I know of the perfect gift for Valentine's Day that will have your man wrapped around your finger.

Lobel's of New York offers premium dry aged steaks of the finest quality. For 5 generations Lobel's has offered meats so divine that the New York elite and a variety of celebrities have depended on Lobel's for the finest meats. For the past 13 years Lobel's has been offering their meaty treats to the world via online sales.

This is the 20 ounce Sweetheart Rib Steak from Lobel's of New York. What a lovely cut of meat, perfect for sharing on Valentine's Day.

I was very impressed with the steak, it had a great appearance  and it was amazingly fresh.

I didn't want to season and marinate it too much, I wanted to taste the quality of the meat. I prepared this steak as simply as I could. I lightly seasoned with freshly ground sea salt and fresh ground pepper. I prepared this pan method.

As soon as I began to prepare this cut of meat, both of my dogs, my cat, my son and my husband began flitting in and out of my kitchen. Their appreciate sniffs told me that this would be a hit with my family.

The steak was gorgeous before I prepared it. It was gorgeous when it was finished too.

This was a very romantic meal, sharing a steak with a gorgeous man, and a handsome little boy is a very intimate thing. My husband and son normally would have scoffed at the thought of sharing a steak with anyone, but this Sweetheart Steak was made for sharing.

The steak was amazingly tender. It was unlike anything you are going to find in a grocery store. It was flavorful, juicy and you barely needed a steak knife to cut in to it. It was aged to perfection and a sight for the eyes and the tummy.

It was a huge steak. My family couldn't finish it. We groaned in delight and handed out the fatty trimmings and left over nibbles of meat to our dogs, they were eager to be hand fed such exquisite steak.

I would highly recommend that anyone seeking a delicious cut of meat for any occasion check out the selection Lobel's of New York has to offer. You will not be disappointed. Trust me.

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