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Sunday, April 16, 2017

10 Easy DIY Window Treatment Ideas

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10 Easy DIY Window Treatment Ideas

Having window treatments installed is a great way to decorate your home’s interior. The best sheer shades online come in different colors and unique designs that will catch your eye, but if you are aiming for variety, changing up your window treatments might get difficult and expensive over time. Thankfully, you don’t always have to buy a new shade when you feel like changing up the theme of your home. All you need are inspiration and a few great ideas (like I did) to get the ball rolling.

I’m more than happy to share with you these easy DIY ideas for window treatments that I have tried in the past.

Painted linen curtains - You don’t have to be an artist to change up your home’s interior dramatically. Even basic painting skills will take you a long way. Add a vintage feel to your plain white linen curtains by painting it in another color.
Repurpose bed sheets - Make ombre ruffled curtains by gathering bed sheets of similar colors but in different shades and sewing them together. All you need are basic sewing skills and an iron, and you’re good to go.
Vintage doorknob tieback - Not only does using a door knob as a tieback cut costs, it also provides a vintage look to your window treatment.
Stenciled monogram valance - The internet is your friend - just look up tutorials on how to do stenciled monograms, and put it up your wall right above the window to give a personalized, grand look to the room.
No-sew pennant valance - Simply gather pennants made from felt and hang them up along the tops of the window, no sewing required. This will add a touch of sportiness to the room, which is great for a kid’s bedroom.
Gold chain tieback - Use a gold chain as a tieback with one of your plain white curtains. Any color will do just as well.
Stenciled draperies - Plain white curtains can be transformed to a more modern looking drapery with just stencils and some spray paint.
Leather belt tieback - Even an old leather belt can be fashionable still. Take a solid colored belt and use it as a tieback for your curtains. You can mix and match patterns and colors for a more edgy look.
Knotted chiffon cafe curtains - You just need to know how to tie a knot and you’re set to do this DIY project - and chiffon fabric, a curtain rod, and a pair of scissors, of course. It lends the look of a cafe window without much effort.
Neckties - Leather belts aren’t the only accessories that can get repurposed here. I had a bunch of old neck ties that my husband refuses to wear, so I repurposed them as curtain tiebacks. You’ll be surprised how good it looks against any pattern.

If you are tired of searching for the best sheer shades online every now and then, try one of these super simple DIY curtain projects to spice up your home without having to shell out any more cash.


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