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Thursday, July 6, 2017

4 Food Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Child's Birthday Party

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Kids love birthdays. From the days leading up to their special day to the morning itself, you can guarantee your child's excitement level will be at bursting point. As the loving and devoted parent, you want to make sure you give them a day to remember, and that is why a birthday party is a great way to celebrate. However, you will want to avoid some common mistakes parents make, especially when it comes to the food. So, follow the advice below to make sure your child’s birthday is a dream come true and not a miserable, temper tantrum throwing disaster.

Don't prepare food your kids won't eat

As a responsible parent, you want your children to eat sensibly. However, if the party table is laden with vegetables, no matter what exciting patterns you have cut them into, your child and their guests will not be very impressed.

Therefore, throw caution to the wind. Without going overboard on sugary items, you should still lay the table with foods your kids will actually want to eat. Hotdogs, mini pizzas, and chicken skewers are some of the savory options your kids might enjoy. For dessert, try these exciting cupcake ideas from our website, as well as chocolate fountains, popcorn and the traditional jelly and ice cream.

You can still prepare healthy options without your children realizing, so take a look at these ideas when preparing the party table.

Don’t forget the birthday cake

Forget the cake at your peril, as getting to blow out the candles and making a wish is one of the essential ways to make a birthday special. Don’t run the risk by making your own cake if you are unconfident in the kitchen as you never know what it will turn out like. You don’t want to go overboard either and buy something expensive. It may look nice, but your kids are more interested in how it tastes. Saving money is only one reason why you should consider Acme for your next cake order, so have a look online and order something your child will love.

Remember food allergies

When inviting other kids to the birthday party, make sure you check with the other moms for any particular requirements. You will need to cater for those who require gluten and dairy free products, as well as being mindful of nuts and anything else that may cause an allergic reaction. Admittedly this can be a minefield, but you don’t want to be the cause of any child feeling ill at the party. Of course, you can’t cater for every individual need as some kids are just fussy. However, for those with special requirements do your best to cater, and ask the others moms for advice on what food to prepare.

Avoid a sugar rush

While a birthday is a time for eating cake and chocolate, don’t go overboard. When running party games, give out little toys rather than sweets as prizes. You don’t want twenty hyperactive kids running around your home and then crashing after overdosing on sugar, so be sensible and limit the sweet stuff.


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