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Monday, July 10, 2017

How to get a reputed blogger to promote your product?

How to get a reputed blogger to promote your product?
Let's say; you have a product to promote. Since we have all heard about "viral marketing" and "conversational marketing," you are thinking about trying it out. In theory, it is quite easy to do. You find a couple of bloggers, cozy up to them a little bit and then hit them with a proposal they cannot refuse.
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That sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Practically, you will face a lot of hurdles. Millions of marketers and entrepreneurs have thought of this, and a million more are thinking of trying out conversational marketing right now. There is almost nothing new you can offer to a blogger that will get their heads swooning and their fingers clicking.
Offers from entrepreneurs, PR people and marketers inundate Bloggers every waking moment. They are so bogged down by such marketing proposals that they have started creating their spam lists and circulating them in the blogger circles. At this point, you might be thinking what kind of snob bloggers are to turn down lucrative offers from marketers and business managers! Well, they have good reason not to endorse products and not promote services directly from their blogs.
  • Firstly, they might feel that they are compromising on their values and integrity by tying up with a corporation or a company.
  • Secondly, once their readers find out that the bloggers are in alliance with a particular company, they might start losing trust.
  • Thirdly, bloggers feel a sense of loss of control. Bloggers tend to be pretty independent by nature. They do not like feeling used.
As a result, many of them feel burdened by such deals and end up losing the goodwill of their readers as well.
However, we are not asking you to give up. We are just telling you things that can put bloggers off. You can still reach out to bloggers and ask them to promote your products. Our study shows if you think about investing in a long term relationship with bloggers, the concept of conversational marketing usually works. Forget your “drive-by” sales pitch and start thinking long-term for marketing success.
Here are a few pointers that will help you gain popularity among bloggers –
  1. Take them seriously –
Most bloggers are still fighting a never-ending battle for recognition and legitimacy. They need respect for their hard work. Yes, creating a blog with WordPress is easy. However, getting recognized takes time and lots of effort. Bloggers usually want recognition for this hard work.
  1. Complete your research –
Do NOT spam hundreds of bloggers at a go. Find bloggers who have shown interest in such marketing deals previously. Finding bloggers who have an idea about affiliate marketing is beneficial for your company as well. They will know how it works and has an idea about the roles and incentives as well.
  1. Be candid –
You need to explain yourself. Take time and effort to tell your blogger why you want them. Explain about their role in the entire process. Do not forget to tell at length about your product. Show them that you know about them, their previous work and tell them how their audience can benefit from the offer you are making.
  1. Do not bribe –
Marketing departments have a tendency to send bribes garbed as gifts. However, gifts should be a “no strings attached” policy. You may send a sample of your new moisturizer or your new shaving range, but you cannot tell the bloggers to post positive reviews about your products on their blogs right away. Many times, marketers send pens, notepads, t-shirts and stationary items to bloggers. We see nothing wrong with that. Everyone loves a little pampering! Just make sure you are not asking for a positive review in return for these gifts.
  1. Do your homework –
A blogger is a writer who will possibly accept your offer and promote your products and services. They are not magicians or mind readers who can find out how your company works, or what your new product does. You need to provide them with complete detail of the product(s) you want them to feature. Make sure they have enough information for an unbiased evaluation.
  1. Ask for a private feedback –
This is not always easy. Especially if you are a part of a corporate marketing team. However, asking for a selective review of your products before the bloggers’ reviews go online can save your company a lot of money and customers. Most bloggers will write the review targeting their readership. This can be different from their personal view. So go ahead, and ask for a personal and honest feedback from your blogger(s).
  1. Deal with bad reviews tactfully –
As we have said before, you can only approach a blogger, send them gifts, but you cannot compel them for giving positive feedback about your products on their blogs. If they give you negative ratings or bad reviews, deal with it like an adult. Find out what they dislike about your product. This is a huge piece of information for new companies and new services. Do not attack them, under any circumstance.
Approaching bloggers with respect for their job and hard work can get half of your work done. Once you start dealing with them courteously and follow through with your deliverables, affiliate marketing will become your dream come true. Blogs have the potential to become the central part of corporate marketing strategies. Video blogging is completely en vogue right now. Vines are not hot anymore, but DIY channels on YouTube are the place where most netizens hang out these days. Find out about the top video bloggers in your niche and start approaching them with your newly learned pointers.
Author Bio: Diane Watson is a well-known digital marketing expert. Her work shows, creating a blog with WordPress is the first step towards creating a money making plan for yourself. She has her blog and content management firm. You can follow her on Twitter or her personal website.


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