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Monday, July 10, 2017

The marks that distinguish carpets from Rugs

The marks that distinguish carpets from Rugs
Despite having many things in common, carpets and rugs are not the same kinds of home decor. As a user, you must know how these are different because there is a considerable difference in price that you pay for a carpet and a rug. From the perspective of home decor too, you must know how carpets are different from rugs because of its distinctly different aesthetic appeal, and even the purpose of use are not the same. It seems that since both carpets and rugs are the floor covering created by the same weavers and artisans who make carpets using similar techniques of weaving, there is a tendency to interchange the names. At the time of buying, you must specify what you need, and this article will help you to understand what will be most suitable for your home – carpet or rug.
Difference in size
The most visible difference between carpets and rugs is in its size. Rugs are much smaller and often thicker than carpets and placed centrally in the room or just beneath beds that act as an additional decorative element on the floor that might already have a carpet. The length of rugs that you find at Cjmoroccanberberrugs.co.uk is usually not more than 2 metres or 6.5 feet, and the covering area is restricted within 40 square feet. Since rugs are smaller, you can keep changing its place of use according to your needs and move it from one room to another.
When you think of carpets, the first thing that comes to mind is that it must cover the entire floor from wall to wall. Even if it does not cover the entire room but its length is more than 2 metres, technically it becomes a carpet and not rug.
Installation and removal
Since carpets are almost the size of floors, you cannot think of laying and removing it on your own. Carpet installation and removal, as well as its cleaning, require professional help. You must take much more care of carpets because chances of damage to it are more since it covers the entire floor and people walk all over it. Rugs are easy to use and require much less care because its size is such that people seldom walk on it, hence fewer chances of damage.
Rugs are costlier
Despite being much smaller than carpets, the price of rugs is often more than carpets. Rugs are usually hand woven and are beautiful pieces of artistic creations whereas carpets are machine made in most cases. Handmade carpets can be prohibitively expensive, and it would take so much time for manufacturing that makes it unfeasible for commercial purposes.
Those who prefer antique styles prefer to use Moroccan rugs at home. These luxurious rugs have the power of transforming the home interior with its beauty and stunning appeal. The small piece of exotic home decor from the North Western African country is the latest trend in homes across Europe, UK and USA. These rugs are more of pieces of art rather than small floor covering, and you can even use it on walls.


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